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Industrial Ion Sources

Broadbeam Gridless Ion Source Technology

Zhurin, Viacheslav V.


1. Edition November 2011
XIV, 312 Pages, Hardcover
191 Pictures
9 tables
Practical Approach Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-41029-3
Wiley-VCH, Berlin

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Due to the large number of uses of ion sources in academia and industry, those who utilize these sources need up to date and coherent information to keep themselves abreast of developments and options, and to chose ideal solutions for quality and cost-effectiveness. This book, written by an author with a strong industrial background and excellent standing, is the comprehensive guide users and developers of ion sources have been waiting for. Providing a thorough refresher on the physics involved, this resource systematically covers the source types, components, and the operational parameters.

1. Gridded ion sources
2. Gridless industrial broad beam ion sources
3. Main operational parameters
4. Regime of non-self-sustained discharge and its importance
5. Ion source and vacuum chamber
6. Oscillations and instabilities in ion sources
7. Operation of ion sources with reactive gases
8. Cathodes for Ion Sources
9. Radiation from ion source
10. Ion beam contamination from various parts of ion sources
11. New methods of low energy utilization
12. Ion beam figuring machine and technology
13. Varieties of end-Hall ion sources
14. Linear ion sources
15. Nontraditional ion sources
16. Ion sources problems and solutions
17. About standardization of ion sources
Viacheslav Zhurin is currently president of Colorado Advanced Technology LLC, a company at the cutting edge of the field of ion sources. He has a strong standing with manufacturers and users of ion sources in academe and industry, and has published numerous papers on the different aspects.