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Executive's Guide to Personal Security

Katz, David S. / Caspi, Ilan


2. Edition February 2020
256 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-57437-8
John Wiley & Sons

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The proven safety tips and techniques for corporate executives, revised and updated

The revised and updated second edition of Executive's Guide to Personal Security, 2nd Edition offers a strategic handbook for ensuring safety for executives, their employees, and their corporate assets. The book's lessons outline the basic rules of personal security; it shows how to recognize and prepare for the real threats faced by executives and ordinary individuals in today's often hostile world. It is filled with the necessary knowledge that can empower executives to face these threats and deal with them successfully. The methods outlined herein, formerly reserved for security professionals and government employees, are made available to the reader. Executive's Guide to Personal Security will teach you situational awareness which allows you to identify potential dangers before they become serious threats. You will learn how to analyze risks, prepare for emergencies, travel safely, and utilize counter-surveillance techniques to enable you to recognize if you are being followed or targeted. You will gain an understanding of the threats to both personal safety and corporate assets and understand how to implement the appropriate counter-measures to deal with those perceived threats.

With Executive's Guide to Personal Security, you can learn to take necessary actions to reduce your chances of becoming a target and discover how to make yourself less vulnerable. Written by two seasoned security experts, the lessons presented can be used by those in the business world as well as anyone who would like to feel more secure, including those traveling to foreign countries and individuals studying abroad. New to the second edition is:
* Information for responding to an active shooter incident
* Enhanced details for protecting IP and computers and smart phones
* Strategies for planning for emergencies at home and the office
* Approaches to safety that meet the challenges of today's world

Executive's Guide to Personal Security, 2nd Edition is the comprehensive book that contains information on physical security, principles of route selection, technical security systems, hostage situations, emergency planning, hotel and room selection, armored products, communications, bomb threats, evacuations, and local criminal hazards.

About the Authors ix

Preface xiii

Introduction xv

Chapter 1 Developing a Security Mind-set 1

Chapter 2 Planning for Emergencies in the Office 15

Chapter 3 Receipt of Suspicious Mail and Packages and Bomb Threats 47

Chapter 4 Violence in the Workplace 65

Chapter 5 Surviving an Active Shooter Incident 73

Chapter 6 Personal and Business Travel Security 91

Chapter 7 Travel to High-Risk Areas 113

Chapter 8 Hijacking and Hostage Survival 157

Chapter 9 Espionage and Fraud Protection: The Executive Perspective 169

Chapter 10 Executive Protection 185

Chapter 11 Running a Successful Security Business Function 195

Chapter 12 Breaking into a Security Career in the Private Sector 205

Chapter 13 Carrying a Firearm for Personal Protection 217

Index 227
DAVID S. KATZ is a former senior Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration and is the CEO of Global Security Group, a company providing protective and investigative services, fire and life safety consulting, and highly specialized training for private sector and governmental clients. David is an internationally recognized expert in Active Shooter Response and Prevention.

ILAN CASPI is a business executive, a former member of the Israeli General Security Agency, the Israeli Diplomatic Security Service, EL AL Airline, and the Israeli Air Force. He is an expert in executive protection, threat assessments, and developing comprehensive security protocols for international organizations. He received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.