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The Negotiation Book

Your Definitive Guide to Successful Negotiating

Gates, Steve


3. Edition December 2022
272 Pages, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-0-85708-950-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Become the best negotiator you can be, one manageable step at a time

In the newly updated third edition of The Negotiation Book: Your Definitive Guide to Successful Negotiating, distinguished commercial negotiator Steve Gates delivers a singular and practical guide to the art and science of negotiation. Steve Gates is the founder of the world's leading negotiation consultancy, The Gap Partnership - and the methodology in this book is used by the world's biggest businesses to successfully execute their strategies. The book lays out the behaviours and traits associated with successful negotiation and offers a comprehensive model for how power, process and behaviour can have substantial impacts on your next negotiation. You'll also learn how you can shape these factors to optimise value for yourself, your client or your organisation.

The author shows you how to secure more agreements and realise more value with every agreement you conclude. Through simple, realistic and hands-on advice, you'll improve as a negotiator and apply straightforward techniques to the real-world, dynamic environments in which your negotiations take place. You'll also find:
* Strategies for maintaining a balanced perspective and keeping your ego in check
* Maintaining a focus on the interests and priorities of the other party/parties
* Incremental steps for improving your negotiation ability that are easy to apply and retain

This third edition brings the book firmly into the zeitgeist as it considers the very modern challenges presented to commercial negotiators as a result of an ever-changing world, in which they must navigate technological advancements, the post-Covid reality of virtual negotiation, and the impact of war, Brexit and other macro-economic and political developments that are having far-reaching impacts to business and beyond.

An invaluable roadmap to becoming a Complete Skilled Negotiator, The Negotiation Book is the negotiation playbook that business leaders, lawyers, consultants and other professionals have been waiting for.

About the Author vii

Acknowledgments ix

Preface -- Context and relevance xi

Chapter 1 - So You Think You Can Negotiate? 1

Chapter 2 - Virtual Negotiating 17

Chapter 3 - The Negotiation Clock Face 23

Chapter 4 - Why Power Matters 43

Chapter 5 - Time - The Distinct Advantage 65

Chapter 6 - The Ten Negotiation Traits 85

Chapter 7 - The 14 Behaviors that Make the Difference 101

Chapter 8 - The "E" Factor 135

Chapter 9 - Authority and Empowerment 163

Chapter 10 - Tactics and Values 183

Chapter 11 - Planning and Preparation That Helps You to Build Value 211

Final Thoughts 245

About The Gap Partnership 247

Index 249
Steve Gates is the founder and chairman of The Gap Partnership, the world's leading negotiation consultancy. He has over 25 years of experience supporting global corporations from all business sectors in optimising value from their many and varied negotiations. He is deeply interested in commerce, capitalism and psychology, and their impacts on the success or failure of individual negotiations.

S. Gates, The Gap Partnership