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Resilient Power Electronic Systems

Kaboli, Shahriyar / Peyghami, Saeed / Blaabjerg, Frede


1. Edition September 2022
384 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-77218-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Resilient Power Electronic Systems

Discover an advanced reference offering a powerful novel approach to the design and use of reliable and fault-tolerant power electronic systems

In Resilient Power Electronic Systems, a team of accomplished researchers deliver an insightful treatment of the challenges faced by practitioners and researchers working with power electronic converters and attempting to analyze internal and external failure mechanisms. The authors expertly present advanced techniques for reducing noise effects on fault detection and prognosis.

Comprised of thirteen chapters, the authors discuss the concepts of resilience and effective operative life in the context of power electronics. The differences between reliable and efficient systems are discussed, as well as the nature of these differences in complex systems. Finally, the book explores various methods to improve the resilience of power converters.

Resilient Power Electronic Systems is packed with features, including illustrations, practice problems, and PowerPoint presentations. The book also includes:
* A thorough introduction to the application of power electronics in various industries, as well as the concept of resilience in a power converter
* Comprehensive explorations of resilience against fault tolerance, including fault-tolerant power converters and resilient power converters
* Practical discussions of the state-of-the-art in resilient power converters, including examinations of mission-critical applications
* In-depth examinations of internal and external fault in power converters with mission-critical applications

Resilient Power Electronic Systems is an indispensable resource for researchers, professionals, and postgraduate students studying power electronics. It's also an ideal reference for research and development engineers working with the design and development of power electronic converters.


Part 1: Resilient Power Electronic Systems

Chapter 1 Resilient Systems

Chapter 2 Mission Critical Power Electronic Systems

Chapter 3 Resilience in Power Electronics

Chapter 4 State of the Art of Resilience

Part 2: Useful Life of the Power Electronic Systems

Chapter 5 Useful Life Modeling

Chapter 6 Internal Faults: Converter Level

Chapter 7 Internal Faults: Element Level

Chapter 8 External Faults

Chapter 9 Malfunctioning: Influence of Noise and Disturbance

Part 3: Health Estimation of the Power Electronic Systems

Chapter 10 Condition Monitoring

Chapter 11 Fault Prognosis

Chapter 12 Fault Diagnosis

Part 4: Methods of Resilience in Power Electronic Systems

Chapter 13 Resilience Against Internal Faults

Chapter 14 Resilience Against External Faults

Chapter 15 Inherently Resilient Power Electronic Converters
Shahriyar Kaboli, PhD, is Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology Tehran, Iran.

Saeed Peyghami, PhD, is Assistant Professor with the Department of AAU Energy at the Aalborg University, Denmark.

Frede Blaabjerg, PhD, is Professor with the Department of AAU Energy at Aalborg University, Denmark. He is the former President of the IEEE Power Electronics Society and Vice-President of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.