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Nonprofit Bookkeeping & Accounting For Dummies

Loughran, Maire / Farris, Sharon


2. Edition October 2023
384 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-20601-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Beginner-friendly information you need to successfully manage finances in a not-for-profit organization

Nonprofit Bookkeeping & Accounting For Dummies is a helpful guide for anyone who is responsible for financial and accounting operations in nonprofit organizations or needs to read and understand a nonprofit financial statement. It includes information on the basics of nonprofit bookkeeping, general nonprofit accounting principles, basic financial statements, and specific laws and regulations that govern the accounting of nonprofit organizations. With the simple guidance in this book, you'll learn how to keep accurate books in accordance with state and federal laws, even if your professional background isn't in finance.
* Learn the basics of bookkeeping and accounting, including common terminology
* Choose the right accounting methods and software for your organization
* Apply for, track, and account for federal grants and other grant money
* Set up payroll accounts, complete tax forms, and navigate the audit process

Nonprofit Bookkeeping & Accounting For Dummies is the perfect, easy-to-use resource for nonprofit managers and volunteers who need to learn complex rules and regulations that govern nonprofit accounting and bookkeeping procedures.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Accounting and Bookkeeping Nonprofit-Style 5

Chapter 1: Introducing Nonprofit Bookkeeping and Accounting 7

Chapter 2: Starting with Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting 27

Chapter 3: Introducing Financial Statements 43

Chapter 4: Keeping Accurate Accounting Records 59

Part 2: Balancing Your Nonprofit's Books 75

Chapter 5: Setting Up the Chart of Accounts for Nonprofits 77

Chapter 6: Recording Accounting Transactions 89

Chapter 7: Keeping Tabs on Your Checking Account 101

Chapter 8: Starting with Manual Bookkeeping 117

Chapter 9: Advancing into Nonprofit Accounting Software 133

Chapter 10: Balancing Cash Flow with an Operating Budget 153

Part 3: Accounting for Nonprofit Situations 169

Chapter 11: Introducing Federal Grants 171

Chapter 12: Tracking and Accounting for Federal Dollars 187

Chapter 13: Staying in Nonprofit Compliance 209

Chapter 14: Preparing for an Audit 221

Chapter 15: Accounting for Payroll and Payroll Taxes 245

Chapter 16: Doing the Accounting for Tax Form 990 265

Part 4: Wrapping Up the Books 277

Chapter 17: Analyzing the Statement of Activities 279

Chapter 18: Reporting Financial Position 291

Chapter 19: Eyeing the Statement of Cash Flows 305

Chapter 20: Organizing the Statement of Functional Expense 315

Chapter 21: Closing the Nonprofit Books 325

Part 5: The Part of Tens 339

Chapter 22: Ten Important Things to Know When Keeping a Nonprofit's Books 341

Chapter 23: Ten Tips for Keeping Your Nonprofit Viable 349

Index 355
Maire Loughran, CPA, is an accountant and auditor with 20 years of experience as a full, adjunct accounting professor. She is author of Financial Accounting For Dummies, Auditing For Dummies, and Intermediate Accounting For Dummies.