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The Power of Going All-In

Secrets for Success in Business, Leadership, and Life

Bornancin, Brandon


1. Edition March 2024
320 Pages, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-394-19618-0
John Wiley & Sons

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If you're tired of missed goals and low morale, discover a proven framework for leadership that will help you unleash your team's potential.

In The Power of Going All-In, serial entrepreneur and business leader Brandon Bornancin shares his secrets to building, leading, and managing a world-class company. The author draws on his experience building companies to over $150M in sales and billion-dollar valuations and presents effective strategies for inspiring your people to do more, be more, and achieve more.

With The Power of Going All-In, you'll get more than a business leadership book. You'll get a daily mentor to guide you through any challenge, big or small, and to ignite your passion for your team and your company. With this book as your roadmap, you can carve out your own unique path to leadership greatness at work, at school, and anywhere else you play an integral role in the success of those who follow you.

Whatever is holding you back from the team you've always wanted... The company you've always wanted... And the results you've always wanted#This book will solve those problems and make your dreams a reality with 300+ practical and actionable secrets.

Learn how to:
* Discover your "Why"
* Coach employees beyond the skills of their current position
* Eliminate bad habits like micromanagement and burnout
* Establish a Bigger Picture Mission and Vision for yourself and your team
* Use the data to identify your team's weak spots
* Build your own Leadership Tribe
* Mentor the next generation of leaders at your organization

This book is a practical and essential toolkit for entrepreneurs, managers, executives, board members, founders, sales professionals, and other leaders looking for ways to maximize results and motivate the people they lead to produce their best work. The Power of Going All In is an essential text for anyone looking to go beyond fancy corporate titles and take their leadership to new heights.

Introduction xxv

Part I: The Principles for Going All-In 2

Month 1: Mission, Vision, and Accountability 3

#1: Invest Daily in Becoming a Great Leader 5

#2: Own the Vision 5

#3: Be Clear About Your Vision 6

#4: You Work for Your Team 7

#5: Be the Leader Employees Want to Work for 7

#6: Make Them Better 8

#7: Everyone Wins When You Give Your Help Selflessly 8

#8: Find the Triangle Balance 9

#9: Always Showcase AARI 9

#10: Unleash Your Tenacity 10

#11: Don't Sit Around Waiting 11

#12: Free Yourself from the Need for Respect 11

#13: Know Your Upside and Downside 12

#14: Hold Team Masterminds 12

#15: Make the Call and Roll 13

#16: Celebrate the Wins of Your Team Every Day 14

#17: Teach the Team Gratitude 15

#18: Become a Visionary Leader 15

#19: Leadership Is a Privilege 16

#20: Great Leadership Spreads Like Wildfire 17

#21: Develop the Leaders of the Future 17

#22: Help Your People Set Goals 18

#23: We Are a Team 18

#24: Ditch the Blame Game 19

#25: To Be the Best Team Leader, Be Flexible 19

#26: Make Your People Feel Important 20

#27: Unlock Your Employees' Passion 20

#28: Life Partners Need to Be Bought Into the Mission 21

#29: The Only Constant in Life Is Change 21

#30: Teach Your Team the Principles of Winning 22

#31: Everyone Is a Leader 23

Month 2: Building the Foundation for Great Hiring and Onboarding 25

#1: Become Great at Recruiting and Hiring 27

#2: Hire the People Today That You Will Need in the Future 27

#3: APT: Always Prospect Talent 28

#4: Create a Repeatable Hiring Process 28

#5: Find the Rock Stars with Behavior- Based Interviews 29

#6: Hire for the Three I's 30

#7: Hire for This Key Trait 31

#8: Hire People with Abilities You Can't Teach 31

#9: Develop a Business Case for Hires 32

#10: Always Stay on the Hunt for Talent 33

#11: Stop Recruiting Junior Hires 33

#12: Hire with the Aim of Leveling Up 34

#13: Look for a Culture Add 34

#14: Develop Department Transition Plans Fast 35

#15: The First 30 to 90 Days Are Indicative of the Next Five Years 35

#16: Do Weekly Onboard Check-Ins for an Employee's First Month 36

#17: Develop an Onboarding Schedule That Lets New Employees Showcase Their Talents ASAP 37

#18: Hold Regular One-on-Ones and Let Your Employee Lead the Conversation 38

#19: Build a New-Hire Orientation Template 39

#20: Teach Fast 40

#21: Invest in Training and Technology for the Team 41

#22: Buy Yourself Leverage 41

#23: Start a Mentorship Program 42

#24: Teach New Team Members to Study Top Employees 42

#25: When Onboarding, Share the Top 20% Data 43

#26: Deliver Positive Feedback for Improvement 44

#27: Hold Effective One-on-One Meetings: Skip Level Template 45

#28: Make Your One-on-One Meetings Cross-Functional 46

#29: Don't Take Employee Churn Too Personally 47

#30: Hire Higher 47

#31: Don't Forget the Number-One Reason People Join Startups 48

Month 3: Developing a High-Performance Culture 49

#1: The Team's Success Is Your Success 51

#2: Build an Amazing Culture 51

#3: Learn the Four Keys to a Balanced Work Culture 52

#4: Bring Out the Creative Genius in Your Team 52

#5: Help Spread Rock-Star Qualities 53

#6: Teach Your Team to Go the Extra Mile 54

#7: Do the Hard Things 54

#8: The Sum Is Greater Than the Parts 55

#9: Training Never Stops 55

#10: Study Your Game Film 55

#11: Figure Out the "One Thing" 56

#12: Add Insane Value 57

#13: Adopt a Bias Toward Action 57

#14: Your Next Victory Requires a Single Step 58

#15: Always Ask "Why?" 58

#16: Measure Your Success by How Many People Thank You for Theirs 59

#17: Create a Scalable, Repeatable, and Predictable Playbook for Your Team 59

#18: Become an Expert in Your Field 60

#19: Seniority Doesn't Mean Anything 61

#20: Be Obsessed with Maximizing the Performance of Your Team 61

#21: Survey Your Team on Your Management 62

#22: Boost Productivity by Eliminating Bottlenecks 63

#23: Reward Employees for Their Ideas to Improve 64

#24: Place People Where They Are a Perfect Fit 64

#25: Give Your People Freedom and Creative Space 65

#26: Be Your Team's Biggest Cheerleader 66

#27: Give All the Credit When You Win, Take All the Blame When You Lose 66

#28: Help Your Team Make Friends at Work 67

#29: No Matter the Job, Acknowledge How Hard Your People Work 67

#30: Positive Reinforcement Trumps Negative Reinforcement 68

#31: Create a Culture of Continuous Learning and Development 68

Part II: The Strategies for Building High-Performing Teams 70

Month 4: KPIs, Goal Setting, and Decision-Making 71

#1: Find Your Daily Dose of Inspiration in Your "Why" 73

#2: Evaluate Your Judgment 74

#3: Leaders Are Readers 74

#4: Train Your Team to Be the Best Players 75

#5: Show Integrity 24/7 (Even When No One Is Watching) 76

#6: Getting Things Wrong Is an Integral Part of Getting Things Right 77

#7: Favor Results Over Time 77

#8: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff 78

#9: Create Key Performance Indicators 78

#10: Identify Your Team's Goals 79

#11: Set AQMD Goals 79

#12: Tackle the Big Picture with Quarterly Reviews 81

#13: Coach Your Team to Provide Weekly Updates 82

#14: There Are Only Two Outcomes to a Decision 83

#15: Use Team Recommendations to Make the Right Decisions 84

#16: Recommit to Your Decisions Daily 84

#17: Multitasking Is Doing More but Getting Less 85

#18: Good Is the Enemy of Great 86

#19: Avoid Drama 86

#20: Review Your Data Daily 87

#21: New Data = New Decisions 87

#22: Make Work Fun 88

#23: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 88

#24: Teach Your Team to Speak Up 89

#25: Let Your Team Do the Problem- Solving 90

#26: Trust Your People and Empower Them to Make an Impact 91

#27: Don't Strip Your People of Their Decision-Making Powers 91

#28: Speed to Decision Is a Competitive Advantage for Your Team 92

#29: Great Leaders Do Whatever It Takes to Improve the Performance of Their Team Members 92

#30: Success Leaves Secrets 93

Month 5: Prioritizing Tasks, Diagnosing Issues, and Taking Action 95

#1: It's Either a "Hell Yes" or a "Hell No" 97

#2: Share the Company's Priorities with Your Team 97

#3: Map Out the Best Path for Your Destination Point 98

#4: Every First Week of the Month, Clean Up Your Pipeline 99

#5: Direction > Speed 100

#6: Teach Your Team to Do the Things They Need to Do 100

#7: Make Your Team a Meritocracy 101

#8: Know the Four Key Pillars for the Business Unit 102

#9: Prioritize Tasks and Projects 102

#10: Break Down Large, Hairy Objectives into Small, Doable Tasks 104

#11: Work the Deals That Are Likely to Close First 105

#12: Create a Game Plan the Night Before 106

#13: Constantly Coach 107

#14: Host Effective Team Meetings with Everyone 108

#15: No Meeting Should Last Longer Than 30 Minutes 109

#16: Ask Better Questions 109

#17: Learn Fast and Fail Fast 110

#18: Make Sure Your Reps Take Responsibility for Training 111

#19: Get Great Trainers and Support Them 111

#20: Get Paid or Pay for It 112

#21: Coach Your Team on Specific Tasks 112

#22: Work Where You Can Have the Biggest Impact 112

#23: Big Goals Require Big Resources 113

#24: Give Your Team a Head Start 113

#25: Cut Timelines for Projects in Half 114

#26: Work Hard on the Right Things vs. the Wrong Things 115

#27: Find the Balance Between Helping Others and Maintaining Your Goals 115

#28: Squeeze the Urgency with Your Team 116

#29: Look to New Employees for Fresh Ideas 117

#30: Teach Your Team the Value of Hard Work 118

Month 6: Thriving in Adversity with Resilience, Discipline, and a Growth Mindset 119

#1: Sustain a Positive Mindset (Every. Single. Day.) 121

#2: Do WIT: Whatever It Takes 122

#3: The Riches Are in the Consistent Work Niches 122

#4: Improve by 1% Every Day 123

#5: Growth Comes from Challenges 124

#6: Grit Has Nothing to Do with Winning 125

#7: SDB: "Show, Do, Be" 125

#8: Know Your Worth 126

#9: No One Knows What They Are Doing at First 126

#10: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 127

#11: Teach Your Team That It's "You vs. You" 127

#12: Make Room for Risks 128

#13: As Your Team Changes, Encourage Your People to Be Proactive and Pick Up the Slack 129

#14: Don't Hate, Imitate! 129

#15: Teach the Importance of Curiosity 130

#16: Make Big Issues Seem Small 130

#17: Shoot Your Shot 131

#18: Teach Tenacity 131

#19: Become the Pressure Magnet 132

#20: Teach Coachability 132

#21: Embrace Your Vulnerabilities 133

#22: Ask for In- Person Feedback 133

#23: Never Say "I Can't Do It" 134

#24: Divide and Conquer Big Projects 134

#25: Turn Mistakes Into Learning Lessons 135

#26: Spend Time on Problems vs. Solutions 136

#27: What Do You Need to Do Today? 136

#28: Success Is Uncomfortable 137

#29: Bet on Hard Work, Not Luck 137

#30: Enjoy the Journey 138

Part III: The Keys to Unlocking Your Team's Potential 140

Month 7: The Art of Communication, Transparency, and Active Listening 141

#1: Active Listening Is All-In Leadership 143

#2: Be Transparent 143

#3: Make Your Expectations Crystal Clear 144

#4: Master the Art of Communication 145

#5: Communicate Using Clarity, Purpose, and Trust 146

#6: Become Obsessed with People and How They Think 146

#7: Losing Top Talent Has a Price 147

#8: People Want to Feel Seen and Understood 148

#9: Listen to Your Employees' Problems 148

#10: Make Sure Everyone Is Heard at Meetings 149

#11: Don't Overshare 150

#12: Don't Be a One-Upper: Support the Success and Wins of Your Team 151

#13: What's on Your Mind? 152

#14: Do Not Glorify Burnout 152

#15: Give Your People the Benefit of the Doubt 153

#16: Be Your Biggest Critic 154

#17: Turn Your "Why" into a Passion Statement 154

#18: Open Feedback 155

#19: Empires Are Destroyed from Within 155

#20: Create a "No Excuses" Policy 156

#21: Expect the Best from Your People 100% of the Time 157

#22: Don't Be Afraid to Have Difficult Conversations 158

#23: Develop PIPs 159

#24: Deal with Consistent Underperformance 160

#25: Kill Bad Behaviors ASAP 161

#26: Change Your Perspective on Trading Team Members 161

#27: If You Have Trouble Finding the "Right" Team Members, the Problem May Be You 162

#28: Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem 162

#29: During Stressful Times, Release the Pressure 163

#30: Get Ready to Overcome Resistance When You're Making Waves 164

Month 8: Empowerment, Trust, and Autonomy 165

#1: We've All Been Unqualified at One Point 167

#2: Create a Bigger Purpose 168

#3: Teach Your Team the True Meaning of Happiness 168

#4: Crush All Your Goals with This Framework 169

#5: Ask for Input 169

#6: Make It Safe to Reach Out for Help 170

#7: Always Ask 170

#8: There Are Two Things People Want More Than Money and Power 171

#9: Host Daily Standups 171

#10: The Data Doesn't Lie 172

#11: Ditch Internal Politics 172

#12: Teach Failure 173

#13: Unblock the Blockers 173

#14: See Things Through to the End 174

#15: Bring Them in to Get Buy- In 175

#16: Get Your People Pumped About Your Ideas 176

#17: Turn Your Words Into Actions and Build Trust with Your Employees 176

#18: Autonomy to Create and Innovate 177

#19: The 40-Hour Work Week Is a Myth 178

#20: Leadership Is Hard 179

#21: Sweat More in Practice, Bleed Less in War 179

#22: Becoming Better Is Greater Than Becoming the Best 179

#23: The World Never Wants to Change...Do It Anyway 180

#24: Take a Circular Approach to Teaching 180

#25: Learn from Good and Bad Experiences 181

#26: Positivity Is Possibility 182

#27: Ditch the Criticism and Stick to Potential Opportunities for Improvement 182

#28: Always Stay Teachable 183

#29: Either You're Moving Forward or You're Moving Backward 184

#30: Today the Team Is the Best It's Ever Been and the Worst It Will Ever Be 184

Month 9: Leading Through Change, Uncertainty, and Tough Times 185

#1: Change Your Outlook on Failure 187

#2: Embrace Challenges 187

#3: Embrace the Pain 188

#4: You Can Always Improve 188

#5: Stop Playing the Short Game 189

#6: There's Strength in Change 189

#7: Growth Comes from Discomfort 190

#8: All Employees Fall Into These Two Categories 190

#9: Manage Mediocre Effort Well 191

#10: Mindset Saves the Sinking Ship 191

#11: Pay Attention to the Subtext 191

#12: Find Out Your Team's Weak Spots 192

#13: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone 192

#14: There's No Room for Drama 193

#15: Stop Micromanaging 194

#16: You Can Disagree, Just Do It with Respect 194

#17: Don't Be Mean- Spirited or Disrespectful (Seriously) 195

#18: Tough Times Build Character 196

#19: Rise Up 196

#20: Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Make a Huge Change 196

#21: Make Decisions When You're on Top 197

#22: Your Team's Ideas Have the Potential to Change the World 198

#23: Get in the Trenches with Your Team 199

#24: Ask More Questions 200

#25: Study Feedback Patterns 200

#26: Lead with Empathy When Challenges Arise 201

#27: This Gets in the Way of Taking Responsibility 201

#28: Teach the Definition of Failure 202

#29: Help Your Team Get Unstuck 202

#30: Remind Your People How Unstoppable They Are 203

#31: Have Relentless Optimism 203

Part IV: The Secrets to Developing the Next Generation of Leaders 206

Month 10: The Human Element, Emotional Intelligence, and Soft Skills 207

#1: Recognize the Difference Between Bad Bosses and All-In Leaders 209

#2: Embrace the Greatest Change When You Become a Leader 209

#3: To Hone Your Intuition, You Have to Focus on Your Strengths 210

#4: Never Call Me Your "Boss" 211

#5: Stay True to Yourself 211

#6: Ask Open- Ended Questions 212

#7: Never Be Satisfied with the Status Quo 212

#8: Find Out Your Employees' Communication Style 213

#9: Stop Worrying About Who's Right 213

#10: Show Compassion Through Action 214

#11: Don't Be a Know-It-All 214

#12: It's Time for Leaders to Give a Damn 215

#13: Make Intuition and Data Your Ultimate Drivers 216

#14: Unlock Your Employees' Natural Talents 216

#15: Teach Your Team Mental Health Resilience 217

#16: Remember, Your Employees Could Be Anywhere Else 217

#17: Encourage a Work-Life Balance 218

#18: People Don't Choose a Job, They Choose a Boss 219

#19: Treat Your People Like Family, Not Quotas 220

#20: Look to Shared Experiences to Build Relationships 220

#21: Stand Up, Stand Out 221

#22: Put Yourself in Your Boss' Shoes 222

#23: "I'm Just Being Honest" Doesn't Give You a License to Be a Jerk 222

#24: Embrace What Sets You Apart 223

#25: Be Fully Present at Meetings 223

#26: Always Exude High Emotional Intelligence 224

#27: Never Make Your Employees Feel Dumb 224

#28: When You Care Less About Your People, Your People Become Careless 225

#29: Do What You Say and Say What You Do 225

#30: Let Someone Know You're Proud of Them 226

Month 11: Leading Diverse Teams and Fostering Continuous Learning 227

#1: Don't Let Differences Keep You from Gold 229

#2: Learn to Lead 230

#3: Recognize When You're at the Top of Your Leadership Game 230

#4: Your Reputation Is Everything 231

#5: Share Your Number-One Goal as a Leader 231

#6: Go Above and Beyond 232

#7: Always Have Five Minutes for Your Team 232

#8: Figure Out What Your Team Needs and How You Can Help 233

#9: Customize Your One- on- Ones 233

#10: Get Your People Sold on the Product and the Company 234

#11: Invest Your Resources to Maximize Employees' Success 235

#12: Nip Your Insecurities in the Bud 236

#13: Overcome Imposter Syndrome 236

#14: Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself 237

#15: You Are Limitless 237

#16: Live with an Abundance Mindset 238

#17: Build Your Own Leadership Tribe 239

#18: You Can Always Learn Something New to Do Better 239

#19: Break the Rules 240

#20: Learn When to Best Use Your Time 240

#21: Never Be an Entitled Leader 241

#22: Strength vs. Weakness 241

#23: Make It Their Idea Rather Than Yours 242

#24: Help Your People Feel Safe 242

#25: Pay More Attention to What People Do, Not What They Say 243

#26: If You Bring Value to Your Team, You Will Be Valued 243

#27: Don't Expect Your Team to Work Harder Than You 244

#28: Teach Your Team to Invest in Their Own Self-Development 244

#29: Surround Yourself with the Greatest Talent 245

#30: Become the Leader You Wished You Had 245

#31: Invest in Yourself Continuously 246

Month 12: Developing Future Leaders, Coaching, and Succession Planning 247

#1: Every Employee Is a Diamond in the Rough 249

#2: Get Your Team to Invest in Their Success 249

#3: Lead with Purpose Rather Than Desire 250

#4: Coach Your Managers to Become Great Leaders 251

#5: Break Free from Micromanagement 251

#6: Use These Three Key Factors to Spot a Potential Leader 252

#7: Get Obsessed with Becoming a World-Class Coach 253

#8: Run Coaching Sessions That Leave Employees Empowered 254

#9: Make the Most of Your Top Talent Before They Go Somewhere Else 255

#10: Even If You Outsource Training, Executing Coaching Is Your Job 255

#11: Use Data to Prioritize Coaching 256

#12: Increase Your Coaching Time 256

#13: Train Your Team to Be the CEO of Their Business 257

#14: Unlock Your Employees' Greatest Motivators 258

#15: Motivate Your People to Want to Work With Passion 259

#16: Give Feedback Right Away 259

#17: Make Your Monthly Review an Opportunity for Reflection and Strategy 260

#18: Conduct Annual Reviews That Fuel Growth 261

#19: Focus on High Potentials 262

#20: Create Promotion Ladders for Every Position 263

#21: Teach Employees How to Get Ahead 264

#22: Take on the Role Before You Actually Have the Position 264

#23: Don't Wait to Promote 265

#24: Be Intentional with Your Compliments 265

#25: Anytime Someone Gets Promoted, Personally Call Them to Congratulate Them 266

#26: Ask the Team, "What Did You Learn Today?" 267

#27: Get a Progress Partner 267

#28: You Are Never Too Important 268

#29: You Are in Control 269

#30: Speak Success Into Existence 269

Conclusion 271

About the Author 275

Index 277
"The Power of Going All-In is a testament to the transformative potential of unwavering commitment and decisive action in leadership. Brandon's pragmatic approach to success, drawn from personal experience and conveyed with contagious enthusiasm, serves as an invaluable guide for those poised to take the leap towards their ambitions. Through this book, Brandon not only inspires, but provides a roadmap for anyone eager to harness the grit and resilience necessary for profound professional and personal growth. It's a compelling read for aspiring leaders ready to commit fully to their journey."
--Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

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--Anthony Iannarino, author of Elite Sales Strategies

"As a leader of a growing company committed to excellence, I was looking for an actionable, digestible playbook I can use to take my team to the next level. Brandon Bornancin has written that playbook in The Power of Going All-In, and for that I'm extremely grateful. As he shares in the book - 'Going all in is not an option, it's a requirement.' If you are a leader who is serious about driving powerful results and leaving a legacy for yourself, your company and your team, this book is required reading."
--Elyse Archer, Founder and CEO, She Sells and Superhuman Selling

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"This book absolutely blew me away with how impactful it was, each chapter left me feeling motivated and ready to go all in! Brandon has writtena book that I have no doubt will be one of the top success books for years and years to come and will be a go-to resource for leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, salespeople, everyone looking to achieve success in their lives. Every principle listed in this book is spot on, every strategy powerful and every story that Brandon shares is both insightful and inspiring. This book is written in a way that makes it super easy to follow and more importantly easy to apply. I can tell you one thing for sure, everyone who reads this book is going to be inspired, motivated and equipped to achieve success in any part of their life if they're willing to go all in. Bravo Brandon on writing such a powerful book."
--Daniel Disney, bestselling author of The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide
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