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Homebrewing For Dummies

Nachel, Marty


3. Edition November 2022
448 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-89127-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Get hoppin' with this guide to microbrewing your own beer

Thinking of brewing your own beer or want to know how it's done? Homebrewing For Dummies is for you. If you're ready to take a crack at making your own brew, you'll need this guide to the supplies, ingredients, and process of crafting the perfect beer. Follow our recipes for lager, porter, stout, and other brew types--or invent your own. When you've tasted your perfect creation (and after the hangover wears off), we've got you covered with ideas for entering your beer into homebrewing competitions and selling your beer.

This new edition keeps pace with the exciting world of small-batch beer, introducing you to new flavors and varieties that are popular on the microbrew circuit. We've also got the details on the latest at-home brewing equipment, software and apps, and resources you can tap (get it?) to make a better beer. Not an IPA person? Not to worry! You can also make your own hard seltzers, flavored malt beverages, and juice drinks with this handy how-to.
* Get recipes and instructions for brewing lagers, porters, and other beers at home
* Enhance the quality of your small-batch brews and make your operations more eco friendly
* Enter homebrewing competitions with your beer, hard seltzer, and malt beverages
* Discover new gadgets, apps, and resources that can make home brewing even easier

Homebrewing For Dummies is for anyone looking for a fun and easy-to-use guide to the exciting, rewarding, and refreshing hobby of beer brewing.

Introduction 1

Part 1: First Things First 7

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wort 9

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Beeraphernalia 17

Chapter 3: Creating Your Own Department of Sanitation 35

Part 2: It's in There: The Nuts and Bolts of Beer 43

Chapter 4: Malt: A Tale of Two Sources (Grain and Extract) 45

Chapter 5: Hop Heaven 55

Chapter 6: Yeast and Fermentation 67

Chapter 7: On the Water Front 79

Chapter 8: Adjuncts and Flavorings 87

Chapter 9: Making Your Brew Bionic: Additives, Preservatives, Finings, and Clarifiers 99

Part 3: Ready, Set, Brew! 105

Chapter 10: Beginner Brewing Directions 107

Chapter 11: Intermediate Brewing Directions 115

Chapter 12: Advanced Brewing Directions 127

Chapter 13: High-Tech Brewing 147

Part 4: Packaging Your Brew 155

Chapter 14: Bottling Your Brew 157

Chapter 15: Doing the Can-Can: Canning Your Beer 173

Chapter 16: Kegging: Bottling's Big Brother 181

Part 5: BJCP Beer Style Guidelines and Homebrew Recipes 191

Chapter 17: Beginner Suggestions and BJCP Beer Style Guidelines 193

Chapter 18: Intermediate Recipes 209

Chapter 19: BJCP Beer Style Guidelines and Advanced Recipes 239

Part 6: Alternative Brewing 269

Chapter 20: In-Cider Information 271

Chapter 21: A Meading of the Minds 281

Chapter 22: Hard Seltzers 293

Chapter 23: Going Green: Being an Eco-Friendly Homebrewer 301

Chapter 24: Gluten-Free Brewing 313

Chapter 25: Barrel Aging and Souring Beer 321

Part 7: Putting Your Brew to the Test 337

Chapter 26: Storing and Pouring 339

Chapter 27: You Can't Judge a Bock by Its Cover: Evaluating Beer 349

Chapter 28: Troubleshooting 361

Chapter 29: Homebrew Competitions 375

Part 8: The Part of Tens 387

Chapter 30: Ten (or So) Ways to D.I.G.I.B.I.Y (Do It, Grow It, Build It Yourself) 389

Chapter 31: Ten (or So) Gizmos That Can Make Your Brewing Better and Easier 401

Chapter 32: Just the FAQs: Ten (or So) Frequently Asked Questions 407

Index 413
Marty Nachel has been involved in the craft beer industry for over 30 years as a homebrewer, homebrew supply shop owner, book author, professional beer judge, brewery salesperson, corporate beer trainer, and beer educator. Few people have the same level of expertise and experience in the field.