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Engineering Design Methods

Strategies for Product Design

Cross, Nigel


5. Edition April 2021
224 Pages, Softcover
Practical Approach Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-72437-7
John Wiley & Sons

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A revised text that presents specific design methods within an overall strategy from concept to detail design

The fifth edition of Engineering Design Methods is an improved and updated version of this very successful, classic text on engineering product design. It provides an overview of design activities and processes, detailed descriptions and examples of how to use key design methods, and outlines design project strategies and management techniques. Written by a noted expert on the topic, the new edition contains an enriched variety of examples and case studies, and up to date material on design thinking and the development of design expertise.

This new edition opens with a compelling original case study of a revolutionary new city-car design by ex-Formula One designer Gordon Murray. The study illustrates the complete development of a novel design and brings to life the process of design, from concept through to prototype. The core of the book presents detailed instructions and examples for using design methods throughout the design process, ranging from identifying new product opportunities, through establishing functions and setting requirements, to generating, evaluating and improving alternative designs. This important book:
* Offers a revised and updated edition of an established, successful text on understanding the design process and using design methods
* Includes new material on design thinking and design ability and new examples of the use of design methods
* Presents clear, detailed and illustrated presentations of eight key design methods in engineering product design

Written for undergraduates and postgraduates across all fields of engineering and product design, the fifth edition of Engineering Design Methods offers an updated, substantial, and reliable text on product design and innovation.



Part One: Design Fundamentals

1The Activity of Design

What Designers Say

What Designers Do

Case Study

2The Nature of Design

Design Problems

Problem Structures

How Designers Problem Solve

3The Design Process

Descriptive Models

Prescriptive Models

Integrative Models

Part Two: Design Practice

4New Design Procedures

Systematic Procedures

Design Methods

Creative Methods

Rational Methods

5Identifying Opportunities

The User Scenarios Method

6Clarifying Objectives

The Objectives Tree Method

7Establishing Functions

The Function Analysis Method

8Setting Requirements

The Performance Specification Method

9Determining Characteristics

The Quality Function Deployment Method

10Generating Alternatives

The Morphological Chart Method

11Evaluating Alternatives

The Weighted Objectives Method

12Improving Details

The Value Engineering Method

13Design Strategies

What is a Design Strategy?

Strategy Frameworks

Strategy Control

Learning to Design

Developing Expertise

Part Three: Design Thinking

14Design and Innovation

Product Planning

Systems design

References and Sources

Nigel Cross is Emeritus Professor of Design Studies at The Open University, UK, where he pioneered distance learning in design. He was also Professor of Design Methodology at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. He has an international reputation in design education and research in design methodology, design thinking, design expertise and the nature of design ability.

N. Cross, The Open University