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Do Business Better

Traits, Habits, and Actions To Help You Succeed

Mason, Damian


1. Edition May 2019
256 Pages, Hardcover
General Reading

ISBN: 978-1-119-56628-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Build your best life by forging your own path to business success

After speaking to companies such as Merck, Land O'Lakes, and Cargill, and to over 2000 audiences across the world, Damian Mason, successful businessman, agriculturalist, podcaster, and writer, wants to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals and live a better life. While other business books claim to tell you how to reach success, they fall short because they don't address the fact that success is different for each of us. Do Business Better helps you define success on your terms, then shows you how to achieve it.

You'll learn the Four Unwavering Traits of Entrepreneurial Success and how to discover the differences between routines and habits, then implement your changes through meaningful actions that create permanent improvement. Along the way, you'll learn from real-world examples and relatable stories, and discover a wealth of applicable advice on starting, managing, and growing your own enterprise.
* Discover your best life, then build a path to achieve it
* Learn how other entrepreneurs have adapted their lives to achieve their goals
* Find out what's really standing between you and your dreams
* Rid yourself of ineffective thinking patterns and develop habits that actually help you

Do Business Better is the go-to guide for business people, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed looking to jumpstart their journey and build their dreams into reality. If your goal is prosperity, longevity, and a life and business on your terms, this book is for you.

Foreword vii

Introduction xi

1 Success Defined. By You. 1

2 Get Better 5

Section 1 Traits 9

3 Four Unwavering Traits of Entrepreneurial Success 11

4 Risk Tolerance 13

5 Drive 25

6 Resilience 37

7 Vision 47

Section 2 Habits 59

8 Success Is a Habit, But It's Not a Routine 61

9 Pull the Trigger 67

10 Treat Time Like Money 71

11 Be a Goal Setter 77

12 Be Relevant 85

13 Be Critical 95

14 Be a Promoter 103

15 Sell, Sell, Sell! 109

16 Know Your Position 121

17 Stop Making Excuses 129

18 Know Money (Or You'll Have No Money) 135

Section 3 Actions 153

19 It's All About You 155

20 Get Past What's Holding You Back 157

21 Your Business Personality 171

22 Exploiting Your Talent Stack 181

23 Manage Your Emotions 195

24 You Are Not an Island 205

Do Business Better 217

Life and Business by Choice 223

About the Author 225

Index 227
DAMIAN MASON knows how to create a life and business by choice because he's done it. From scratch. At age 25, he chucked his sales job with a Fortune 500 company to pursue greater compensation and creativity. It worked. Then his business struggled mightily. Damian reinvented. After several iterations and multiple setbacks, his business thrived once again.

Damian speaks to corporations, associations, trade groups, and agricultural organizations. He delivers business insights, information, and inspiration in an entertaining package.

When he's not traveling for work, Damian can be found on his Indiana farm with his wife, Lori, or escaping from winter at their Arizona residence. Damian loves the outdoors, his wife, his dog, his beer, and his independence.

Connect with Damian at

Facebook: @DamianMasonProfessionalSpeaker

LinkedIn: Damian Mason

Twitter: @DamianPMason