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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Word 2019

Hart-Davis, Guy

Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech)


1. Edition September 2020
352 Pages, Softcover
General Reading

ISBN: 978-1-119-72448-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Master one of the most popular word processors ever with this essential, visual reference

Teach Yourself VISUALLY: Word 2019 provides readers with a thorough and visual exploration of the 2019 edition of Microsoft Word. Written by the celebrated author of over 100 books on computing, Guy Hart-Davis, Teach Yourself VISUALLY: Word 2019 allows you to quickly get up to speed with one of the most popular word processors on the planet.

The book covers all the topics you'll need to comprehensively master Word 2019, and includes:
* Full-color, step-by-step instructions showing you how to perform all the essential tasks of Microsoft Word 2019
* How to set up and format documents, edit them, and add images and charts
* How to post documents online for sharing and reviewing and take advantage of all the newest features of Word

Newly updated to include the latest features of Microsoft Word, like how to collaborate on documents in real time, draw and write with the digital pen, new accessibility options and the new Resume Assistant, Teach Yourself VISUALLY: Word 2019 belongs on the shelf of anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness with this essential word processor.

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Word

Open Word and Use the Start Screen 4

Understanding Office and the Cloud 6

Explore the Word Window 8

Sign In to Your Account 9

Work with Backstage View 10

Change the Color Scheme and Background 12

Locate Commands on the Ribbon 14

Give Commands Using the Keyboard and Mouse 16

Using Word on Tablets and Phones 18

Using Word in OneDrive and Microsoft Teams 20

Work with the Mini Toolbar and Context Menus 22

Enter Text in a Document 24

Move the Insertion Point Around a Document 26

Switch Document Views 28

Understanding Document Views 29

Work with the Navigation Pane 30

Using Focus Mode 32

Using Immersive Reader 33

Chapter 2 Creating and Saving Documents

Start a New Document 36

Save a Document to Your Computer 38

Save a Document to the Cloud 40

Recover an Unsaved Document 42

Save a Document in a Different Format 44

Save a Document in PDF or XPS Format 45

Set Options for Saving Documents 46

Open a Word Document 48

Open a Document That Uses a Different Format 50

Open a Document from the Cloud 52

Switch Between Open Documents 54

Compare Two Documents Side by Side 56

Chapter 3 Entering Text in Documents

Insert and Add Text 60

Insert Symbols and Special Characters 62

Create a Hyperlink 64

Delete Text 66

Insert Blank Lines 68

Undo, Redo, and Repeat Changes 69

Select Text 70

Mark and Find Your Place with Bookmarks 72

Move or Copy Text 74

Share Text Between Documents 76

Move or Copy Several Selections 78

Take Advantage of Paste Options 80

Chapter 4 Editing and Proofing Text

Work in Read Mode View 84

Zoom In or Out 88

Translate Text 89

Set Options for Additional Actions 90

Using Additional Actions 91

Search for Text 92

Replace Text or Other Items 94

Count Words in a Document 96

Automatically Correct Mistakes 98

Automatically Insert Frequently Used Text 100

Check Spelling and Grammar 102

Find Synonyms, Antonyms, and Definitions 104

Chapter 5 Formatting Text

Understanding How Word's Formatting Works 108

Change the Font 110

Change the Font Size 111

Emphasize Information with Bold, Italic, or Underline 112

Create Superscripts and Subscripts 113

Change Text Case 114

Change Text Color 115

Apply Text Effects 116

Apply a Font Style Set 117

Apply Highlighting to Text 118

Apply Strikethrough to Text 119

Copy and Paste Text Formatting 120

Remove Text Formatting 121

Set the Default Font for All New Documents 122

Chapter 6 Formatting Paragraphs

Change Text Alignment 126

Set Line Spacing Within a Paragraph 127

Set Line Spacing Between Paragraphs 128

Create a Bulleted or Numbered List 130

Display Formatting Marks 132

Hide or Display the Ruler 133

Indent Paragraphs 134

Set and Use Tabs 136

Add a Paragraph Border 140

Review and Change Formatting 142

Compare Formatting 144

Apply Formatting Using Styles 146

Switch Styles 148

Save Formatting in a Style 150

Expand or Collapse Document Content 152

Modify a Style 154

Add Paragraph Shading 155

Chapter 7 Formatting Pages

Adjust Margins 158

Insert and Manage Page Breaks 160

Control Text Flow and Pagination 162

Align Text Vertically on the Page 164

Change Page Orientation 165

Insert a Section Break 166

Add Page Numbers to a Document 168

Add Line Numbers to a Document 170

Chapter 8 Reviewing and Finalizing Documents

Track the Changes to a Document 196

Lock and Unlock Tracking 198

Review Tracked Changes 200

Collaborate in Real Time on a Document 202

Compare Two Versions of a Document 206

Combine Changes into a Single Document 208

Work with Comments 210

Work with Protected Documents 212

Inspect a Document Before Sharing It 214

Mark a Document as Final 216

Create a Master Document 218

Work in a Master Document 220

Using the Building Blocks Organizer 172

Add a Header or Footer 174

Vary Headers or Footers Within a Document 176

Add a Footnote 178

Add an Endnote 179

Find, Edit, or Delete Footnotes or Endnotes 180

Convert Footnotes to Endnotes or Vice Versa 182

Generate a Table of Contents 184

Add a Watermark 186

Add a Page Border 188

Apply Document Themes and Style Sets 190

Create Newspaper-Style Columns 192

Chapter 9 Working with Tables and Charts

Create a Table 224

Change the Row Height or Column Width 226

Move a Table 228

Resize a Table 229

Add or Delete a Row 230

Add or Delete a Column 232

Set Cell Margins 234

Add Space Between Cells 235

Merge Two or More Cells into a Single Cell 236

Split One Cell into Two or More Cells 237

Split a Table into Two 238

Add a Formula to a Table 239

Align Text in Cells 240

Add Shading to Cells 241

Change Cell Borders 242

Format a Table Using a Table Style 244

Add a Chart 246

Understanding Word's Chart Types 248

Chapter 10 Working with Graphics

Add Decorative Text Using WordArt 252

Add a Picture 254

Insert an Online Picture 256

Insert a Video 258

Add a Screenshot 260

Add a Shape 262

Add a Text Box 264

Move or Resize a Graphic 266

Understanding Graphics Modification Techniques 268

Understanding Text Wrapping and Graphics 270

Wrap Text Around a Graphic 271

Work with Diagrams 272

Chapter 11 Customizing Word

Control the Display of Formatting Marks 278

Customize the Status Bar 279

Hide or Display Ribbon Buttons 280

Add a Predefined Group to a Ribbon Tab 282

Create Your Own Ribbon Group 284

Create Your Own Ribbon Tab 288

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar 292

Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts 296

Create a Macro 298

Run a Macro 300

Chapter 12 Printing, Sharing, and Mail Merge

Preview and Print a Document 304

Print on Different Paper Sizes 306

Print an Envelope 308

Set Up Labels to Print 310

Share a Word Document on OneDrive 312

Email a Document as an Attachment 314

Create Letters to Mass Mail 316

Create Labels for a Mass Mailing 322

Index 328