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A Companion to World Literature

Denecke, Wiebke / Chism, Christine / Ramelli, Ilaria L E / Lupke, Christopher / Nicoll-Johnson, Evan / Ekotto, Frieda / Celis, Abigail / Mani, B. Venkat (Editor)


1. Edition February 2020
3808 Pages, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-118-99318-7
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A Companion to World Literature is a far-reaching and sustained study of key authors, texts, and topics from around the world and throughout history. Six comprehensive volumes present essays from over 300 prominent international scholars focusing on many aspects of this vast and burgeoning field of literature, from its ancient origins to the most modern narratives.

Almost by definition, the texts of world literature are unfamiliar; they stretch our hermeneutic circles, thrust us before unfamiliar genres, modes, forms, and themes. They require a greater degree of attention and focus, and in turn engage our imagination in new ways. This Companion explores texts within their particular cultural context, as well as their ability to speak to readers in other contexts, demonstrating the ways in which world literature can challenge parochial world views by identifying cultural commonalities.

Each unique volume includes introductory chapters on a variety of theoretical viewpoints that inform the field, followed by essays considering the ways in which authors and their books contribute to and engage with the many visions and variations of world literature as a genre.
* Explores how texts, tropes, narratives, and genres reflect nations, languages, cultures, and periods
* Links world literary theory and texts in a clear, synoptic style
* Identifies how individual texts are influenced and affected by issues such as intertextuality, translation, and sociohistorical conditions
* Presents a variety of methodologies to demonstrate how modern scholars approach the study of world literature

A significant addition to the field, A Companion to World Literature provides advanced students, teachers, and researchers with cutting-edge scholarship in world literature and literary theory.

Volume 1: Third Millenium bceto 600 ce

General Introduction: The Companion to World Literature ... For Those Who Yearn
Ken Seigneurie

Introduction to World Literature: Third Millennium bce to 600 ce
Wiebke Denecke

1 Bridge Essay: The Ethical Turn
Luke Clossey

2 The Invisible World of the Rigveda
Caley Charles Smith

3 The Gathas, a Forgotten Masterpiece
Prods Oktor Skjærvø

4 "Transcending the World" in World Literature: The Upanishads
Steven E. Lindquist

5 The TaNaKH and the Canons of Alexandria
Armin Lange

6 Echoes of the Classics in the Voice of Confucius
Mark Csikszentmihalyi

7 Plato's Symposium: Eros, Beauty, and Metaphysical Desire
Andrea Nightingale

8 Aristotle's Virtue Ethics
John Bowin

9 The Gospel in Ancient Mediterranean Context
Alicia J. Batten

10 Bridge Essay: Origins and Transformations: Tactics of Storying and World-Making
Lowell Gallagher

11 The Cultural Role of the Yijing (Classic of Changes) in China and Beyond
Richard J. Smith

12 Teachings of the Venerable Masters: Laozi and the Daode jing
Louis Komjathy

13 Hesiod's Theogony: From Family Violence to Civic Order
Stephen Scully

14 Herodotus and His Readers: From Thucydides to the Present
David Branscome

15 Ovid's Metamorphoses: Changing Worlds
Genevieve Liveley

16 Apuleius and The Golden Ass: Latin Novel, Universal Folktale, or Emblem of Globalized Literature?
Véronique Gély

17 Apocalyptic Literature in the Global Imagination
Lorenzo DiTommaso

18 Gnostic Myths
Mark Edwards

19 Bridge Essay: Shifting Paradigms in Orality, Literacy, and Literature
Elizabeth Minchin

20 The Septuagint as World Literature
Jan Joosten

21 Origen of Alexandria: Christian Philosophy of Freedom
Alfons Fürst

22 Making the Bible World Literature: The Vulgate and Ancient Versions
Ilaria L.E. Ramelli

23 Kumarajiva: "Great Man" and Cultural Event
Rafal Felbur

24 Contextualizing the Babylonian Talmud: The Roman East and Mesopotamian Christianity
Richard Kalmin

25 Bridge Essay: Superhuman Humans: Heroes and Heroines
D.A. Miller

26 Gilgamesh: A Cultural Seismograph
Theodore Ziolkowski

27 Sinuhe: A Fugitive from Ancient Egypt
Roland Enmarch

28 Mahabharata: Brahmins, Kings, and the South Asian Social World
Luther Obrock

29 The First Poem: Valmiki's Ramayana and the Literary World of Southern Asia
Robert P. Goldman

30 Homer's Iliad and Odyssey: Poems of Many Turnings
Richard P. Martin

31 Aeschylus, Oresteia: Revenge, Justice, Gender, and Democracy
Alan H. Sommerstein

32 Sophocles: Greek Poet, World Classic
P.J. Finglass

33 Euripidean Tragedy: Between Myth and Individuation
Justina Gregory

34 Nine Songs, Li sao, and Qu Yuan: The Ancient Art of Misreading
Gopal Sukhu

35 Sima Qian and the "Creation" of China
Stephen Durrant

36 Vergil's Aeneid: From Defeated Trojans to Imperial Romans
Christine Perkell

37 Augustine's Confessions: Beyond Aesthetics, Ethics, and Cosmopolitanism
Karla Pollmann

38 Heliodorus' Aithiopika: The Birth of the Novel
David Konstan

39 Bridge Essay: From Epic to Lyric
David Konstan

40 The Making of a Chinese Critical System: Liu Xie's Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons (Wenxin diaolong)
Zong-qi Cai and Xiaohui Zhang

41 Renewal in and Through Landscape: The Great Medieval Chinese Poet Xie Lingyun
Meow Hui Goh

42 Sappho(s)
Page duBois

43 We Are the World: Subjectivity and Universality in the Odes of Horace
Randall L.B. McNeill

44 Tao Yuanming's Poetics of Awkwardness
Xiaofei Tian

45 Bridge Essay: The Cuneiform World: A Difficult Text Network
Mark Weeden

46 The Imperial Poetics of Ancient Bucolic
Jay Reed

47 The Panchatantra: World Literature Before "World Literature"
McComas Taylor

48 The Implied Listener: The Jatakas and Bardic World Literature
Sarah Shaw

49 Translations and Travels of a Pious Prince: Barlaam and Josaphat and the Text Network
Peggy McCracken

50 Bridge Essay: Looking for Love, Finding Trouble: Reading Ancient World Literature, Passionately
Sebastian Matzner

51 The Shijing: The Beginnings of Chinese (and East Asian) Poetry
Alexander Beecroft

52 Erotic Words, Sacred Landscapes, Ideal Bodies: Love and Death in the Song of Songs
Francis Landy

53 Image, Imagined, and Imagination in Silappadikaram
H. Kalpana Rao

54 The Erotic "World" of the Kamasutra
Daud Ali

55 Love, Politics, and the Premodern Theater: Perspectives on Kalidasa's Shakuntala
Amanda Culp

56 "Southeast Fly the Peacocks": An Elegy for Love from Early Medieval China
Qiulei Hu

Volume 2: 601 ceto 1450 ce

Introduction to World Literature: 601 ce to 1450 ce
Christine Chism

1 Bridge Essay: Vernacularization and World Literature: The Language of Women in the World of God
Martin Eisner

2 Qasida Poetry: A World unto Itself
Adam Talib

3 Táin Bó Cúailnge: Ireland's Vernacular Epic
Julie A. Le Blanc

4 Nizami's Resonances in Persianate Literary Cultures and Beyond
Sunil Sharma

5 Ma Zhiyuan Reworks Bai Juyi
Wilt L. Idema

6 Walls of Inclusivity: Dante's Divine Comedy and World Literature
Akash Kumar

7 The Global Pilgrimage of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales
Candace Barrington

8 Babri Mosque, Bollywood, and Gender: Ramcharitmanas as World Literature
Bhavya Tiwari

9 Bridge Essay: Wisdom and Mysticism: On Transcendence and Literariness
Azadeh Yamini-Hamedani

10 The Qur3/4an (Koran)
Terri DeYoung and Ali Altaf Mian

11 Love and Reason in the Ghazal
Alireza Korangy

12 Hanshan and the Skillful Means of Buddhist Verse
Paul Rouzer

13 "I Sing as Love Commands the Tune!": The Devotional Poetry of Basavanna
Gil Ben-Herut

14 Mechthild von Magdeburg and the Mystical Poetry of The Flowing Light of the Godhead
Sara S. Poor

15 Kabbalah: A Vibrant Nexus Between Theology and Literature
Eitan P. Fishbane

16 Longing for Love: The Romance of Layla and Majnun
Asghar Seyed-Gohrab

17 Ibn al-'Arabi, the Greatest Master: On Knowledge, God, and Sainthood
Mukhtar H. Ali

18 "He Has Come, Visible and Hidden": Jalal ad-Din Rumi's Poetic Presence and Past
Matthew B. Lynch

19 Meister Eckhart: From Latin Scholasticism to German Mysticism
Robert J. Dobie

20 Mirabai's Poetry: The Worlding of a Hindu Woman Saint's Dynamic Song Tradition
Nancy M. Martin

21 Bridge Essay: War and the Worlding of Story
Wen-chin Ouyang

22 The Arabic Alexander Romance: Mirror of a Bold, Clever, and Devout Prince
Faustina Doufikar-Aerts

23 The Poetry of Xin Qiji: Patriotism and Its Discontents
Zhiyi Yang

24 Troubadour Lyric in a Global Poetics: Creating Worlds Through Desire
Marisa Galvez

25 Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival: A Complex Reshaping and Expansion of a Source
Evelyn Meyer

26 The Margins of Literary History: Sagas, Eddic Poetry, and World Literature
Sif Rikhardsdottir

27 The Tale of the Heike: War Narrative and the Boundaries of Literature in Medieval and Modern Japan
Vyjayanthi Ratnam Selinger

28 Bridge Essay: "Home" and "Abroad" in Medieval Travel and Trade Narratives
Shirin A. Khanmohamadi

29 Allegory and "World" Formation in The Journey to the West
Ling Hon Lam

30 Ibn Battuta: A Fourteenth-Century Muslim Traveler of Worldly Desire and Heavenly Hope
David Waines

31 Marco Polo and the World Empire of Letters
Sharon Kinoshita

32 Bridge Essay: Gender and Representation: New Approaches to Medieval Literature
Rosemarie McGerr

33 Al-Khansa3/4: Representing the First-Person Feminine
Marlé Hammond

34 The Tale of Genji: Showing and Telling a World
Edward Kamens

35 A Woman Flouts Expectations in the Literary World: The Case of Li Qingzhao
Ronald Egan

36 Francesco Petrarch: A Poet of "Multiple Belongings"
Jennifer Rushworth

37 Hafez of Shiraz, Constantinople, and Weltliteratur
Mir Shafiq Shamel

38 Christine de Pizan: A Literary Champion of Medieval Europe
Christine McWebb

39 Bridge Essay: Empire: A Roman Masterwork
Sarah M. Anderson

40 Abu Tammum and Abbasid Modernism
Huda J. Fakhreddine

41 The Popular Chinese Novel
Margaret B. Wan

42 Digenis Akritis and the Frontiers of Byzantium
Elizabeth Jeffreys

43 Bridge Essay: World Collecting: Patronage, Spoliation, and Forms of Government
Zrinka Stahuljak

44 Making It New in Tang Dynasty Poetry: Wang Wei, Li Bai, and Du Fu
Mary Anne Cartelli

45 The Secular Wisdom of Kalila and Dimna
Karla Mallette

46 Abu Nuwas: Poet of Wine, Desire, the Hunt, and the Abbasid Empire
Jocelyn Sharlet

47 Kokinshu: A Renaissance of Native Verse
Roger Thomas

48 Bridge Essay: Epic and Community: Heroism, Myth, and Memory Across Cultures
Anthony Welch

49 The Glory and the End of the Heroic World in the Nibelungenlied
Albrecht Classen

50 A Book of Kings as the King of Books: The Shahnameh of Ferdowsi
Franklin D. Lewis

51 Conquest and Crusade in The Epic of the Cid
Michael Harney

52 The Book of Dede Korkut and the Nomadology of World Literature
Firat Oruc

53 The Kebra Nagast:An Israelite-Christian Dynastic and National Epic?
Benjamin Hendrickx

54 The Sundiata Epic and the Global Literary Imaginary
James Tar Tsaaior

Volume 3: 1451 to 1770

Introduction to World Literature: 1451 to 1770
Christopher Lupke

1 Bridge Essay: European Religious Dissent and Conflict: Their Global Repercussions (1450-1770)
Brenda Deen Schildgen

2 The Philokalia: Corrugating the Texture of Christian-Inspired Literature
Kirill Dmitriev

3 The Popol Wuj: A Colonial Context
Néstor I. Quiroa

4 Kabir: Iconoclastic Mystic of India
Linda Hess

5 The Guru Granth Sahib as a World Literary Dialogue
Pashaura Singh

6 Martin Luther, Literature, and the Enlightenment
Brian Cummings

7 St. Teresa of Ávila: The Expression of Spanish Spirituality
Carole Slade

8 John Milton's Pervasive Presences
Neil Forsyth

9 Faith and Dissidence in Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
Dinorah Cortés-Vélez

10 Bridge Essay: The Emergence of Modernity
Eric Hayot

11 The Knight-Errant and the Good Fellow in Chinese Narrative: Water Margin and the Xia (Hero) Tradition
Roland Altenburger

12 Korean Sijo and Kasa as Boundary Objects
Wayne de Fremery

13 The Lusiads Affect: Standing in the Middle of the Sea
Vincent Barletta

14 A Model of Relational Individuality: Montaigne
George Hoffmann

15 Akbarnama: Persian Chronicle in World Literature
Meena Bhargava

16 Making Room for the Individual in Descartes' Discourse on the Method
Richard Davies

17 Matsuo Basho Among the Mortals
Steven D. Carter

18 Samuel Richardson: Pamela and the Modern Individual
Mary Helen McMurran

19 Rousseau and the Firmament of Modern Literature
Matthew W. Maguire

20 Bridge Essay: Encyclopedism: Fire, Faith, and Future Learning
Seth Rudy

21 Evliya Çelebi's Book of Travels: An Ottoman Experiment in Geographical Encyclopedism
Sooyong Kim

22 The Bad Travels of Diderot's Literature
Lorraine Piroux

23 Chinese Encyclopedism and the Power of Knowledge
Benjamin Elman

24 The Educational and Social Worlds of Premodern Arabic Encyclopedism
Kelly Tuttle

25 Bridge Essay: Fables and the Fantastic
Riccardo Capoferro

26 Mastering a Minor Tradition: Pu Songling and the Chinese Ghost Tale
Luo Hui

27 Jingu qiguan: Fantasizing the Absent in Ming Dynasty Vernacular Fiction
Xiaowen Xu

28 Jean de La Fontaine's Fables: Poetizing and Problematizing a Genre
Anne L. Birberick

29 Gothic Ghosts and Gothic Mirrors
John Whatley

30 Bridge Essay: "O Brave Monster! Lead the Way": Theatricality in Drama and Performance
Kyna Hamill and Margaret Litvin

31 Story of the Western Wing: The Pinnacle of Zaju
Stephen H. West

32 The Arab Oral Epic of the Bani Hilal Tribe: Al-Sirah al-Hilaliyyah
Susan Slyomovics

33 Locating Zeami Motokiyo in the History of Noh
Noel John Pinnington

34 Literati and Peddlers: The Commedia dell'Arte and the German Idea of Weltliteratur
Robert Henke

35 Xu Wei's Four Cries of a Gibbon (Sisheng yuan)
Shiamin Kwa

36 William Shakespeare: Worlds Here, There, and Elsewhere
Katherine Hennessey

37 The Alternative Genius of Lope de Vega
Jonathan Thacker

38 Staging France's Classical Theater World and Discovering Its Limits
Michèle Longino

39 Chikamatsu Monzaemon: Historical Drama and Love Suicide Plays
Satoko Shimazaki

40 Bridge Essay: Orientalia
Dominique Jullien

41 The 1001 Nights as World Literature: Cultural Appropriation and Collaboration
Paulo Lemos Horta

42 Journey of Knowledge in Ibn Tufayl's Hayy Bin Yaqzan
Mahmoud Nayef Baroud

43 The Orphan of Zhao on the World Stage
Shiamin Kwa

44 Genre and Geography in Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando Furioso
Jo Ann Cavallo

45 Indigeneity, Orality, and the New World from Montaigne to Lévi-Strauss
Madeleine Dobie

46 A Lash for the World: Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels
Ian Higgins

47 Voltaire: The Orient of the Enlightenment
Nicholas Cronk

48 Bridge Essay: The Novel; Or, the Power and Functions of Fictionality
James Phelan

49 Lust and Love in English Translation: Plum in the Golden Vase and The Story of the Stone
Andrew Schonebaum

50 Rabelais's Gargantua and Pantagruel: The Navel of a World
Marie-Luce Demonet

51 Cervantes: Don Quixote
Bruce R. Burningham

52 The Story of Hong Kiltong (Hong Kiltong chOn) and Its Development into a Hybrid Text
Hyuk-chan Kwon

53 Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe
Ann Marie Fallon

Volume 4: 1771 to 1919

Introduction to World Literature: 1771 to 1919
Frieda Ekotto and Abigail E. Celis

1 Bridge Essay: Colonial Encounters in the Worlding of Literature
Frieda Ekotto and Abigail E. Celis

2 Colonial Education and Literary Self-Fashioning in Nineteenth-Century Bengal: The Career and Legacy of Michael Madhusudan Datta
Suddhaseel Sen

3 Philology Everywhere: World Literature and Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq's Leg Over Leg
Jeffrey Sacks

4 Rudyard Kipling: From Lahore to the World
David Damrosch

5 A Persisting Unease: Joseph Conrad's (Post)Colonial Fictions
Allan H. Simmons

6 Gu Hongming's Journey from British Malaya, via Europe, to China and the Confucian Classics
Alison M. Groppe

7 Tagore at the Conjunction of World Literature
Tania Roy

8 Bridge Essay: Literary Translation in the Modern World
Melek Ortabasi

9 Edward FitzGerald's Translation of The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám: The Appeal of Terse Hedonism
Asghar Seyed-Gohrab

10 Richard Burton: Foreignizing Literature
Paulo Lemos Horta

11 Lin Shu and the Routes of World Literature
Michael Gibbs Hill

12 Bridge Essay: The Nation: The Mighty Idea and the Novel
Nora E.H. Parr

13 Politics and Idiosyncrasies: The Global Parsing of Alexander Pushkin
Sara Dickinson

14 Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay and the Inauguration of the Modern Indian Novel
Rosinka Chaudhuri

15 From Delhi to Isfahan and Beyond: Mirza Ghalib in World Literature
Mehr Afshan Farooqi

16 Jurji Zaydan: Avatar of the Modern Revitalization and Worlding of Arabic Literature
Kamran Rastegar

17 The Cultural Landscape of Colonial Korea's First Modern Novel, The Heartless (1917)
Ellie Choi

18 Bridge Essay: Intimate Life and Romanticism
Tim Mehigan

19 Goethe's World Literature Paradigm: From Uneasy Cosmopolitanism to Literary Modernism
John D. Pizer

20 The English Lake Poets of the World
Juan L. Sanchez

21 Jane Austen on the Global Stage
Susan Fraiman

22 Narrative and Genre: Locating Tanci in Chinese Literature and World Literature
Li Guo

23 Translating Content and Form from Vietnamese into World Literature: The Case of Kieu
K.W. Taylor

24 Victor Hugo's Romantic Registers
Kathryn M. Grossman

25 "If the World Be Looking On": Emily Dickinson Beyond Amherst
Woody Brown

26 Jorge Isaacs's Diasporic Novel: María Between National and World Literatures
Felipe Martínez-Pinzón

27 Walt Whitman "Over the Roofs of the World"
Delphine Rumeau

28 Six Records of a Life Adrift: A Unique Lyrical Memoir of Late Imperial China
Graham Sanders

29 Leo Tolstoy: Toward an Emotionally Infectious World Literature
John Burt Foster Jr.

30 The Other Woman: Mirza Hadi Rusva's Umrao Jan Ada and the Politics of Domesticity in Nineteenth-Century India
Maryam Wasif Khan

31 Bridge Essay: Fairy-Tale Transformations
Francisco Vaz da Silva

32 Brothers Grimm: Oral-to-Literary Translation of Fairy Tales
Brandy E. Wilcox

33 Hans Christian Andersen: Literariness and the Circulatory System of World Literature
Julie K. Allen

34 The Boy Who Came from a Peach and the Girl with a Bowl on Her Head: The Many Faces of Japanese Fairy Tales
Laura K. Nüffer

35 Bridge Essay: Realism: Understanding the Real By Way of Unexpected Romance
Tiffany Bassett

36 Splendors and Miseries of Modernity: Honoré de Balzac
Michal P. Ginsburg

37 Material Inscriptions: Charles Baudelaire and the Poetry of the Modern World
Robert St. Clair

38 Charles Dickens: Transnational Responses and Cultural Imaginaries
Klaudia Hiu Yen Lee

39 George Eliot's Impact as Novelist and Critic on World Literature
John Rignall

40 Retrying Flaubert
Kathryn Oliver Mills

41 Fyodor Dostoyevsky: A "Novelist of Ideas" for the World
Alexander Burry

42 Between Ideas and Practices: Bharatendu Harishchandra and Modern Hindi in Colonial India
Francesca Orsini

43 Herman Melville and the "Harborless Immensities" of World Literature
Paul Lyons

44 Émile Zola: The Pursuit of "Truth"
Brian Nelson

45 Machado de Assis: Beyond Brazilian Imperatives
Paul Dixon

46 Natsume Soseki: A Japanese Writer's Global Literary Community of Grief
Alan Tansman

47 Defying Borders: Anton Chekhov's Elusive Genius
Olga Tabachnikova

48 Henrik Ibsen: Critique from Within
Frode Helland

49 Resignation Open Eyed: On the Novel Rickshaw Boy by Lao She
Thomas Moran

50 Rubén Darío and the Nymph of France
Jorge Luis Castillo

51 Ahmad Shawqi: At the Threshold of World Literature
Yaseen Noorani

52 Bridge Essay: Inalienable: Human Rights and World Literature
Mark Deggan

53 Performing Narratives: Slave Narratives on the World Stage
Heidi Morse

54 "But Women Feel Just as Men Do": Gender Rights in Nineteenth-Century World Literature
Julia McCord Chavez

55 The "Dreaded Comparison" Revisited: Animal and Black Human Rights
Bénédicte Boisseron

Volume 5a: 1920 to Early Twenty-First Century I

Introduction to World Literature: 1920 to the Early Twenty-First Century
B. Venkat Mani

1 Bridge Essay: From Decolonization to Decoloniality
Amardeep Singh

2 José Martí: The World's Most Popular Poetry, and a Vision for the Americas
Anne Fountain

3 Frantz Fanon: Knowing in the First Person
Seloua Luste Boulbina

4 W.E.B. Du Bois, World Literature, and the Problem of Method
Ainsworth Clarke

5 The Dialectic of Individual and World System: Chen Yingzhen's Move from Existentialism to Marxism
Christopher Lupke

6 Mahmoud Darwish: A Plurality of Voices for Invoking the Other
Stephan Milich

7 World Literature, World War: Revisiting Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North
Shaden M. Tageldin

8 Indonesian Dissidence and Modern Narrative Form: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Christopher GoGwilt

9 V.S. Naipaul: Connecting His Past to Those of Other Postcolonial Peoples
Sanjay Krishnan

10 Ngig) wa Thiong'o: Networks, Literary Activism, and the Production of World Literature
Kate Wallis

11 Between Realism and Modernism: Chinua Achebe and the Making of African Literature
Simon Gikandi

12 Bridge Essay: Home-Bodies: Exiles, Migration, and Diaspora in the World Literary Engagement
Abigail E. Celis

13 Pioneers! O Pioneers! Modern Arabic Literature in the USA
Alyn Hine

14 A Kind of Testament: Reading Witold Gombrowicz as a Transnational Writer
George Gasyna

15 Julio Cortázar: Between Aesthetics and Politics: The Travails of a Literary Traveler
Dan Russek

16 The Writer's Passport: Vladimir Nabokov and World Literature
Monica Manolescu

17 Abd al-Rahman Munif: Tracing Alternative Stories East of the Mediterranean
Sonja Mejcher-Atassi

18 Worlding Eileen Chang (Zhang Ailing): Narratives of Frontiers and Crossings
Nicole Huang

19 Language as Medium and as Fiction in Assia Djebar's work
Soraya Tlatli

20 Salman Rushdie and the World Picture of Islam
Debjani Ganguly

21 Kazuo Ishiguro's Thinking Novels
Chris Holmes

22 Bridge Essay: Literature and Liberalism: An Evolving Symbiosis
Ken Seigneurie

23 Thomas Mann: National Monument and World Author
David Horton

24 "A Humanitarian Is Always a Hypocrite": George Orwell, Englishness, and Empires
Ben Clarke

25 Kim Tong-in and the Liberal Self in Modern Korean Literature
Jae-Yon Lee

26 Living Like a Dervish: Sadegh Hedayat
Shen Yiming

27 Albert Camus: Still Challenging the Status Quo
Toby Garfitt

28 Anna Akhmatova, Cosmopolitanism, and World Literature
Alexandra Harrington

29 To the Frontier of the Mind: Shen Congwen and World Literature
Jiwei Xiao

30 Léopold Sédar Senghor or the Universal Concert

31 Czesuaw Miuosz in the World: The Will to Transcendence
Magdalena Kay

32 Naguib Mahfouz: A Liberal in a Conservative Society
Clara Srouji-Shajrawi

33 Bridge Essay: From Human Rights to Social Justice: Literature and the Struggle for a Better World
Marta Caminero-Santangelo

34 Lu Xun's Fictional Worlds
Nicholas A. Kaldis

35 Maxim Gorky: Living and Writing Protest
Dale E. Peterson

36 Transnational Voices of Resistance: Richard Wright and James Baldwin
Pekka A. Kilpeläinen

37 Pablo Neruda: World Literature and Human Rights
Marcelo Pellegrini

38 We Who Have Been Killed on Dark Paths: Faiz Ahmad Faiz's Internationalism and World Literature
Gwendolyn S. Kirk

39 Aimé Césaire in the Era of Black Lives Matter
Frieda Ekotto

40 Nadine Gordimer: Between South Africa and the World
Simon Lewis

41 Mulk Raj Anand's World Literature: Humanism, Crowds, Caste, and Modernism
J. Daniel Elam

42 Toni Morrison's Fiction: "Worlding" the Novel
Tessa Roynon

Volume 5b: 1920 to Early Twenty-First Century II

Introduction to World Literature: 1920 to the Early Twenty-First Century
B. Venkat Mani

1 Bridge Essay: The Moral Limits of Archive: Modern Narrative in World Literature
Saikat Majumdar

2 Marcel Proust: The Plasticity of a Modernist Icon
Vincent Ferré

3 Franz Kafka: Modernism, Modernity, Myth, and Religion
Manfred Engel

4 Social Realism and Moral Affects: The Worlds of Munshi Premchand
Nikhil Govind

5 James Joyce-ing World Literature
Eishiro Ito

6 "England's Most Precious Gift": Virginia Woolf's Transformations into Spanish
Laura María Lojo Rodríguez

7 Kawabata Yasunari: Modernism, Memory, and Desire
Dennis Washburn

8 Knut Hamsun: Modernity's Primal Birthing
Mark Deggan

9 Ernest Hemingway: Global American Modernist
Lisa Tyler

10 William Faulkner and the World Literature Debate: Is the Radical in Radical Form the Radical in Radical Politics?
Hosam M. Aboul-Ela

11 Miguel Angel Asturias and the Literature of the Indigenismo
René Prieto

12 Borges in the World, the World in Borges
Daniel Balderston

13 R.K. Narayan: The Elusive World of Malgudi
Nicholas Grene

14 Patrick White: Creating "a Race Possessed with Understanding"
Cynthia vanden Driesen

15 Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man: "To Become One, and Yet Many"
Lena M. Hill

16 "Standing in a Doorway Looking": Doris Lessing's Transnational Readings
Alice Ridout

17 Gabriel García Márquez and the Worlding of Latin American Literature
Ilan Stavans

18 Roberto Bolaño, Solar Anus of World Literature
Héctor Hoyos

19 Bridge Essay: Modern Poetry as a Global Phenomenon
Christopher Lupke

20 Opened Subjects, Opened Worlds: Rainer Maria Rilke, Vulnerability, and World-Making
Hannah Vandegrift Eldridge

21 "It's Early to Rejoice": Vladimir Mayakovsky's Revolutions
James H. McGavran III

22 Reading Cavafy Writing: The Poetry of C.P. Cavafy and the "World" in "World Literature"
Mary N. Layoun

23 Fernando Pessoa, Singular Modernity, and World Literature
Paulo de Medeiros

24 Federico García Lorca: Mediating Tradition and Modernity for a World Audience
Roberta Ann Quance

25 Colonial Modernism and Inverted Subjectivity: The Paradoxes of the Mirror in the Writings of Yi Sang
Hyun Seon Park

26 T.S. Eliot and Modernist Translation
John D. Morgenstern

27 Wisuawa Szymborska and the Limits of World Literature
Clare Cavanagh

28 Forugh Farrokhzad and Her Madness
Leila Rahimi Bahmany

29 Bridge Essay: Modern Drama: A Multidimensional Live Form of World Literature
Mary Luckhurst

30 August Strindberg's Exilic Modernity
Eszter Szalczer

31 Yearning for the "West": Osanai Kaoru and the Concept of Stand-Alone Dramas in Modern Japan
Maki Isaka

32 How Bertolt Brecht Managed to Forge a Defamiliarized World Theater
Mary Luckhurst

33 Samuel Beckett and World Literature: Toward the Universal
Yoshiki Tajiri

34 "And I Have the Same Restlessness Today": Vijay Tendulkar's Connected Reading
Sai Bhatawadekar

35 Wole Soyinka: Art, Politics, and the (African) World
Taylor A. Eggan

36 Sa'dallah Wannous: Syria's Premier Political Playwright and Social Critic
Robert Myers

Ken Seigneurie is Professor of World Literature at Simon Fraser University. He has published works on modern Arabic, French and British fiction, literary theory, and the history of humanist thought.

Wiebke Denecke is Professor of East Asian Literatures and Comparative Literature at Boston University. Her research interests include premodern literature and thought of the Sinographic Sphere (China, Japan, Korea), comparative studies of East Asia and the premodern world, world literature, and the politics of cultural heritage and memory.

Ilaria L.E. Ramelli is Professor of Theology and K. Britt Chair in Christology at the Graduate School of Theology, SHMS (St. Thomas Aquinas University 'Angelicum'). She specializes in ancient, late antique, and early medieval philosophy and theology.

Christine Chism is Professor of English at UCLA, after holding positions at Rutgers University and Allegheny College. Between 2003 and 2005, she was the recipient of a New Directions Mellon fellowship to learn Arabic and study Islamic societies, and she teaches and publishes on the interconnections of premodern cultures, issues of race and gender, and the uses of literary history and fantasy.

Christopher Lupke is Professor of Chinese Cultural Studies, and Chair of East Asian Studies at the University of Alberta. He specializes in the study of modern Chinese literature and cinema, with particular emphasis on Taiwan and Sinophone culture.

Evan Nicoll-Johnson is an instructor in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Alberta. He studies early medieval Chinese literature and culture, with research interests that include poetic and narrative literature of the Northern and Southern dynasties, and the history of books and bibliographic scholarship.

Frieda Ekotto is Professor of Afro-American and African Studies and Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan. As an intellectual historian and philosopher with areas of expertise in twentieth- and twenty-first-century Anglophone and Francophone literature and in the cinema of West Africa and its diaspora, she concentrates on contemporary issues of law, race, and LGBTQI+ issues.

Abigail E. Celis is an Assistant Professor at The Pennsylvania State University in the departments of French and Francophone Studies and African Studies. Her research and teaching center on race and gender in the creative and critical expression of the sub-Saharan African diaspora in France, spanning a range of primary sources that include visual art, literature, cinema, and museum practices.

B. Venkat Mani is Professor of German and Director of the Center for South Asia at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research and teaching focus on nineteenth- to twenty-first-century German literature and culture, migrants and refugees in the German and European contexts, book and digital cultural histories, world literature, and theories of cosmopolitanism, globalization, postcolonialism, and transnationalism.