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Digital Transformation of the Laboratory

A Practical Guide to the Connected Lab

Zupancic, Klemen / Pavlek, Tea / Erjavec, Jana (Editor)


1. Edition June 2021
368 Pages, Hardcover
180 Pictures (30 Colored Figures)
Practical Approach Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-34719-3
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

Short Description

Provides an overview of current technologies and strategies in regard to digitization, backed-up by contributions from thought and industry leaders and offers a feasible vision for future developments and directions.

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Further versions

Part I - Inspiration

1 The Next Big Developments - The Lab of the Future

Part II - Knowledge Base

2 Crucial Software-related Terms to Understand
3 Introduction to Laboratory Software Solutions and Differences Between Them
4 Data Safety and Cybersecurity
5 FAIR Principles and Why They Matter
6 The Art of Writing and Sharing Methods in the Digital Environment

Part III - Practical

7 How to Approach the Digital Transformation
8 Understanding Standards, Regulations, and Guidelines
9 Interoperability Standards
10 Addressing the User Adoption Challenge
11 Testing the Electronic Lab Notebook and Setting Up a Product Trial

Part IV - Case Studies

12 Understanding and Defining the Academic Chemical Laboratory's Requirements: Approach and Scope of Digitalization Needed
13 Guidelines for Chemistry Labs Looking to Go Digital
14 Electronic Lab Notebook Implementation in a Diagnostics Company
15 Identifying and Overcoming Digitalization Challenges in a Fast-growing Research Laboratory
16 Turning Paper Habits into Digital Proficiency
17 Going from Paper to Digital: Stepwise Approach by the National Institute of Chemistry (Contract Research)
18 Wet Lab Goes Virtual: In Silico Tools, ELNs, and Big Data Help Scientists Generate and Analyze Wet-lab Data
19 Digital Lab Strategy: Enterprise Approach

Part V - Continuous Improvement

20 Next Steps - Continuity After Going Digital

Part VI - Vision of the Future and Changing the Way We Do Science

21 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforming Laboratories
22 Academic's Perspective on the Vision About the Technology Trends in the Next 5-10 Years
23 Looking to the Future: Academic Freedom Versus Innovation in Academic Research Institutions
24 Future of Scientific Findings: Communication and Collaboration in the Years to Come
25 Entrepreneur's Perspective on Laboratories in 10 Years

Klemen Zupancic, PhD in Biomedicine, is the Chief Executive Officer of SciNote LLC, providing top-rated solutions for researchers in government, industry and academia who need to digitalize their laboratory processes.

Tea Pavlek, MSc in Biotechnology, is the VP of Marketing at SciNote LLC with over 10 years of experience in science and tech communication. She has collaborated with Slate, Forbes, Nature, Laboratory Focus,
Scientific Computing World, and others.

Jana Erjavec, PhD in Biomedicine, is the Head of Sales and Business Development at BioSistemika LLC, providing high quality software for laboratory instrument manufacturers, laboratories and software providers.