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A Companion to Photography

Bull, Stephen (Editor)


1. Edition March 2020
568 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-4051-9584-3
John Wiley & Sons

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The study of photography has never been more important. A look at today's digital world reveals that a greater number of photographs are being taken each day than at any other moment in history. Countless photographs are disseminated instantly online and more and more photographic images are earning prominent positions-and garnering record prices-in the rarefied realm of top art galleries.

Reflecting this dramatic increase in all things photographic, A Companion to Photography presents a comprehensive collection of original essays that explore a variety of key areas of current debate around the state of photography in the twenty-first century. Essays are grouped and organized in themed sections-including photographic interpretation, markets, popular photography, documents, and fine art-and provide comprehensive coverage of the subject. Representing a diversity of approaches, essays are written by both established and emerging photographers and scholars, as well as various experts in their respective areas.

A Companion to Photography offers scholars and professional photographers alike an essential and up-to-date resource that brings the study of contemporary photography into clear focus.

List of Figures ix

Notes on Contributors xi

Acknowledgments xvii

1 Introduction: Photography in the Twenty-first Century 1
Stephen Bull

Part I Themes 9

2 Histories 11
Sabine T. Kriebel

3 Locating Photography 29
Christopher Pinney

4 The Participation of Time in Photography 49
Anthony Luvera

5 Photographic Acts and Arts of Memory 61
Martha Langford

6 The Indexical Imagination 85
David Bate

7 The Thingness of Photographs 97
Elizabeth Edwards

8 Beyond Representation?: The Database-driven Image and the Non-human Spectator 113
Katrina Sluis

Part II Interpretation 131

9 Semiotics 133
Paul Cobley and David Machin

10 A Culture of Texts 155
Matthew Lindsey

11 Psychoanalysis and Photography: Mary Kelly and Cindy Sherman 173
Kathy Kubicki

12 Reviewing the Gaze 189
Roberta McGrath

Part III Markets 209

13 Marketing Photography: Selling Popular Photography on the British High Street 211
Annebella Pollen

14 Advertising and Photography: Rhetoric and Representation 237
Malcolm Barnard

15 Fashion's Image: The Complex World of the Fashion Photograph 253
Karen de Perthuis

16 Value Systems in Photography 275
Francis Hodgson

Part IV Popular Photography 289

17 Snapshot Photography: History, Theory, Practice, and Esthetics 291
Catherine Zuromskis

18 Mobile Photography 307
Rachel K. Gillies

19 Famous for a Fifteenth of a Second: Andy Warhol, Celebrity, and Fan Photography 329
Stephen Bull

20 Boring Pictures: Photography as Art of the Everyday 351
Clare Gallagher

Part V Documents 369

21 "Things as they are": The Problematic Possibilities of Documentary 371
Ian Walker

22 Citizens' Photojournalism: History's New First Draft 393
David Brittain

23 Seeing is not Believing: On the Irrelevance of Looking in the Age of Operational Images 411
Edward Dowsett

24 Travel Books, Photography, and National Identity in the 1950s and 1960s, Seen Through the Prism of the LIFE World Library 429
Val Williams

Part VI Art 437

25 Photography's Conflicting Modernisms and Modernities 439
Sarah E. James

26 Spectacle and Anti-spectacle: American Art Photography and Consumer Culture 465
David Campbell and Mark Durden

27 What Can Photography Do?: Considerations on Photography's Potential as Contemporary Art 483
Hilde Van Gelder

28 Practicing Desires: Authorship in Contemporary Photographic Art 501
Fergus Heron

Index 527
STEPHEN BULL is a writer and Senior Lecturer in Photography at the University of Brighton. He is the author of Photography (2010) and Photography and Celebrity (2021, forthcoming) and since 1995 has been a regular contributor to books, conferences, and journals including Source: The Photographic Review. He has exhibited as an artist at venues such as Tate Britain and the Pingyao International Photography Festival, and has published photobooks including Meeting Hazel Stokes (2006). He has run courses at Tate Modern and is the host of the Photoworks talks series, Desert Island Pics.

S. Bull, University of Portsmouth