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Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

Krasniak, Michelle / Zimmerman, Jan / Ng, Deborah


5. Edition June 2021
784 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-69687-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Get social with the bestselling social media marketing book

No person can ignore social media these days--and no business can afford to ignore it either. Our lives are mediated through the flicker of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram--and brands are increasingly interwoven with our online identities. Even for the 90% of marketers who interact with social media regularly, its pace and scale can be confusing to the point of distraction. Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies helps you take a step back, make sense of the noise, and get your brand voice heard over the babble--in the way you want it to be.

These nine mini-books in one give you essential, straightforward, and friendly guidance on how to use the major social platforms to promote your business, engage your customers, and use feedback to make your product or service the best that it can be. From evaluating the right social mix and planning your strategy to the really fun stuff--like creating videos on Snapchat and TikTok, diving deep on a podcast, or looking pretty on Pinterest--you'll find everything you need to get your social ducks in a row and say the right things. And once the campaign is over, you can follow the guidance here to evaluate success and iterate on your approach, before getting right back out there for an even bigger second bite.
* Keep up with the latest changes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more
* Blend your social side with your traditional marketing presence
* Become more engaging and metric your success
* Get to know your fans with user data

Wherever you're coming from--social media strategist, site manager, marketer, or something else--social media is where your customers are. This book shows you how to be there, too.

Introduction 1

Book 1: The Social Media Mix 5

Chapter 1: Making the Business Case for Social Media 7

Chapter 2: Tallying the Bottom Line 27

Chapter 3: Plotting Your Social Media Marketing Strategy 47

Chapter 4: Managing Your Cybersocial Campaign 69

Book 2: Cybersocial Tools 89

Chapter 1: Discovering Helpful Tech Tools 91

Chapter 2: Leveraging SEO for Improved Visibility 115

Chapter 3: Optimizing Social Media for Internal and External Searches 147

Chapter 4: Using Social Bookmarks, News, and Share Buttons 171

Book 3: Content Marketing 193

Chapter 1: Growing Your Brand with Content 195

Chapter 2: Exploring Content-Marketing Platforms 205

Chapter 3: Developing a Content-Marketing Strategy 233

Chapter 4: Getting Your Content to the Masses 245

Book 4: Twitter 255

Chapter 1: Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool 257

Chapter 2: Using Twitter as a Networking Tool 271

Chapter 3: Finding the Right Twitter Tools 287

Chapter 4: Social Listening with Twitter 299

Chapter 5: Hosting Twitter Chat 305

Book 5: Facebook 319

Chapter 1: Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool 321

Chapter 2: Creating and Sharing Content on Facebook 343

Chapter 3: Advertising and Selling on Facebook 361

Chapter 4: Streaming Live Video on Facebook 373

Book 6: LinkedIn 383

Chapter 1: Promoting Yourself with LinkedIn 385

Chapter 2: Promoting Your Business with LinkedIn 403

Chapter 3: Using LinkedIn as a Content Platform 421

Book 7: Getting Visual 431

Chapter 1: Pinning Down Pinterest 433

Chapter 2: Snapchatting It Up! 465

Chapter 3: Getting Started with Instagram 485

Chapter 4: TikTok(ing) Around the Clock 507

Chapter 5: Watching and Listening: Videos, Podcasts, and Your Brand 519

Book 8: Other Social Media Marketing Sites 533

Chapter 1: Weighing the Business Benefits of Minor Social Sites 535

Chapter 2: Maximizing Stratified Social Communities 547

Chapter 3: Profiting from Mid-Size Social Media Channels 575

Chapter 4: Integrating Social Media 583

Chapter 5: Advertising on Social Media 601

Book 9: Measuring Results and Building on Success 629

Chapter 1: Delving into Data 631

Chapter 2: Analyzing Content-Sharing Metrics 645

Chapter 3: Analyzing Twitter Metrics 659

Chapter 4: Analyzing Facebook Metrics 669

Chapter 5: Measuring Other Social Media Networks 677

Chapter 6: Comparing Metrics from Different Marketing Techniques 687

Chapter 7: Making Decisions by the Numbers 707

Index 721
Michelle Krasniak helps clients all over the world develop and execute successful content and social media marketing strategies. With over 20 years of experience as a content creator, she brings to the table a unique combination of creativity and business acumen.

Jan Zimmerman is the owner of Watermelon Mountain Web Marketing and has helped businesses of all sizes use online marketing and social media tools for more than 15 years.

Deborah Ng is a professional blogger and social media enthusiast who grew her writing blog into the number one online community for freelance writers before selling in 2010.