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ESG Investing For Dummies

Bradley, Brendan


1. Edition June 2021
368 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-77109-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Your guide to investing for a more sustainable world

Investing in one's own future has always been a good financial move. But what if you want to ensure that the companies you have a financial interest in are also helping to improve the present and future of all of us--and of the planet? More than ever before, sustainable investors want to be confident that a company's Environmental (net zero emissions target), Social (response to the Covid-19 pandemic), and Governance (no repeats of Enron and WorldCom) policies and actions are positively impacting the global outlook--and to identify ways that their dollar can incentivize business leaders to do even better. The worldwide rise of an Environmental, Socially Responsible, and Governance (ESG) approach to investing shows you're not alone, and the $30+ trillion--and growing--committed in this way says it's already become a transformative global movement. ESG provides a framework for evaluating companies that, unlike unrelated investment strategies, informs and guides sustainable investment.

Even if you're a novice investor, ESG For Dummies will allow you to hit this new investing landscape running, providing you with measurable ways to factor ESG into company performance, see how these are reflected in your investment return, and show how you can monitor companies to ensure your money is being put to ethical use. You'll also become familiar with the big names to follow in the ESG world, how they're already effecting positive change, and how you can help.
* Identify the drivers for each category of ESG
* Define and measure material ESG factors for investing success
* Understand principles for building a diversified sustainable portfolio
* Recognize material ESG factors effect on company performance

ESG investing introduces powerful tools to do real and lasting good: this book shows you how to use them to help make everyone's future, including your own, much more secure.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting to Know ESG 5

Chapter 1: Entering the World of ESG Investing 7

Chapter 2: Back to the Future: Understanding the Evolution and Growth of ESG Investing 23

Chapter 3: Give Me an 'E'! Defining the Environmental Sector in ESG 45

Chapter 4: Give Me an 'S'! Investigating the Social Aspects of ESG 63

Chapter 5: Give Me a 'G'! Decoding the Governance Component of ESG 83

Chapter 6: Highlighting Corporate Greenwashing 107

Part 2: Investing in ESG through Different Instruments 117

Chapter 7: Approaches to ESG Investing 119

Chapter 8: Analyzing Equity-Based Instruments 133

Chapter 9: ESG and Fixed Income Instruments 157

Chapter 10: Exploring Derivative and Alternative Instruments 177

Chapter 11: Highlighting Geographical Differences in ESG Investing 195

Part 3: Applying ESG Philosophy 215

Chapter 12: Creating Value through ESG for Corporations 217

Chapter 13: Devising an ESG Policy 233

Chapter 14: Defining and Measuring ESG Performance and Reporting 249

Chapter 15: Elaborating the ESG Endgame 269

Part 4: The Part of Tens 285

Chapter 16: Ten Frequently Asked Questions for an ESG Approach 287

Chapter 17: Ten Issues Surrounding ESG Portfolio Construction 297

Chapter 18: Ten Factors Influencing the Growth of ESG Investing 307

Appendix: Great Resources for ESG Investing 319

Index 327
Brendan Bradley is co-author of FinTech For Dummies. He fosters and develops support for new ­investment areas, including AI-assisted research for automated modeling and transforming ­unstructured financial content in the ESG ecosystem.