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Handbook of Ionic Liquids

Fundamentals, Applications, and Sustainability

Rajkhowa, Sanchayita / Singh, Pardeep / Sen, Anik / Sarma, Jyotirmoy (Editor)


1. Edition March 2024
528 Pages, Hardcover
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-35066-7
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

Short Description

Ionic liquids are indispensable in fields like synthesis, catalysis, energy, biotechnology, electrocatalysis and clean technology. This book presents comprehensively all aspects of this fascinating topic and is a true one-stop resource for every researcher who works in the field.

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Table of Contents


1. History and development of ionic liquids.
2. Growth of ionic liquids and their application
3.Physico-chemical properties study of ionic liquids.
4. Ionic liquid as green solvents: Are Ionic Liquids non-toxic and biodegradable?
5.Promising uses of Ionic Liquids on carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bond formations.
6. Ionic Liquids in separation techniques
7. Polymers and Ionic Liquids
8. Effect of Ionic Liquids on electrochemical biosensors and other bio electrochemical devices.
9. Nanopharmaceuticals with ionic liquids: A novel approach
10. Anticancer Activity of Ionic Liquids
11. Importance of ionic liquid in plant's defence: a novel approach
12. Theoretical description of ionic liquids
13. Theoretical understanding on the ionic liquid advancement in the field of Medicines.
14. Recent Developments in Ionic Liquids Research on environmental perspectives
15. Ionic Liquids for sustainable biomass conversions in bio-refinery.
16. Ionic Liquids for atmospheric CO2 capture: A techno-economic assessment.
17. Recovery of Biobutanol using Ionic Liquids
18. Bio-Carboxylic Acids Separation by Ionic Liquids
19. Current Trends in QSAR and Machine Learning Models of Ionic Liquids: Designing of Environmentally Safe Solvents for the Future
20. Advances in Simulation Research of Ionic Liquid Electrolytes
21, Applications of Ionic liquids on heterocyclic chemistry.
22. Application of Ionic Liquid in drug development.
23. Applications of Ionic Liquids in biocatalysis and biotechnology.


Dr. Pardeep Singh is presently working as Assistant professor (Department of Environmental Studies, PGDAV college, University of Delhi New Delhi India). He obtained his master's degree from Department of Environmental Science Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi India. He obtained his doctorate degree from Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) Varanasi. The area of his doctoral research is degradation of organic pollutants through various indigenous isolated microbes and by using various types of photocatalytic. He has published more than 75 research and review papers in international journals and edited more than 30 books with various international publishers.

Dr. Sanchayita Rajkhowa, was working as Assistant Professor (Department of Chemistry, JIST, Jorhat, Assam, India) and has obtained her doctorate degree from Northeastern Hill University, Shillong in the year 2017. Her research is focused on surface chemistry, surfactants and their impact on drug discovery, carbohydrate chemistry, ionic liquids, and their development. Dr. Rajkhowa has published several research papers and review articles in journals of both international and national repute. She has also authored several book chapters on chemistry, environment, and ecology with international publishers. Her latest edited book is on Management of Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CEC) in Environment.

Dr. Anik Sen is currently working as an Assistant Professor (Department of Chemistry, GIS, GITAM Deemed to be University, Visakhapatnam, AP, India) and has obtained his doctorate degree from CSIR-CSMCRI, Bhavnagar, Gujarat in the year 2013. He has 5 years of abroad postdoctoral experience with 2 years experience in Uppsala University, Sweden and 3 years of experience in Ulm University, Germany. His research is focused on computational molecular modelling on different fields like Solvation, solar cells, reaction mechanisms, Drug design etc. and have published 30 reputed international and 2 National journals. He also has 2 book chapters on DSSC and Pharmaceutical studies. He is also the recipient of different awards like Young Scientist, Best Faculty etc.

Dr. Sarma is currently working as assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry, The Assam Kaziranga University, Jorhat, Assam, India. He received the M.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the department of Chemistry, Gauhati University, India, in 2007 and a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry jointly from CSIRNEIST, Jorhat and Gauhati University, India, in 2014. His current research interests include the area of adsorption of surfactants, surface chemistry, ionic liquids, waste management and energy sector. He has published several peer reviewed research papers and book chapters in high repute journals.