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Lighting Design Basics

Karlen, Mark / Spangler, Christina


4. Edition March 2024
256 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-80344-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Lighting is an essential component of any designed space, yet it is one of the most difficult right. Lighting Design Basics, 4th Edition provides a fundamental grounding in architectural lighting concepts, processes, and techniques that every student must master. The book offers a carefuly balanced combination of design and technology instruction and provides a great deal of graphic information, complete with plan, section, and three-dimensional drawings.

The authors examine over 25 different design scenarios with in-depth rationales for proposed solutions, insightful distribution diagrams, floor plans, and details for lighting installation and construction. Immersive instruction on real-world settings accompanies practical guidance suitable for immediate application in everyday projects.

Lighting can make or break any space, and design choices impact the cost and comfort of the building over the long term. Lighting Design Basics provides a critical foundation and prescriptive techniques to help future architects and interior designers make smart desing choices. This new edition provides readers with:
* A new chapter, entitled Light and Health, covering the physiological aspects of lighting design
* Updated LED technical content with coverage of light sources, luminaires, controls, quantity and quality of light, color rendition, and calculation software tutorials
* Explorations of industry codes and additional material on sustainable practices
* Thorough discussions of lighting in residences, workspaces, educational facilities, healthcare spaces, retail stores, and hospitality environments
* The basic skills required to become competent in the field, and prepare for the NCIDQ and NCARB exams

Designed for undergraduate students in architecture and interior design, the latest edition of Lighting Design Basics is also valuable for working professionals in both fields who want to refresh their skills in lighting design and/or lighting technology

Preface v

Chapter 1 Introduction: How to Use This Book 1

Part I: Basics about Lighting 3

Chapter 2 Basic Concepts in Lighting

Layered Design | Composition 5

Chapter 3 Qualities of Light Sources

How Light is Generated | How the Eye Sees | Light Source Selection 15

Chapter 4 Daylighting

Effects of Daylight | Daylight in Interiors | Basic Principles 27

Chapter 5 Light Sources

History | Traditional Light Sources | LEDs 35

Chapter 6 Luminaires

Attributes | Common Luminaire Types 59

Chapter 7 Lighting Controls

Principles | Types of Control | Control Systems 79

Chapter 8 Quantity of Light

Determining Light Levels | Rough Calculations | Computer Calculations 89

Chapter 9 Quality of Light

Sculptural Quality | Color and Materials | Size and Scale

Chapter 10 Light and Health

Science | Application of Circadian Lighting 103

Part II: Design Process 111

Chapter 11 Lighting Design Approach

Steps to Successful Lighting Design | Lighting Design Criteria Matrix 113

Chapter 12 Documenting Lighting Design

Schematic Design | Design Development and Contract Documents 121

Part III: Applications and Case Studies 129

Chapter 13 Residential Lighting Design

Dining/Kitchen/Living Room | Master Bedroom Suite 131

Chapter 14 Work Space Lighting Design

Reception | Conference | Private and Executive Office | Open Office 145

Chapter 15 Lighting for Educational Facilities

Classroom | Lecture Room 163

Chapter 16 Health Care Lighting Design

Nurse's Station | Exam Room | Patient Room 171

Chapter 17 Retail Lighting Design

Small Boutique | Supermarket | Art Gallery 179

Chapter 18 Hospitality Lighting Design

Restaurant | Hotel Lobby | Guest Suite 189

Chapter 19 Lighting for Common Space

Public Restroom | Corridor and Stairs | Waiting Room 205

Chapter 20 Outdoor Lighting Design

Approach \ Quality and Quantity | Applications | Selection 219

Chapter 21 Basic Lighting Retrofitting

Retrofit Solutions 229

Part IV: Professional Skills 233

Chapter 22 Professional Lighting Design

Design Documentation | Integrity and Cost Management | Collaboration 235

Appendix A Energy Code Calculations 245

Appendix B Lighting In LEED and WELL 248

Recommended Reading 249

Index 251
MARK KARLEN, PHD, (1929-2022) was an architect and interior designer with extensive experience in design education and professional practice. During a long and varied career, he chaired the interior design programs at Moore College of Art and Design, the University of Cincinnati, and Pratt Institute.

CHRISTINA SPANGLER is a senior lighting designer in the Philadelphia-based BEAM, ltd. Christina has received numerous local and national lighting awards throughout her 20+ year career. She was also an adjunct professor at the Moore College of Art and Design and Jefferson University.

M. Karlen, Moore College of Art and Design; University of Cincinnati; Pratt Institute; C. Spangler, Moore College of Art and Design; Jefferson University