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Evolutions in Sustainable Investing

Strategies, Funds and Thought Leadership

Krosinsky, Cary / Robins, Nick / Viederman, Stephen

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1. Edition January 2012
512 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-470-88849-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Real-world guidance for investment professionals on delivering attractive risk-adjusted and opportunity-directed returns across asset classes and regions using a sustainability lens

Filled with interviews with leading practitioners, this book weaves a narrated web around best sustainable investment practices, guiding readers specifically on investing their assets and with specific sustainability trends in mind, such as increasing constraints on global resources.
* Offers a clear road map to success by some of the most respected names in the field
* Includes interviews with leading practitioners
* Clearly explains how to get sustainable investing done

Evolutions of Sustainable Investing is a practitioner's book specifically laying out how this positive investment philosophy is being practiced, leaving the more negative approaches of socially responsible investing behind. This book is essential for any investor limited by old strategies that disregard a changing world of diminishing resources, an increasing global population as well as the market advantage now being experienced by the most efficient, innovative global companies.

Acknowledgments xix

About the Editor xxi

About the Contributors xxiii

Introduction xxxv

CHAPTER 1 The Sustainability Imperative 1
David A. Lubin and Daniel C. Esty

CHAPTER 2 Jupiter Ecology 11
Mark L. Trevitt

CHAPTER 3 A Predictor of Performance 27
Paul Hawken

CHAPTER 4 Highwater Global 35
Alexis van Gelder, Dean Martucci, and Erika Kimball

CHAPTER 5 Further Context 47
Cary Krosinsky

CHAPTER 6 Sustainable Asset Management 53
Thomas O. Murtha and Ashley Hamilton

CHAPTER 7 Domini and BP 81
Colm Fay

CHAPTER 8 The Story of Calvert 91
Sam Brownell and Sara Herald

CHAPTER 9 Winslow 107
Amrita Vijay Kumar

CHAPTER 10 Portfolio 21 115
Ashley Hamilton

CHAPTER 11 Northwest and Ethical Investments 123
Dana Krechowicz

CHAPTER 12 Looking for a Green Century: Passive-Indexed versus Active Portfolio Management 133
Fernando Viana

CHAPTER 13 Pictet Water 145
Jenna Manheimer and Nancy Degnan

CHAPTER 14 Inflection Point Capital Management and Strategically Aware Investing 159
Matthew J. Kiernan

CHAPTER 15 Environmental Metrics 169
James Salo

CHAPTER 16 Crawford Chemicals: Carbon Risk Management in an Uncertain Environment 181
Thomas J. Nist, Pavel Yakovlev, and Becky Weisberg

CHAPTER 17 Using Statistical Tools 203
Sam Brownell

CHAPTER 18 Barriers to Sustainable Investing 211
Stephen Viederman

CHAPTER 19 The Silent "S" in ESG 217
Dan Viederman

CHAPTER 20 Sustainable Investing: A Ten-Year Perspective 221
Nancy Degnan

CHAPTER 21 Bloomberg 235
Curtis Ravenel

CHAPTER 22 Aviva 241
Malte Griess-Nega and Nick Robins

CHAPTER 23 Generation Investment Management 253
Malte Griess-Nega and Nick Robins

CHAPTER 24 Insight Investment: Reflections and Lessons Learned from Integrating Sustainability 261
Rory Sullivan

CHAPTER 25 The Unexpected Role Model: Chinese Environmental and Energy Policy 277
J. Jason Mitchell

CHAPTER 26 Ethical Asia 301
Simon Powell

CHAPTER 27 Mitigating ESG Risk in Asian Portfolios 313
Lucy Carmody and Laura Dodge

CHAPTER 28 Sustainable Investing and Canada 323
Dana Krechowicz and Alex Wood

CHAPTER 29 High-Risk Areas, Resources, and Sustainability 329
N.A.J. Taylor

CHAPTER 30 Sustainable Investing in Africa's Frontier Markets 345
Graham Sinclair and Roselyne Yao

CHAPTER 31 Evolution of ESG in India 359
Sumantra Sen

CHAPTER 32 Indexes 365
Graham Sinclair

CHAPTER 33 How Asset Owners Can Achieve a Sustainable Investing Framework 383
Roger Urwin

CHAPTER 34 On Performance 393
Bud Sturmak and Cary Krosinsky

CHAPTER 35 Private Equity 401
Graham Sinclair

CHAPTER 36 Blue Wolf: Implications for Private Equity 417
Adam Blumenthal and Michael Musuraca

CHAPTER 37 New Business Models, Measurement, and Methodologies 423
Howard Brown

CHAPTER 38 Terminology and Intention 429
Lloyd Kurtz

Cary Krosinsky 441

APPENDIX A Sample Curriculum 447

APPENDIX B Investors 453

Index 455
Cary Krosinsky is coeditor of a previous book on this subject-Sustainable Investing: the Art of Long-Term Performance, also with Nick Robins. Cary is a Senior Vice President and member of the management team for Trucost, which has become the recognized global leader in corporate environmental data and analysis, including advising the respected Newsweek Green Rankings. He also teaches sustainability and investing at Columbia University's Earth Institute and an MBA course on the same subject at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, and is also a frequent speaker on the intersection of sustainability and ownership. He was a member of the expert group that helped create the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.