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Marketing Research

Kumar, V. / Leone, Robert P. / Aaker, David A. / Day, George S.


13. Edition August 2020
768 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-49758-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Marketing Research, 13th Edition presents a clear and comprehensive introduction to the field, with a strong focus on methodologies and the role of market research in strategic decision making. Employing a unique macro-micro-macro approach, the text begins with a broad overview of market research and its place within--and value to--an organization, before zooming in to detail the granular view of the research process. Step-by-step explanations cover the latest methodologies and current practices, highlighting advanced techniques as well as their limitations and potential benefits, followed by a high-level discussion of research applications.

An emphasis on real-world processes is underscored by end-of-chapter cases, allowing students to apply what they've learned in the context of real-life examples covering a broad range of products and organizations. This practical approach promotes engagement while building essential critical analysis, interpretation, and decision-making skills, preparing students to recognize potential research applications, alternatives where they exist, and the quality of research at hand. By pulling together market intelligence, strategy, theory, and application, this text helps students build a deep understanding while retaining the big picture perspective.

Part I The Nature and Scope of Marketing Research

1 A Decision-Making Perspective on Marketing Intelligence 1

2 Marketing Research in Practice 30

3 The Marketing Research Process 47

4 Research Design and Implementation 71

Part II Data Collection

Section A: Secondary and Exploratory Research

5 Secondary Sources of Marketing Data 98

6 Standardized Sources of Marketing Data 123

7 Marketing Research on the Internet 147

8 Information Collection: Qualitative and Observational Methods 173

Section B: Descriptive Research

9 Information from Respondents: Issues in Data Collection 209

10 Information from Respondents: Survey Methods 226

11 Attitude Measurement 255

12 Designing the Questionnaire 284

Section C: Causal Research

13 Experimentation 313

Section D: Sampling

14 Sampling Fundamentals 344

15 Sample Size and Statistical Theory 372

Part III Data Analysis

16 Fundamentals of Data Analysis 396

17 Hypothesis Testing: Basic Concepts and Tests of Associations 416

18 Hypothesis Testing: Means and Proportions 435

Part IV Special Topics in Data Analysis

19 Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis 461

20 Discriminant, Factor, and Cluster Analysis 491

21 Multidimensional Scaling and Conjoint Analysis 533

22 Presenting the Results 556

Part V Applications of Marketing Intelligence

23 Marketing-Mix Measures 571

24 Brand and Customer Metrics 613

25 New Age Strategies 635

Appendix A 673

Glossary 699

Index 717
David A. Aaker is professor of Marketing, Emeritus at the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley. He is a leading expert on brand strategy and strategic marketing. He is the author of over seven books for both the practioner and the student of marketing.

V. Kumar, University of Houston; R. P. Leone, Texas Christian University; D. A. Aaker, University of California, Berkeley; G. S. Day, University of Toronto