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Cybersecurity For Dummies

Steinberg, Joseph


2. Edition June 2022
416 Pages, Softcover
General Reading

ISBN: 978-1-119-86718-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Explore the latest developments in cybersecurity with this essential guide

Every day it seems we read another story about one company or another being targeted by cybercriminals. It makes some of us wonder: am I safe online? The good news is that we can all be cybersecure--and it doesn't take a degree in computer science to make it happen!

Cybersecurity For Dummies is the down-to-earth guide you need to secure your own data (and your company's, too). You'll get step-by-step guidance on how to implement reasonable security measures, prevent cyber attacks, deal securely with remote work, and what to do in the event that your information is compromised.

The book also offers:
* Updated directions on how to prevent ransomware attacks and how to handle the situation if you become a target
* Step-by-step instructions on how to create data backups and implement strong encryption
* Basic info that every aspiring cybersecurity professional needs to know

Cybersecurity For Dummies is the ideal handbook for anyone considering a career transition into cybersecurity, as well as anyone seeking to secure sensitive information.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Cybersecurity 5

Chapter 1: What Exactly Is Cybersecurity? 7

Chapter 2: Getting to Know Common Cyberattacks 23

Chapter 3: The Bad Guys You Must Defend Against 49

Part 2: Improving Your Own Personal Security 69

Chapter 4: Evaluating Your Current Cybersecurity Posture 71

Chapter 5: Enhancing Physical Security 93

Chapter 6: Cybersecurity Considerations When Working from Home 105

Part 3: Protecting Yourself from Yourself 115

Chapter 7: Securing Your Accounts 117

Chapter 8: Passwords 135

Chapter 9: Preventing Social Engineering Attacks 151

Part 4: Cybersecurity for Businesses, Organizations, and Government 173

Chapter 10: Securing Your Small Business 175

Chapter 11: Cybersecurity and Big Businesses 201

Part 5: Handling a Security Incident (This Is a When, Not an If) 217

Chapter 12: Identifying a Security Breach 219

Chapter 13: Recovering from a Security Breach 239

Part 6: Backing Up and Recovery 259

Chapter 14: Backing Up 261

Chapter 15: Resetting Your Device 289

Chapter 16: Restoring from Backups 299

Part 7: Looking toward the Future 321

Chapter 17: Pursuing a Cybersecurity Career 323

Chapter 18: Emerging Technologies Bring New Threats 337

Part 8: The Part of Tens 351

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Improve Your Cybersecurity without Spending a Fortune 353

Chapter 20: Ten (or So) Lessons from Major Cybersecurity Breaches 359

Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Safely Use Public Wi-Fi 367

Index 371
Joseph Steinberg is a master of cybersecurity. He is one of very few people to hold the suite of security certifications including: CISSP(r), ISSAP(r), ISSMP(r), and CSSLP(r). Joseph has written several books on cybersecurity, including the previous edition of Cybersecurity For Dummies. He is currently a consultant on information security, and serves as an expert witness in related matters.