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The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education

3 Volume Set

Hickman, Richard / Baldacchino, John / Freedman, Kerry / Hall, Emese / Meager, Nigel (Editor)


1. Edition February 2019
1856 Pages, Hardcover
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-1-118-97807-8
John Wiley & Sons

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The definitive reference for anyone in the art and design education community

Written in conjunction with The National Society for Education in Art and Design, the International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education offers an indispensable resource for students, scholars, and researchers working in the field of art and design education. It contains accessible introductions to key topics, concepts, and thinkers, as well as sophisticated debates on contentious areas, covering the whole age range from early years to post-university in formal and informal settings.

This multi-volume reference work examines historical and contemporary art and design education worldwide, from over thirty different countries, in Africa, Europe Asia, Middle East, Australasia and the Americas. It includes topics such as Epistemic Disobedience in Contemporary Latin American Art; Visual Arts Education in Museums; Elementary Art and Design Curricula; Social and Mobile Media in Art and Design Curriculum; Performative Literacy; Postmodern Pedagogical Principles of Museum-Informed Art Education and much more.

The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education defines the conversation for the entirety of the art and design community through authoritative reference of peerless quality.

Volume I: Histories and Philosophies
* Introduction John Baldacchino

Part I: Histories
* Art and Design Education in Botswana: Evolution and Developmental Trends Magdeline C. Mannathoko
* Art and Design Education in the Middle East and North Africa: A Brief Historical Overview Mohammed Al-Amri
* Art and Design Education in Russia Ulyana Aristova Tatiana Rivchun
* Art Education in Brazil Ana Mae Barbosa
* Art Education in Singapore Kehk Bee Lian
* Arts Education in Portugal in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: Drawing and the Governing of the Student Catarina S. Martins
* Art Traditions and the Role of Art in Southeast Europe's Educational Systems Phivi Antoniou
* Basic Design: The Pedagogy of Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton Richard Yeomans
* Czech Art Education through the Lens of Empirical Research Petra SobáHová
* Destination Unknown: Art and Mediterranean Pedagogies Raphael Vella
* The Escuelas de Pintura al Aire Libre in Mexico: Multiculturality and Popular Education Ana Mae Barbosa
* History of Chinese Design Education Pan Gongkai Pan Qing
* Interfacing Contemporary Art and Art Education in Sub-Saharan Africa Attwell Mamvuto
* Islamic and Other Influences on Art and Design Education in the Middle East and North Africa Mohammed Al-Amri
* Learning Spaces: A Historiography of Art and Design Education in Canada and the United States Clayton Funk
* The Liberation of Visual Imagination and the Museum's Promise Nick Stanley
* "Made in Italy": The Complex Evolution of Art Education in Italy Fabiano Petricone
* The Multiple Personalities of Art Education: A History of Art Education in the United Kingdom Anna Robb
* Perspectives on German Art Pedagogy Mandy Schwarz Carolin Müller
* Philosophies and Histories of Art and Design Education in India Pallawi Sinha
* A Short History of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) John Steers
* Unbound Philosophies and Histories: Epistemic Disobedience in Contemporary Latin American Art Adetty Pérez Miles
* Visual Arts Education in Museums across Four Cultural Contexts Yanyue Yuan

Part II: Philosophies
* Alterities Brian James Grassom
* Art Education in Post-political Times Nadine M. Kalin
* Art and the Educational Threshold: The Aporia of Access Claudia W. Ruitenberg
* Desiring Lines: The Pedagogical Responsibility of Art & Design at the End of the World jan jagodzinski
* Establishing Foundations/Imagining Futures: Constructivism and Pragmatism Richard Siegesmund
* Indirect Teaching Herner Saeverot
* Kenotic Art, Eschatological Education: Art as Immanent Education Samuel D. Rocha
* Paradox and Art Education: The Disobedience of the Force of Art and the Adventure of Pedagogy Dennis Atkinson
* The Performative Virtuality of Art and Its Education Charles R. Garoian
* Philosophies of Creative Leadership in Historical Context: Paradigms and Practices in Art & Design Education James Haywood Rolling
* What If? Art Education beyond Expression and Creativity Gert Biesta

Volume II: Curriculum
* Introduction Kerry Freedman

Part I: World Regions
* African Art and Design Curriculum Attwell Mamvuto Magdeline C. Mannathoko
* Art and Design Curriculum in the Nordic Countries Mira Kallio-Tavin
* Art Education in Central and Eastern Europe Andrea Kárpáti
* Arts in Education in Southern European Countries Fernando Hernández-Hernández
* Asian-Chinese Visual Arts Curriculum Jo Chiung Hua Chen
* Australian Art and Design Curriculum Kim Snepvangers
* Kauhale o Limaloa: Art Education in the Pacific from a Kanaka Maoli / Indigenous Hawaiian Perspective Herman Pi'ikea Clark
* Middle Eastern Art and Design Curriculum Suzan Duygu Bedir Eristi
* South American Art and Design Curriculum Raimundo Martins Irene Tourinho Fernando Miranda Somma

Part II: Educational Levels
* Art Foundations in Higher Education Alyson Pouls
* Artistic Development Kimberly M. Sheridan
* Design Curricula in Higher Education Terre Layng Rosner
* Design in the Secondary Curriculum Gary Granville
* Early Childhood Art Curriculum Christine Marmé Thompson
* Elementary Art and Design Curricula Richard Siegesmund
* Higher Education Visual Arts and Inclusion Kate Hatton
* International Art Programs in Secondary Schools Deborah N. Filbin
* Middle-Level Curriculum in Art and Design Matthew M. Etherington

Part III: Content, Concepts, and Skills
* Art Media and Technology Nicholas Leonard
* Assessing Student Art and Design Learning Douglas G. Boughton
* Design Thinking in Curricula Kristin C. Callahan
* Drawing Paul Duncum
* The Pedagogical Potential of Artworks Dónal O'Donoghue
* Performance and the Event of Art Curriculum Charles R. Garoian
* Semiotics and the Art Curriculum Deborah L. Smith-Shank
* Social and Mobile Media in Art and Design Curricula Juan Carlos Castro
* Studio Art: Pedagogical Contexts and Possibilities Fiona Blaikie
* Virtual Art and Design Education Hsiao-Cheng (Sandrine) Han
* Visual Culture and Visual Literacy Kerry Freedman

Part IV: Inclusive Curriculum
* Asian Art in the International Curriculum Shei-Chau Wang
* Black Image and Identity in the US Curriculum Wanda B. Knight
* Cultural Diversity in Art Education Dipti Desai
* Feminist Art Curriculum Elizabeth J. Garber
* Inclusive Approaches to Art Education Kelly M. Gross
* Indigenous Art Curriculum: Da-de-yo-hv-s-gv (Cherokee Word for Teaching) Kryssi Staikidis Christine Ballengee Morris
* Sexuality and the Art Curriculum Bradley J. McKinney
* Urban Art Curriculum Samantha A. Goss

Part V: Community and Policy
* Art Education in Nonprofit Organizations Li-Hsuan Hsu
* Community Art Curriculum B. Stephen Carpenter
* Creativity and Creative Communities Bernard Darras
* Cultures of Curriculum Karen Keifer-Boyd
* Curriculum Management in Art Jeffrey L. Broome
* A European Framework for Visual Competencies Folkert Haanstra Ernst Wagner
* National Curricula in the Visual Arts John Steers
* Social Justice in Art Education: An Example from Africa's Last Colony Fernando Perez-Martin Kerry Freedman

Volume III: Pedagogy
* Introduction Emese Hall and Nigel Meager

Part I: Making, Places, and Sites
* Art and Design Education in Oman Mohammed Al-Amri
* Assessment in Art and Design Education: An Analysis of Practices in Botswana Primary Schools Magdeline C. Mannathoko Attwell Mamvuto
* The Experiment of Black Mountain College, 1933-1957 Steven Lane
* Japanese Arts and Crafts Pedagogy: Past and Present Toshio Naoe
* Journaling in Art Education Gordon "Gerry" James
* New Directions of Art Pedagogy in Japan: Present and Future Kazuji Mogi
* Pedagogy in the Field of Art and Design in Russia Ulyana Aristova Liliya Zhilina
* Skilled Knowledge, Pedagogy, and Craft Rachel Mason
* The Visual Diary, the Conceptual Framework, the Practices, and the Frames: Pedagogical Possibilities of the Secondary Visual Arts Curriculum in New South Wales, Australia Alexandra Lasczik

Part II: Artists, Teachers, and Learners
* Developing Competent Teachers of Art in the Primary School Peter Gregory
* The Drawing Experiment at the Royal College of Art, 1995-2001 Deanna Petherbridge
* Educating for Artistic Thinking through Visual Arts: Examples of Pedagogical Practice in Europe Carl-Peter Buschkühle
* An Encounter between Grey Jay Trickster and an Indigenous A/r/tographer Jocelyne V. Robinson
* Observations and Reflections on the Value of Equal Exchange and Collaboration in Room 13 Hareclive, an Artists' Studio Space Co-Run by Children Shani Ali Paul Bradley Ingrid Skeels
* Toward an Artful Pedagogy: Moving beyond Conventional Teaching Practice Amy Brook Snider
* Visual Aesthetic Education Pedagogy in Taiwan Jo Chiung Hua Chen

Part III: Community, Ethics, and Politics
* Applied Visual Arts Glen Coutts Timo Jokela
* Art Education in Spain: Current Practices and Perspectives Rachel Fendler Fernando Hernández-Hernández
* Craft Issues in Art Education: Opening Hidden Agendas Leda Guimarães
* Pedagogy and the A/r/tographic Invitation Valerie Triggs Rita L. Irwin
* A Pedagogy for a Creatively Destructive City Tyler Denmead
* The Spectacle Quotidian and Critical Pedagogical Practices in Art Education: South American Visions Belidson Dias Tatiana Fernández Fernando Miranda Somma
* Wisdom and Engagement: Connecting Aging, Art Education, Creativity, and Learning Rébecca Bourgault

Part IV: Concepts, Cognition, and Futures
* Art Classrooms, Comic Markets, and the Digital Cosmos: Children's Visual Worlds as Pedagogical Spaces Brent Wilson
* Art Education: Propositions for the Future Judith M. Burton
* Digital Art Pedagogy in the United Kingdom Rebecca Heaton
* Pedagogy of Design in Reference to the Anthropocene jan jagodzinski
* Performative Literacy: Children's Graphic-Narrative-Embodied Play Susan Wright
* Postmodern Pedagogical Principles of Museum-Informed Art Education Yanyue Yuan
* Teaching and Learning Critical Studies Richard Hickman
* Visual Proficiency: Perspectives in Art Education Kunibert Bering Rolf Niehoff
Richard Hickman, PhD, MA (Cantab), ATD, Cert Ed, is emeritus professor of aesthetic development at the University of Cambridge, UK, and dean of Homerton College. His teaching experience includes 13 years as a teacher of art and design, and he has been a university lecturer in art and design education since 1985. Professor Hickman's major works include The Art and Craft of Pedagogy (2011) and Why We Make Art and Why It Is Taught (2010). He was awarded the Sir Herbert Read Award for lifetime achievement in art education by the International Society for Education through Art in 2014 and has also won the University of Cambridge Pilkington Prize for teaching excellence.

John Baldacchino, B.Ed (Hons), MA, PhD is professor of arts education and director of the Division of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. He was previously faculty at Columbia University, USA, Gray's School of Art, UK, and the universities of Dundee, Warwick, and Falmouth, UK. A specialist in art, philosophy, and education, to date he has published 10 books. These include John Dewey: Liberty and the Pedagogy of Disposition (2014), Art's Way Out: Exit Pedagogy and the Cultural Condition(2012), Makings of the Sea (2010), and Education beyond Education: Self and the Imaginary in Maxine Greene's Philosophy (2009).

Kerry Freedman, PhD, MA, BFA is professor of art and design education at Northern Illinois University, USA. Her research focuses on questions concerning the relationship of curriculum to art, culture, and technology. Professor Freedman has published five books and over 100 articles and book chapters translated into multiple languages. She has given over 200 national and international presentations and has been a visiting professor and Fulbright Scholar at several universities. Professor Freedman has provided significant leadership at the national and international levels and won numerous grants and awards, including the National Art Education Association Manuel Barkan Memorial Award for outstanding publication, the Australian Leon Jackman Award for distinguished research in art education, and, in 2018, the Viktor Lowenfeld Award.

Emese Hall, BSc (Hons), PGCE, M.Ed, MSc, PhD, FHEA is senior lecturer in art education and former director of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education Primary Program at the University of Exeter, UK. Previously a primary and early years teacher, she began lecturing full time at Exeter in 2010. Her research interests encompass drawing, reflective practice, professional learning, communication, and creativity. She is a co-vice president of the National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) and coordinator of the NSEAD regional network group Exeter Area Art Educators. Recent publications include "The NSEAD Survey Report 2015-16: Political Reflections from Two Art and Design Educators" (with Rachel Payne, International Journal of Art & Design Education, 2017) and the book chapter "The Ethics of 'Using' Children's Drawings in Research" (2015).

Nigel Meager, BA (Hons), PGCE, MFA, MRes, PhD is a visiting researcher with the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, Spain, and an associate of King's College, University of Cambridge, UK, where he supports visual arts practice in the college. After first working as a professional artist, Nigel became increasingly immersed in art education, working as a gallery educator, teaching in schools, and training teachers. His current research in Barcelona intersects with ethnographic film practices in social anthropology and explores how children can observe learning and living in school using observational filmmaking techniques. A new monograph, Observational Filmmaking for Education, was published in 2018.

The National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) is a leading professional association and an independent trade union, representing art and design education across the curriculum and throughout the United Kingdom.