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CFDs For Dummies, Australian Edition

Land, David


320 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-74216-939-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Created especially for the Australian customer!

Take advantage of the bestfeatures of theseversatilederivatives

CFDs enable you to have control over a wide variety of financialproducts for just a fraction of their underlying value. But withtheir potential for higher return also comes higher risk. CFDsFor Dummies gives you clear advice on how to make the most ofthese exciting products -- while managing your risk at alltimes.
* Diversify your portfolio and increase your trading opportunities-- trade across various financial instruments, includingshares, foreign exchange, indices and commodities, within Australiaand internationally
* Use stop loss orders and position sizing -- manage yourrisk by knowing how much you stand to lose if you get a tradewrong, before you even open it
* Develop your trading strategy -- analyse your tradingbehaviour, develop a trading plan and track your progress
* Work out short- and longer-term trading strategies -- holdyour positions open for only a few hours, or over severalmonths
* Take advantage of short selling strategies -- make profitsin a falling market, or hedge your overall portfolio againstshort-term losses

Open the book and find:
* How much to leverage your trading account
* How to manage trading across different time zones -- andget some sleep!
* Strategies to invest in commodity CFDs such as oil CFDs and goldCFDs
* Ways announcements and news releases can affect prices --and how you can manage this through your trading strategy
* How technical analysis can help you identify tradingopportunities
* Whether you really need to spend a lot of money on your chartingsoftware


Part I: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Deciding Whether CFD Trading Is For You.

Chapter 2: Setting Yourself Up for Success.

Chapter 3: Making the Most of CFD Trading.

Part II: Touring the CFD Marketplace.

Chapter 4: Exploring Share CFDs.

Chapter 5: Taking on the World of Foreign Exchange.

Chapter 6: Following the Big Guns: Index CFDs.

Chapter 7: Venturing into Commodities and Interest RateProducts.

Part III: Keeping Risk Under Control.

Chapter 8: Managing Risk Is Your Key to Trading Survival .

Chapter 9: Position Sizing.

Part IV: Trading Strategies.

Chapter 10: Making Informed Decisions Based on the Economy.

Chapter 11: Understanding Trading Methods.

Chapter 12: Taking Lessons from Hedge Funds.

Chapter 13: Ah! Technical Analysis.

Chapter 14: Charting CFDs with Software.

Part V: Knowing Where You're Going.

Chapter 15: Analysing Your Trading Behaviour.

Chapter 16: Developing a Trading Plan.

Chapter 17: Tracking Your Progress.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Common Mistakes Beginners Make When TradingCFDs.

Chapter 19: Ten Lessons for Dealing with Leverage.

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Plan Your Trades.


David Land has been involved in the financial markets for well over a decade, working in stockbroking, analysis and education. He is a regular commentator on market conditions and trading and investing strategy, and holds a Master of Applied Finance from the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre.