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Rejecting Bias, Igniting Change, Celebrating Inclusion

Borrero, Nellie


1. Edition March 2024
256 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-23987-0
John Wiley & Sons

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A pioneering warrior for diversity and inclusion shows how to make game-changing moves that will benefit you and your organization alike

When Nellie Borrero joined Accenture, bigotry and bias went unnoticed and unchecked; it was simply the workplace norm. Now, 35+ years later, this first-generation Latina shares how she led diversity strategy and developed award-winning inclusion and diversity programs that transformed Accenture into the #1 ranked employer for inclusion, diversity, and equity.

In Unwavering, Borrero draws on her experiences with remarkable candor and courage to inspire you to think bigger, know your value, and show up with it everywhere, every day. She reveals how to remove barriers and claim space not just for yourself but for others as well. You'll become aware of:
* Biases that negatively impact professionals of color
* Recognizing that belonging and uniqueness don't have to be at odds
* Standing up and standing out: taking your career from the margins to center stage
* What to do when mentoring fails--and the power of embracing and accepting help
* Staying true to yourself when your values collide with reality
* Showing up strategically, intentionally asserting yourself, and competing

A manifesto for understanding and action, Unwavering provides a proven framework for how to create transformational relationships that make diversity and inclusion an integral part of your success and your company's competitive advantage.

Foreword xv

Introduction The Power of One Question 1

My Early Days 3

Recognizing the Limits to Reaching My Full Potential 7

Answering the Uncomfortable Question 12

Chapter 1 The Complexities of Finding Belonging 17

Cultural Collisions 20

Belonging 23

Prejudice and Racism in the Workplace 25

Defining Moments 31

Speak Up for Yourself 33

Waiting for Permission 37

What It's Like to Experience Belonging 40

Questions for Consideration 41

Chapter 2 The Constant Work Against Marginalization 43

Marginalization in Action 46

Comfort Zone for Whom? 51

The Marginalization Effect 53

Taking Back Your Power 54

The Senior Level Is Not a Shield 57

Questions for Consideration 60

Chapter 3 Understand Your Power; Claim Your Worth 61

Control the Narrative 66

Choose Yourself 75

Bet on Your Value 77

Boosting Your Power 81

Know Your Worth 84

Questions for Consideration 86

Chapter 4 Choosing to Lead with an Inclusive Mindset 87

Access Granted, But Not Ready 91

Mentoring: An Investment and a Reward 95

Become the Best Ally You Can Be 99

A Culture of Belonging 110

Questions for Consideration 110

Chapter 5 The Push-Pull of Personal and Professional Demands 111

My New, Negatively Perceived Label:

Divorced, Single Working Mom 114

Tapping into the Village 117

Beautiful and Challenging Surprises 119

Choices 127

Adapt to the Unplanned 130

Integrate Mindfully 133

Questions for Consideration 134

Chapter 6 Asserting Yourself Through Your Brand 135

My Brand of Courage 137

Integrating Your Brand with Your Power 139

Different Setting, Same Brand 142

Setting Boundaries by Recognizing Your Brand 144

Bring Everyone In, Lift Everyone Up 147

Questions for Consideration 149

Chapter 7 Solving for Self and Clients: Assessing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 151

The Four Pillars of the DE&I Maturity Framework 157

The Maturity Framework in Action 161

We Can't Afford "Diversity Fatigue" 163

Voices Amplified for Social Justice and Human Rights 167

Building a More Inclusive Environment One Relationship at a Time 171

Questions for Consideration 172

Chapter 8 Network Like It's Your Own Dance Floor 173

Relationship Building 179

Opportunity Squandered 182

Help Me Understand 186

The Power of Elevating External Organizational Relationships 188

Questions for Consideration 190

Chapter 9 I Am Where I Earned to Be 191

Own It! 194

Now What? 199

Compete Is Not a Dirty Word 202

Are You Really Empowered? 206

Acknowledgments 211

About the Author 215

Index 221
NELLIE BORRERO is a Managing Director and Senior Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Strategic Advisor at Accenture. She is an award-winning DEI advocate and professional who works with leaders and teams to increase their ability to create a working environment where all people belong.