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Biocatalysis for Practitioners

Techniques, Reactions and Applications

de Gonzalo, Gonzalo / Lavandera, Iván (Editor)


1. Edition April 2021
528 Pages, Softcover
49 Pictures (23 Colored Figures)
31 tables
Practical Approach Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-34683-7
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

Short Description

This books presents a overview with a clear focus on practical aspects on biocatalysis. Reliable experimental information, useful purification methods and tips and tricks for the use of enzymes are included. A must-have for everyone who works or is going to work in this field.

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Section 1. Enzyme techniques
Techniques for Enzyme Purification
Enzyme modification
Immobilization techniques for the preparation of supported biocatalysts Making better biocatalysts through protein immobilization
Compartmentalization in biocatalysis

Section 2. Enzymes handling and applications
Promiscuous activity of hydrolases
Enzymes applied to the synthesis of amines
Applications of Oxidoreductases in Synthesis: a Roadmap to Access Value-added Products
Glycosyltransferase cascades made fit for the biocatalytic production of natural product glycosides

Section 3. Ways to improve enzymatic transformations
Application of Non-aqueous Media in Biocatalysis
Non-conventional cofactor regeneration systems
Biocatalysis under Continuous Flow Conditions

Section 4. Recent trends in enzyme-catalyzed reactions
Practical multienzymatic transformations. Combining enzymes for the one-pot synthesis of organic molecules in a straightforward manner
Chemoenzymatic sequential protocols

Section 5. Industrial Biocatalysis
Industrial processes using biocatalysts
Enzymatic commercial sources
Gonzalo de Gonzalo is Associate Professor at the Departamento de Química at the University of Seville, Spain. He obtained his Degree and his Ph. D. in chemistry at the University of Oviedo (Spain). He spent his postdoctoral stage at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Milan, Italy), moving back to University of Oviedo with a Juan de la Cierva Fellowship. In 2010, he spent one year at the University of Groningen working tin the research of novel oxidative enzymes. He worked two years for the pharmaceutical company Antibióticos S.A.U. (León, Spain), moving to Seville in 2014. His research is focused on asymmetric synthesis by using different approaches, including biocatalytic and organocatalytic procedures, as well as the development of concurrent chemo- and biocatalytic reactions. He has published over 70 scientific publications and has recently been coeditor of the book "Biocatalysis: an Industrial Perspective".

Iván Lavandera completed his Ph. D. studies in Chemistry in 2003 with Prof. Vicente Gotor and Prof. Miguel Ferrero. He continued in Prof. Gotor's group as a researcher until 2005, and then he moved to the University of Graz as a postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Kroutil. He returned to Oviedo in 2008, where he became first as a Clarín and then as a Ramón y Cajal post-doctoral researcher. Since 2015, he is Associate Professor at the Organic and Inorganic Department at the University of Oviedo, where he got the habilitation in 2017. He has been co-author of two patents and more than 90 publications. His research interests are focused on Biocatalysis, especially the use of oxidoreductases and transferases to achieve green processes and to develop new synthetic routes combining bio- and chemocatalysis in a concurrent manner.