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Apple One For Dummies

Spivey, Dwight


1. Edition July 2021
224 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-80094-1
John Wiley & Sons

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A bundle of Apple services, all in one place

All your favorite Apple services are available in one convenient bundle, and Apple One For Dummies helps you get the full value out of your subscription. What's in this Apple barrel? Everything you need to stream music and TV, keep up with the news, play games, store files online, and even stay in shape. This book gives you a bundle of insight on how to choose the subscription level that's right for you, access and link all the services across your Apple and non-Apple devices, and use all the fun features of each service.

This book takes you inside Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, iCloud, and Apple Fitness+, showing you how to make the most of each one. Apple One For Dummies also shows you how to make changes at any time, so you get all the juice out of your subscription!
* Get access to 50 million songs on Apple Plus
* Discover how the all-new Apple Fitness+ can transform your workout routine
* Use iCloud to store your photos and videos
* Understand Apple One's subscription options and get the biggest bang for your buck
For Dummies welcomes you to the Apple One-stop-shop that will make your digital life that much simpler.

Introduction 1

About This Book 2

Foolish Assumptions 3

Icons Used in This Book 4

Beyond the Book 4

Where to Go from Here 5

Part 1: Services, Please! 7

Chapter 1: Getting a Handle on Apple Services 9

What Are Apple Services? 10

Apple Services in a Nutshell 11

Apple Music 11

Apple TV+ 12

Apple Arcade 13

Apple News+ 14

Apple Fitness+ 15

iCloud 16

Apple One Plans and Pricing 18

Chapter 2: Cool Devices for Cool Services 19

Finding Devices Ready for Apple One 19

iPhone 20

iPad 22

Mac 23

Apple TV 25

Apple Watch 26

PCs 28

Android 29

Apple One on the WWW 30

Part 2: Are You Not Entertained? 33

Chapter 3: Get Yo Groove On 35

Access Apple Music 36

iPhone and iPad 36

Mac 37

Windows 37

Android 38

Website 39

Groovin' with Your Tunes 39

iPhone, iPad, and Android 40

Mac, Windows, and Website 43

Chapter 4: Not Just TV -- TV+! 45

Access Apple TV+ 46

iPhone and iPad 46

Mac 47

Apple TV 47

Smart TVs and gaming consoles 48

Non-Apple streaming devices 49

Website 49

Watching Your Apple Gogglebox 50

iPhone and iPad 50

Mac 51

Other devices and platforms 52

Chapter 5: Get Your Head in the Game! 53

Access Apple Arcade 54

iPhone and iPad 54

Mac 55

Apple TV 55

Finding and Downloading Games 57

iPhone and iPad 57

Mac 58

Apple TV 59

Part 3: Lifestyles of the Fit and Informed 61

Chapter 6: Staying Informed with Apple News+ 63

Access News and News+ 64

iPhone and iPad 64

Mac 65

All the News That's Fit to Print (or View) 66

Perusing the magazine rack 66

Chapter 7: Fitness Fanatics + 73

Access Fitness+ 74

Supported devices 74

iPhone and iPad 74

Apple TV 75

Finding and Starting Workouts 75

Finding a workout 76

Starting and tracking a workout 78

Part 4: Every Icloud Has a Silver Lining 81

Chapter 8: Walking on iCloud Nine 83

What Is iCloud? 84

The Storage Conundrum 86

Signing In and Accessing iCloud 87

Signing in to iCloud 87

Accessing iCloud 90

Chapter 9: Buckle Up and Drive! 93

Accessing iCloud Drive on Your Devices 94

iPhone and iPad 94

Mac 95

Windows-based PC 97 98

Organizing Your Stuff 99

Creating folders 100

Managing folders and files 102

Chapter 10: Picture This! 107

Enable and Access iCloud Photos 108 108

Apple devices 108

Windows-based PC 109

Working with iCloud Photos 110 110

iOS 111

macOS and iPadOS 114

Windows-based PC 115

Chapter 11: You've Got (iCloud) Mail 117

Setting Up iCloud Email 118

Creating an iCloud email address 118

Accessing your iCloud email 120

Sending and Receiving Email 123

Creating and sending emails 123

Formatting emails 124

Receiving and replying to email 127

Organizing Email 128

Deleting and marking emails 128

Utilizing folders and rules 129

Chapter 12: Tying a Digital String on Your Finger 133

The Dating Game: Getting to Know Calendar 134

Accessing Calendar 134

Working with Calendar in 136

Remind Me, Again, Please! 141

Access Reminders 142

Working with Reminders 144

Chapter 13: Noting Notes and Contacting Contacts 153

Note to Self 154

Access Notes 154

Working with Notes 155

3 2 1 Contact! 161

Access Contacts 161

Working with Contacts 162

Chapter 14: Docs and Spreadsheets and Presentations, Oh My! 167

Accessing and Working with iWork Apps 168

Using and Saving Files 170

Supported file types 170

Creating and Editing Pages Docs in iCloud 172

Managing documents 172

Working in documents 173

Working with Spreadsheets in Numbers 175

Managing spreadsheets 176

Working in spreadsheets 177

Creating Presentations in Keynote 179

Managing presentations 180

Working in presentations 181

Chapter 15: Digital Lost-and-Found 185

Enable and Access Find My 186 186

Apple devices 186

On the Hunt! 187 188

macOS 190

iOS and iPadOS 190

Part 5: The Part of Tens 193

Chapter 16: Ten Alternative Apps 195

Chapter 17: Ten Tips and Tricks 199

Index 203
Dwight Spivey is the Educational Technology Administrator at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. He is the author of iPhone(r) For Seniors For Dummies, iPad For Seniors For Dummies, and several other books covering Apple technology.