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The PD Book

7 Habits that Transform Professional Development

Aguilar, Elena / Cohen, Lori


1. Edition May 2022
304 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-84335-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Develop transformational professional development programs that build and sustain your school community

In The PD Book, bestselling author Elena Aguilar and co-author Lori Cohen offer seven habits--and a wealth of practical tools--that help you transform professional development. In this book, you'll learn how to inspire adult learners, the importance of having clear purpose, and how to navigate power dynamics in a group. You'll also learn a new way to plan PD that allows you to attend to details and be a responsive facilitator. The dozens of tips and tricks, anecdotes and research, and tools and resources will enable you to create the optimal conditions for learning.

You'll also:
* Craft effective outcomes for your adult students and design an agenda that aligns with adult learning principles
* Use storytelling as a tool for effective workshops and trainings
* Plan backwards from evaluations and outcomes to create powerful and lasting educational experiences

Ideal for educational leaders and administrators, professional development facilitators, coaches, and positional leaders in both K-12 and higher education, The PD Book is an incisive resource offering concrete strategies for educators at all levels.

About the Authors



* Pulling Back the Curtain

* Defining Professional Development

* What Is in This Book

* Who You Are and Who We Are

* What if PD Could Be More Like a Party?

Chapter 1: Determine Purpose

* Dismantling PD Apathy

* Purpose: The Foundation for Transformational Learning

* Create Purposeful Plans

* Communicate: Make the Learning Matter

* Putting It All Together

* Assessing Impact

Chapter 2: Engage Emotions

* What you Need to Know about Emotions to Deliver Transformative PD

* Grumpiness, Pet Peeves and Triggers

* Creating Psychological Safety

* Mitigating Dominant Culture: Creating Safe-ish Spaces

Chapter 3: Navigate Power

* Sources of Power

* Leveraging Power

* The Impact of Power

* Possibilities for Navigating Power

* How to Dissolve Resistance

* Start and End with Relationships

Chapter 4: Anchor in Adult Learning

* You Can't Make People Learn

* Adult Learning Theory 101

* Adult Learning in the Virtual World

* You Can Create The Conditions For Learning

Chapter 5: Design Intentionally

* Tools for Intentional Design

* A Process for Intentional Design

* Mitigate the Dominant Culture in Design

Chapter 6: Attend to the Details

* Details Matter to Learning

* Long-term Planning: Get Ready

* Short-term Planning: Finalize the Details

* The Day of: Go Time

* Post-Event: Leave Things Better than You Found Them

Chapter 7: Facilitate Adaptively

* Detours Happen

* When Harm Happens

* The Roots of Adaptive Facilitation: Know Yourself

* Becoming an Adaptive Facilitator: Skill Sets to Refine

* Addressing PD Detours

* Reimagining What's Possible


Appendix A: The Core Emotions

Appendix B: Nonviolent Communication Needs

Appendix C: What-Why-How Agenda Template

Appendix D: Structures for Virtual Learning

Appendix E: Checklist for Attending to Details

Appendix F: Resources for Further Learning



ELENA AGUILAR is Founderand President of Bright Morning Consulting, an international education, coaching, and consulting firm that offers new learning practices to organizations that aspire to build resilient communities and a just and equitable world. She has twenty years' experience as a classroom teacher and instructional and leadership coach.

LORI COHEN has over twenty years' experience working in public and independent schools as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, administrator, and workshop facilitator. She designs practical and portable learning experiences and facilitates sessions with a strong infusion of humor and heart.