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The Syntax Workbook

A Companion to Carnie's Syntax

Carnie, Andrew

Introducing Linguistics


2. Edition April 2021
304 Pages, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-56929-9
John Wiley & Sons

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A valuable companion to Andrew Carnie's Syntax: A Generative Introduction, 4th Edition, full of practice questions and engaging exercises to promote student comprehension

Syntax: A Generative Introduction, Fourth Edition, is the leading textbook for undergraduate courses in the syntax, covering foundational topics such as universal grammar, parts of speech, constituency, trees, structural relations, binding theory, x-bar theory, and movement, as well as advanced subjects such as control theory, ellipsis, polysynthesis, incorporation, non-configurationality, and Merge. Written by Syntax author Andrew Carnie, The Syntax Workbook has been purposefully designed to support and complement the use of Syntax in the undergraduate classroom. The Syntax Workbook is the perfect companion to the author's seminal textbook and contains updated practice material for every section of the text. This workbook:
* Includes exercises, practice questions, data analysis, and knowledge application questions for each section in Syntax: A Generative Introduction, Fourth Edition
* Features exercises and questions with full answers and explanations to assist students in learning to apply theory to practice
* Has been authored by leading figure in syntax Andrew Carnie to support classroom usage of Syntax: A Generative Introduction, Fourth Edition
* Works in concert with a student companion website, offering a robust selection of learning tools for the classroom

Ideal for undergraduate courses in syntax, Syntax: A Generative Introduction, Fourth Edition, and The Syntax Workbook, Second Edition, together offer a perfect combination of thorough coverage and valuable practice. The workbook can be purchased on its own or in a set with the textbook.

Available as a set with Syntax: A Generative Introduction, 4th Edition

Preface and Acknowledgments vii

Part 1 Preliminaries 1

1 Generative Grammar 3

2 Parts of Speech 11

3 Constituency, Trees, and Rules 21

4 Structural Relations 61

5 Binding Theory 71

Part 2 The Base 79

6 X-bar Theory 81

7 Extending X-bar Theory to Functional Categories 137

8 Constraining X-bar: Theta Theory 165

9 Theta Grids and Functional Categories 175

Part 3 Movement 185

10 Head-to-Head Movement 187

11 DP Movement 199

12 Wh-movement and Locality Constraints 217

13 A Unified Theory of Movement 235

Part 4 Advanced Topics 239

14 Ditransitives 241

15 Raising, Control, and Empty Categories 251

16 Ellipsis 263

17 Advanced Topics in Binding Theory 269

18 Polysynthesis, Incorporation, and Non-configurationality 271

19 Merge 275

References 279

Index 281
Andrew Carnie is Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Dean of the Graduate College, and Professor of Linguistics at the University of Arizona, USA. He specializes in generative syntactic theory with an emphasis on constituency, VSO languages, copular constructions, and the Celtic Languages. He is the author of numerous publications, including Constituent Structure, Modern Syntax, and Syntax: A Generative Introduction, Fourth Edition, and is the co-editor of The Routledge Handbook of Syntax.

A. Carnie, University of Arizona