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Steel Surfaces

A Guide to Alloys, Finishes, Fabrication, and Maintenance in Architecture and Art

Zahner, L. William

Architectural Metals Series


1. Edition December 2020
400 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-54162-2
John Wiley & Sons

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A full-color guide for architects and design professionals to the selection and application of steel

Steel Surfaces, fourth in Zahner's Architectural Metals Series, provides a comprehensive and authoritative treatment of steel applications in architecture and art. It offers architecture and design professionals the information they need to ensure proper maintenance and fabrication techniques through detailed information and full-color images. It covers everything from the history of the metal and choosing the right alloy, to detailed information on a variety of surface and chemical finishes and corrosion resistance. The book also features case studies that offer strategies for designing and executing successful projects using steel.

Steel Surfaces is filled with illustrated case studies that present comprehensive coverage of how steel is used in creating surfaces for building exteriors, interiors, and art finishes. All the books in Zahner's Architectural Metals Series offer in-depth coverage of today's most commonly used metals in architecture and art. This visual guide:
* Features full-color images of a variety of steel finishes, colors, textures, and forms
* Includes case studies with performance data that feature strategies on how to design and execute successful projects using steel
* Offers methods to address corrosion, before and after it occurs
* Explains the significance of the different alloys and the forms available to the designer
* Discusses what to expect when using steel in various exposures

Written for architecture professionals, metal fabricators and developers, architecture students, designers, and artists working with metals, Steel Surfaces offers a logical framework for the selection and application of steel in all aspects of architecture.


CHAPTER 1 Introduction

Iron and Steel


Early Architectural Uses

What Defines Steel

The Important Steel Alloys for the Designer

Low Carbon Steel

Medium Carbon Steel

High Carbon Steel

High Strength Low Alloy Steels - The Weathering Steels

Enameling Steel

Cast Iron

Steel Manufacture and Production

Safety and Hygiene / Recycle

Coatings on Steel

A Material for Artists

Choosing the Right Steel

CHAPTER 2 Alloys


The Alloy Numbering Code

Alloying Elements


Other Elements


The Wrought Alloys of Iron

Wrought Iron

The Wrought Alloys of Steel




A36 Steel



The Weathering Steel Alloys - High Strength Low Alloy Steels



Other Steel Alloys

The Alloy Steels


Tool Steels

Cast Alloys

Grey Cast Iron

White Cast Iron

Malleable Cast Iron

Ductile Cast Iron

Cast Steels

CHAPTER 3 Finishes


The Mill Surface of Sheet and Plate Material

The Carbon Steel Surface

Hot Rolled Surface

Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate

Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet

Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet

Commercial Steel

Drawing Steel and Forming Steel

Cold Rolled Structural Steel

Mill Oil

The Nature of the Steel Surface Finish

Finish Possibilities Available for Steels

Protective Oxide - The Weathering Steels

Preweathering - An Art and Science

Preweathering - Hot Rolled vs Cold Rolled Surfaces

The Controlled Surface

Interior Uses of Weathering Steel

Galvanized Steel Surfaces

Protective Oxide - Bluing and Darkening

Bluing of Steel

Blackening of Galvanized Steel

Color Tinting of Steel by Heat

Chromate treatments

Painted Steel Surfaces

Surfacing Effects

Damascene and Pattern Welded Steel

Laying Down Weld

Carved Steel

CHAPTER 4 Expectations


The Development of Rust

The Choices Available to the Designer

Interior Exposures

Carbon Steels

Interior Weathering Steels

Exterior Exposures

Carbon Steels

Wrought and Cast Irons

Cast Irons

Carbon Steel - Structural Steel

Zinc Rich Primers

Galvanized Steel

Weathering Steel

Preweathered Steel

Marine Environments

Urban Pollution

Good Design

CHAPTER 5 Designing with the Available Forms


Early Forms

Wrought Iron

The Wrought Forms of Steel

The Steel Mill

Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Sheet and Plate

Mill Packaging Requirements



Perforated and Expanded Metal

Perforated Steel

Expanded Metal

Plate Thicknesses and Widths

Weathering Steel Plate

Bar and Rod

Round Rod

Tubing and Pipe

Structural Shapes

HSS - Hollow Structural Sections

Wire, Woven Wire, and Screens


Steel Windows

Powder, Bead and Shot


Cast Steel

CHAPTER 6 Working with Steels


Cutting Steels

Shearing and Blanking

Saw Cutting



Torch Cut




Roll Forming

Press Brake Forming

Other Cold Forming Processes



Hot Forming




Soldering and Brazing


Fusion Welding Processes Used on Steels

Oxy - Acetylene

GTAW - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

GMAW - Gas Metal Arc Welding

SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding

FCW - Flux Core Wire Welding

SAW - Submerged Arc Welding

PAW - Plasma Arc Welding

EBW - Electron Beam Welding

Laser Beam Welding

Capacitor Discharge Fusion Stud Welding

Arc Stud Welding

Friction Stir Welding

The Steps in Welding

Joint Preparation

Filler Metal

Heat Input during welding

Post Weld treatment and Cleanup


Welding of Weathering Steels


Stud Welding


White Cast iron

Grey Cast iron

Malleable Iron

Ductile Iron

Compacted Graphite Cast Iron

Difficulties in Casting

CHAPTER 7 Corrosion Characteristics


What is rust

Corrosion of Steel and Iron

Atmospheric Corrosion - The Electrolyte on the Surface

Corrosion of Cast Iron or Cast Steel

Coatings and Corrosion

Failure modes of Paint

Inorganic Protection of Steels

Galvanizing and Metal Protective Coatings for Steel


Weathering Steels - How are they different than other steels

Weathering Steel Performance in Various Environments

Environmental Exposures and their Effects

Carbon Steels

Steel Used In different Environments

Types of Corrosion

Uniform Corrosion

Galvanic Corrosion and Galvanic Protection of Steels

Galvanic Corrosion and the Ratio of Areas

Key Conditions Needed for Galvanic Corrosion to Occur

Transfer Corrosion

Pitting Corrosion

Intergranular Corrosion

Crevice Corrosion

Line Corrosion

CHAPTER 8 Maintaining the Steel Surface


Painted Steel Surfaces

Develop a Maintenance Strategy

Cleaning and Mainenance - Weathering Steel

Protecting Steels - Storage

Protecting Steel Surfaces - Custom

Protecting Steel Objects - Impressed Current Protection

Protecting Steel Surfaces - Sacrificial Anode

Maintaining Steels in Different Environments

Physical Cleanliness

Achieving Physical Cleanliness

Mill Oils


Degreasing Using Hot Alkaline Baths

Dirt and Grime


Temperature Issues

Deposits from Sealant Decomposition

Grease Deposits from Building Exhaust Systems


High Pressure Water Blasting

Steam Cleaning

De-ionized Water

Abrasive Pads and Brushes

Chemical Cleanliness

Laser Ablation

Constant Wetting

Water streaks and Standing Water Staining

De-icing Salts

Mechanical Cleanliness


Scratches and Mars
* Dents

Ghosting from Packaging Materials


Welding Distortion

Distortions from Cold Forming Operations

Hail Damage and Small Dent Repair

Free Iron Particles - Staining

Coating Weathering Steels

Appendix A: Terms

Appendix B: Comparative Metals

Appendix C: Alloy Cross Reference

Appendix D: SSPC Specifications

Appendix E: Sample Steel Specifications

Appendix F: ASTM Specifications

Appendix G: Galvanized Coatings on Steel

L. William Zahner, is President and CEO of A. Zahner Company, Inc. and Chairman of Metalabs LLC, and is an internationally recognized expert on the design and use of architectural metals. He is the author of Architectural Metal Surfaces and Architectural Metals: A Guide to Selection, Specification, and Performance, both from Wiley.

L. W. Zahner, A. Zahner Company, Kansas City, MO