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Embedded Finance

When Payments Become An Experience

Sieber, Scarlett / Guibaud, Sophie


1. Edition May 2022
256 Pages, Hardcover
General Reading

ISBN: 978-1-119-89105-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Embedded finance is here and having global impact. Are you ready for it?

In Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience, veteran growth strategists, entrepreneurs, and fintech disruptors Scarlett Sieber and Sophie Guibaud deliver a thought-provoking and page-turning discussion on the most impactful and exciting trend of fintech yet: embedded finance. In the book, you'll explore the past, present, and future of fintech, from how embedded finance is being leveraged today by industry heavyweights like Google and Amazon to supercharge their customers' experience to the offerings of smaller, niche players who stand poised to dominate their own corners of the market as their answer unmet customers' needs.

The authors present:

* Practical examples around the world of how embedded finance is being used today by technology companies and brands to redefine our online and offline retail experiences as we know them

* The key trends, players, and technologies that are paving the way for embedded finance to take a dominant position in our lives

* The role, opportunities, and strategies for banks, technology companies and brands, providing them with all necessary tools to define their own embedded finance strategy

* The impact of embedded finance on society, consumers, companies, and the economy as a whole, highlighting the dominant force that is embedded finance for our future

* An exciting view of how our day-to-day lives will look like in 2030, powered by embedded finance

An indispensable and eye-opening exploration of one of the most exciting and influential technologies in development today, Embedded Finance details a revolution in financial services, banking, and technology that has already begun. Are you ready?

Chapter 1: The Next Financial Revolutiona

Chapter 2: The Origins of Embedded Finance

Chapter 3: Big Tech & Beyond

Chapter 4: Embedded Finance in the Offline World

Chapter 5: The Right Ingredients Are Now in Place

Chapter 6: A More Sustainable & Equal World

Chapter 7: 2030: How Embedded Finance Takes Over the World


About the Author(s)

"The next phase of insurance is going to see two directions: embedding insurance into real-world services that can be delivered or accessed digitally, and incorporating real world services as features or benefits into insurance products. Integrated digital providers have shown the path by redefining industry boundaries and bringing together value propositions in a powerful way."

--JONATHAN LARSEN, Chief Innovation Officer, Ping An

"Scarlett's and Sophie's combined backgrounds give them a unique perspective into the future of this space. Their strategic thinking, operational excellence and deep understanding of key players and technologies afford them background knowledge that few people have mastered. If you want to master it, too, read their book."


"Embedding is not an incremental step forward, it's actually transformative. Eventually it's going to sound goofy to say you're a fintech company when such a large percentage of all technology companies and brands are leveraging embedded financial services. Getting to know about embedded finance is a must for tech and brand executives, and this book is a good place to start."

--MATT HARRIS, Partner, Bain Capital Ventures
SCARLETT SIEBER is Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Money20/20, the fintech industry's largest gathering place globally. She is a Senior Advisor to NASA and has a decorated career spanning across financial services and technology. She is a regularly invited contributor to Forbes and The Financial Brand.

SOPHIE GUIBAUD is the co-founder and Chief Commercial and Growth Officer at Fiat Republic, a compliance-first banking and payments API for crypto platforms. She has been a trailblazer of embedded finance, having spent the last ten years designing and executing the go-to market strategy of Banking-as-a-Service and embedded finance propositions in several industries.