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Using Hidden Dimensions to Solve Unseen Problems

Howarth, Doug


1. Edition January 2024
304 Pages, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-394-20888-3
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You've Never Seen What You've Always Needed to Know - Until Now

Invisible forces are at work. They push and shove on everything you buy or sell. They affect every concept you want to take to market, all the suppliers you'll deal with, and every customer you'll ever see. To be successful, you need to understand them.

See them in detail in ways not possible with other methods.

Hypernomics: Using Hidden Dimensions to Solve Unseen Problems discovers that markets behave according to previously unknown laws set by the buyers and sellers within them. It reveals those rules and how to detect, describe, and deploy them to your advantage. It doesn't change economics so much as reveal it.

It's like a microscope looking at pond water, a telescope tilted to the sky, sonar scanning the bottom of the ocean. Hypernomics lets you see into markets in ways you can't with the unaided eye.

Sailors never navigate without a map. You shouldn't either, since your ship could wind up on the rocks. Hypernomics gives you the means to create market maps that show you where they have openings and how to fill them by giving customers what they want, don't have, and can afford. It finds their thresholds and limits and responses to every possible feature in any product you can offer. The interactions Hypernomics describes have been with us since the dawn of humanity. Now you can finally see them and enjoy the advantages your competitors do not have.

Validated by 13 published papers, multiple awards, a patent, and customers such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Virgin Galactic, and a restaurant down the street, only Hypernomics gives you the ability to solve problems as varied as
* How could a restaurant increase revenue by 25% by rearranging seating?
* How do you find, describe, and capitalize on open spaces in your market?
* What happens when an NFL player decreases his forty-yard dash time by a quarter of a second?
* If you tried to exceed a market's limitations, how could you lose $1B?
* How do markets change over time?

Know what you need to. Discover Hypernomics.

Introduction 1

CHAPTER 1 A Brief History of Position and Direction 9

Ancient Maps 9

Geography Begins 13

Math and Position Problems 13

Summary 26

Vignette: Restaurant Math 27

CHAPTER 2 Four-Dimensional Systems 29

Dot Plots Begin 29

"X" Marks the Spot 30

Most Markets Don't Address Commodities 31

Cartesian Systems and Negativity 33

Geography Is Never Negative 38

Plotting in Four Dimensions 52

Summary 56

CHAPTER 3 Five-Dimensional Systems 57

Physical Changes over Time 57

Economic Changes over Time 62

Summary 69

CHAPTER 4 Value 71

Human Traits 71

What Does Value Mean in Hypernomics? 75

Determining Value 77

The Market as Laboratory 79

Summary 91

Vignette: The Value of Expanding One's Limits 92

CHAPTER 5 Demand 95

Demand Frontiers 95

Aggregate Demand 102

Average Demand 104

Minimum Demand 105

Proxy Demand 106

Submarket, Sub-Submarket, and Mission Market Demand Curves 107

Product Demand Curves 109

Summary 110

A Hypernomics Vignette: The Value of and Demand for Money 111

CHAPTER 6 Price and Quantity Determination 121

The General Problem Calls for Specifics 121

The Neoclassical View: The Law of Supply and Demand 122

Ferrous Blunder: Universal Claim of Upward-Sloping Supply Curves 125

The Hypernomics View: The Law of Value and Demand 128

Summary 133

A Hypernomics Vignette: The Law of Value and Demand 134

CHAPTER 7 Market Mapping and Financial Cat Scans 137

Got Eggs? 137

Market Map Boundaries 141

Feature and Price Gap Maps 143

Financial Cat Scans 146

Summary 155

CHAPTER 8 Aiming and Missing 157

Neoclassical Aiming 157

Immediate Aiming 158

Immediate Aiming in Hypernomics 163

Ultimate Aiming 165

Ultimate Aiming in Hypernomics 167

Summary 170

CHAPTER 9 N-Dimensional Systems 173

Common Object 1--Pie 174

Common Object 2--Logarithmic Scaling 176

Common Object 3--Rolodex 178

Common Object 4--Concentric Circle 180

Common Object 5--Parallelograms (as in Extendable Mirrors) 181

Starting from (0,0,0,0. . .0) 182

Summary 200

CHAPTER 10 An Amazon Mining Expedition 201

Summary 210

CHAPTER 11 More 211

Vignette: What Do Markets Look Like to Viruses? 213

CHAPTER 12 Appendix: Using Hypernomics on Your Own 217

Stating the Problem 220

Data Collection 221

Data Entry 223

Data Manipulation 225

Data Interpretation 229

Summary 235

Vignette: The Importance of Going Deep into the Data 237

CHAPTER 13 Neoclassical Economics and Hypernomics Differences 241

Glossary 243

References 247

Index 279
DOUG HOWARTH is the founder and CEO of Hypernomics Inc., a firm focusing on 4D market analytics. For the 31 years prior, he worked for Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works, where he worked as the F-117 Stealth Fighter Manufacturing Program Manager and retired as the head of their Parametric Analysis group.

D. Howarth, Hypernomics Inc., Santa Clarita, CA