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The Ultimate LinkedIn Messaging Guide

How to Use Written, Audio, Video and InMail Messages to Start More Conversations and Increase Sales

Disney, Daniel


1. Edition March 2023
304 Pages, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-394-18522-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Get people to read, listen to, and watch your LinkedIn messages

The Ultimate LinkedIn Messaging Guide is for salespeople, businesses, recruiters, and LinkedIn users who struggle to get replies and results on the essential business platform. In this book, author Daniel Disney shows you just how powerful LinkedIn can be when you figure out how to do it right. You'll discover how to use LinkedIn messages to get noticed by employers, get attention to your business, and close deals. When you master LinkedIn messaging with the proven tips inside this book, you'll be able to start more conversations, create more opportunities and drive more sales and revenue.

What you're looking for is out there - if you know how to reach the people who can help. But in this age of information overload, no one will respond to a spammy message, call, or e-mail. You need to stand out and prove that you're legitimate. In this book, you'll find real examples of successful messages, as well as over 50 message templates and scripts for written, audio, video and InMail messages. There are also QR codes throughout the book that take you to recorded examples of video and audio messages so you can see and hear them in action.
* Learn how to send personalised connection requests and LinkedIn messages that prompt people to talk to you
* Discover tips for building your network and reaching the decision makers at any company
* Leverage the power of audio and video messages to connect more effectively on LinkedIn
* Follow up and convert replies into sales, job offers, and high-value relationships

If you've struggled to get noticed, meet the right people, and close deals, The Ultimate LinkedIn Messaging Guide is the tool you need to turn it around.


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Part 1: Prospecting With Messages

Chapter 1 - Motivation To Message

Chapter 2 - The Prospecting Maze

Chapter 3 - Outbound Social Selling

Part 2: Research & Personalisation

Chapter 4 - Why Aren't People Replying?

Chapter 5 - Research & Personalisation

Chapter 6 - The One Thing To Avoid

Chapter 7 - No One Likes Spam Messages

Part 3: LinkedIn Messaging Thoughts

Chapter 8 - InMail VS Message

Chapter 9 - When To Send Messages

Chapter 10 - One Size Doesn't Fit All

Part 4: Written LinkedIn Messages

Chapter 11 - The Seven-Figure LinkedIn Message

Chapter 12 - 25 Written Sales Message Templates

Chapter 13 - Top Tips

Part 5: Audio LinkedIn Messages

Chapter 14 - Audio Voice Notes On LinkedIn

Chapter 15 - How & When To Send Audio Messages

Chapter 16 - The Two Most Important Components

Chapter 17 - Ten Audio Sales Message Scripts

Part 6: Video LinkedIn Messages

Chapter 18 - Video Messages On LinkedIn

Chapter 19 - From Video To Sale In 24 Hours

Chapter 20 - Ten Video Sales Message Scripts

Part 7: InMail Messages On Sales Navigator

Chapter 21 - InMail Messages On LinkedIn

Chapter 22 - InMail Subject Lines

Chapter 23 - Ten InMail Sales Templates

Part 8: Follow Up, Replies & Converting To Sales

Chapter 24 - What If They Don't Reply?

Chapter 25 - Pick Up The Phone

Chapter 26 - Conversation To Opportunity

Part 9: Bonus Chapters

Chapter 27 - Pipeline Will Always Be King

Chapter 28 - Ten Big LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Tips

Chapter 29 - Social Selling Top Tips

Chapter 30 - Building A Strong LinkedIn Profile

Chapter 31 - Cold Calling Is Like Blockbuster

Chapter 32 - Social Selling In 15 Minutes

Chapter 33 - The ABC's Of Social Selling

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Daniel Disney is an internationally renowned LinkedIn and social selling trainer and sales author. He is an expert in achieving lead generation, pipeline development and revenue growth via social media messaging and has been voted the most influential sales expert on LinkedIn.