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Understanding Infrastructure Edge Computing

Concepts, Technologies, and Considerations

Marcham, Alex


1. Edition May 2021
352 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-76323-9
John Wiley & Sons

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A comprehensive review of the key emerging technologies that will directly impact areas of computer technology over the next five years

Infrastructure edge computing is the model of data center and network infrastructure deployment which distributes a large number of physically small data centers around an area to deliver better performance and to enable new economical applications. It is vital for those operating at business or technical levels to be positioned to capitalize on the changes that will occur as a result of infrastructure edge computing.

This book provides a thorough understanding of the growth of internet infrastructure from its inception to the emergence of infrastructure edge computing. Author Alex Marcham, an acknowledged leader in the field who coined the term 'infrastructure edge computing,' presents an accessible, accurate, and expansive view of the next generation of internet infrastructure. The book features illustrative examples of 5G mobile cellular networks, city-scale AI systems, self-driving cars, drones, industrial robots, and more--technologies that increase efficiency, save time and money, and improve safety. Covering state-of-the-art topics, this timely and authoritative book:
* Presents a clear and accurate survey of the key emerging technologies that will impact data centers, 5G networks, artificial intelligence and cyber-physical systems, and other areas of computer technology
* Explores how and why Internet infrastructure has evolved to where it stands today and where it needs to be in the near future
* Covers a wide range of topics including distributed application workload operation, infrastructure and application security, and related technologies such as multi-access edge computing (MEC) and fog computing
* Provides numerous use cases and examples of real-world applications which depend upon underlying edge infrastructure

Written for Information Technology practitioners, computer technology practitioners, and students, Understanding Infrastructure Edge Computing is essential reading for those looking to benefit from the coming changes in computer technology.


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1. Introduction 12

2. What is Edge Computing? 13

3. Introduction to Network Technology 25

4. Introduction to Data Centre Technology 47

5. Infrastructure Edge Computing Networks 60

6. Infrastructure Edge Data Centres 68

7. Interconnection and Edge Exchange 118

8. Infrastructure Edge Computing Deployment 144

9. Computing Systems at the Infrastructure Edge 153

10. Multi-tier Device, Data Centre and Network Resources 167

11. Distributed Application Workload Operation 175

12. Infrastructure and Application Security 183

13. Related Technologies 189

14. Use Case Example: 5G 192

15. Use Case Example: Distributed AI 196

16. Use Case Example: Cyber-physical Systems 201

17. Use Case Example: Public or Private Cloud 207

18. Other Infrastructure Edge Computing Use Cases 211

19. End to End: An Infrastructure Edge Project Example 218

20. The Future of Infrastructure Edge Computing 228

21. Conclusion 229

References 230

Appendix A: Acronyms and Abbreviations 232

Index 240
Alex Marcham has been working in infrastructure edge computing from the shaping of the market and establishment of the terminology and key concepts at numerous companies and open source projects which have been leading its development. Alex has been involved with most elements of infrastructure design and deployment as well as the architecture and development of the key use cases for this tier of Internet infrastructure.