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Coach Yourself!

Increase Awareness, Change Behavior, and Thrive

Bowring, Antonia


1. Edition September 2023
224 Pages, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-93145-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Become the best version of yourself using these practical frameworks exploring the power of performance coaching from a Top NYC Executive Coach.

Coach Yourself! is a guide for people who are committed to increasing their awareness about behaviors that aren't serving them at work or in the rest of their lives, and then taking the necessary actions to move forward. If you're ready to explore changing habits and behaviors to improve how you show up in work and life, this book is for you. With practical and accessible frameworks exploring the power of performance coaching, Top NYC Executive Coach Antonia Bowring teaches readers to use her performance coaching formula: increased awareness + changed behavior = flourishing individual and thriving work performance.

Bowring offers recipes, frameworks, and tools you can use to navigate the exhilarating, and inevitably bumpy, journey through your professional life. You'll discover:
* Foundational definitions and concepts, including discussions about the different kinds of coaching, the benefits they bring to the table, and the processes they use
* The importance of your values, and how they anchor your progress through your coaching journey
* Communication strategies used by the world's most effective problem-solvers and decision-makers in the world

While this will be an essential guide for professionals and leaders, anyone can pick up this book and apply the frameworks to various aspects of their life. The essence of coaching is that we have the answers inside ourselves, and the role of the coach is to help us access our own answers.

Preparing for the Journey

Part I: Launching the Journey

Chapter 1: The Executive Coaching Context

Chapter 2: My Coaching Philosophy and Process

Chapter 3: For My Readers with ADHD

Chapter 4: How to Use the Rest of This Book

Part II: Coaching Frameworks for Takeoff

Chapter 5: Core Values Framework: Anchor Your Journey

Chapter 6: Mind the Gap Framework

Chapter 7: Spectator-Actor Mindset Framework

Part III: Navigating Challenging Conversations

Chapter 8: Four Key Building Blocks for Critical Conversations

Chapter 9: COIN Framework: How to Have a Critical Conversation

Chapter 10: Communicate FOR: A Framework Focused on Relationships

Chapter 11: Compassionate Candor Framework

Chapter 12: The Conversation Funnel Framework

Part IV: Unlocking the Keys to Great Management

Chapter 13: Four Keys to Great Management: A Meta-Framework

Chapter 14: GRPI: A Diagnostic Framework to Unlock Team Needs

Chapter 15: Six Keys to Unlock the Power of a Strong Team

Part V: Cross the Finish Line and Solidify Your Coaching Wins

Chapter 16: Building Powerful Habits

Chapter 17: RAM-3,2,1: Reinforce Your Coaching Wins

Chapter 18: Parting Words

Appendix 1: Coaching Frameworks at a Glance

Appendix 2: ADHD Resource List


About the Author

Praise for Coach Yourself!

"In Coach Yourself!, Antonia Bowring brings her decades of experience as a management coach to new audiences seeking to gain a cognitive edge in an increasingly-competitive workplace." -Arthur C. Brooks, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, and #1 New York Times bestselling author

"Antonia has helped me become a better leader to my team at Milk Bar. Her book is a must-read guide for anyone who wants to put her deep coaching experience into action in their own life." -Christina Tosi, Founder & CEO of Milk Bar

"Every successful leader I know has had some type of executive coaching. I brought Antonia into the company to help develop our leadership team and it has been a game changer. I'm excited that her work is now accessible to everyone at the company and beyond. The world needs more great leaders." -Alex Chung, Founder & CEO of Giphy

"Antonia's book is a reminder of the possibilities we all have within us. With this book's help and the support of your network, you can achieve so much more than you ever imagined." -Lindsay Kaplan, Co-Founder, Chief

"Many business executives wish they could get coaching on the wide spread of issues that challenge them, but lack the time and resources to find that coach. This book is what they're looking for. Not only will these frameworks help you become a better leader, they'll help you to develop lasting habits which will make you formidable in the workplace." -Chris Anderson, Head of TED

"Coach Yourself! is full of practical advice and hard-earned wisdom. Bowring bravely shares her own story and, through this book, continues her passion to give caring coaching ideas that can lift your career prospects and deepen your self-awareness." -Sally Susman, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Pfizer and author of Breaking Through: Communicating to Open Mind, Moving Hearts and Change the World

"Antonia Bowring has given us two gifts in this book - insights into successful executive coaching practices and tools to apply these insights in our own lives. Her frameworks are practical, thoughtful, and readily adapted by the reader to fit their life. Antonia's wisdom and experience shine through. I highly recommend her book for current and future coaches, and for all those who wish they had one." -Kerry J Sulkowicz, MD, Managing Principal, Boswell Group LLC

"Antonia Bowring has laid out her 'go to' executive coaching frameworks beautifully. She takes you on a journey of both self discovery and concrete ways to put your new awareness into action. As CEO of a growing company, I see the need for this book. It has something for everyone from the most junior employee up to the C-Suite." -Sarah Slusser, CEO, Cypress Creek Renewables

"We all need to build our own toolkits for better professional performance and deepen our life satisfaction. Antonia has given us a comprehensive, masterful playbook to help us on this journey." -Khe Hy, Founder and CEO of RadReads

"Thank you, Antonia Bowring. This book is a labor of love and it contains so much of your executive coaching expertise, and is so accessible and practical. Anyone who buys this book can put these coaching frameworks into action and they will see an immediate impact in how they show up at work and in the rest of life." -Pat Mitchell, CoFounder, ConnectedWomenLeaders; Editorial Director, TEDWomen, and Author of Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World

"If you are struggling to manage your ADHD symptoms then you should put this book on your reading list. It's a game-changer! It completely opened my eyes to what was possible as an adult living with ADHD. A lot of self-help books give advice on how to change certain areas of your life but they don't address the habits and patterns that are likely to creep back in and ruin your progress. This one does! Thank you Antonia, I'm recommending it to everyone!" -Andrew Fingerman, CEO Photoshelter
ANTONIA BOWRING is an executive coach and strategic facilitator with extensive experience in early-stage startups and corporate settings. She is a member of New York's Top 20 Coaches List and is part of the Forbes Coaches Council. Antonia has special expertise in supporting leaders with ADHD and helping them leverage their strengths to achieve their goals.