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Advances in Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation and Testing

Beatty, Paul C. / Collins, Debbie / Kaye, Lyn / Padilla, Jose-Luis / Willis, Gordon B. / Wilmot, Amanda


1. Edition December 2019
816 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-26362-3
John Wiley & Sons

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A new and updated definitive resource for survey questionnaire testing and evaluation

Building on the success of the first Questionnaire Development, Evaluation, and Testing (QDET) conference in 2002, this book brings together leading papers from the Second International Conference on Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation, and Testing (QDET2) held in 2016. The volume assesses the current state of the art and science of QDET; examines the importance of methodological attention to the questionnaire in the present world of information collection; and ponders how the QDET field can anticipate new trends and directions as information needs and data collection methods continue to evolve.

Featuring contributions from international experts in survey methodology, Advances in Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation and Testing includes latest insights on question characteristics, usability testing, web probing, and other pretesting approaches, as well as:
* Recent developments in the design and evaluation of digital and self-administered surveys
* Strategies for comparing and combining questionnaire evaluation methods
* Approaches for cross-cultural and cross-national questionnaire development
* New data sources and methodological innovations during the last 15 years
* Case studies and practical applications

Advances in Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation and Testing serves as a forum to prepare researchers to meet the next generation of challenges, making it an excellent resource for researchers and practitioners in government, academia, and the private sector.

List of Contributors

Paul Beatty, Debbie Collins, Lyn Kaye, Jose-Luis Padilla, Gordon Willis, and Amanda Wilmot

Assessing the Current Methodology for Questionnaire Design, Development, Testing, and Evaluation

1. Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation, and Testing: Where are We, and Where are We Headed?
Gordon B. Willis

2. Asking the Right Questions in the Right Way: Six Needed Changes in Questionnaire Evaluation and Testing Methods
Don A. Dillman

3. A Framework for Making Decisions About Question Evaluation Methods
Roger Tourangeau, Aaron Maitland, Darby Steiger, Ting Yan

4. A Comparison of Five Question Evaluation Methods in Predicting the Validity of Respondent Answers to Factual Items
Aaron Maitland, Stanley Presser

5. Combining Multiple Question Evaluation Methods: What Does it Mean When the Data Appear to Conflict?
Joanna d'Ardenne, Debbie Collins

Question Characteristics, Response Burden, and Data Quality

6. The Role of Question Characteristics in Designing and Evaluating Survey Questions
Jennifer Dykema, Nora Cate Schaeffer, Dana Garbarski, Michael Hout

7. Exploring the Associations between Question Characteristics, Respondent Characteristics, Interviewer Performance Measures and Survey Data Quality
James M. Dahlhamer, Aaron Maitland, Heather Ridolfo, Antuane Allen, Dynesha Brooks

8. Response Burden: What is it and What Predicts it?
Ting Yan, Scott Fricker, Shirley Tsai

9. The Salience of Survey Burden and Its Effect on Response Behavior to Skip Questions: Experimental Results from Telephone and Web-Surveys
Frauke Kreuter, Stephanie Eckman, Roger Tourangeau

10. A Comparison of Fully-Labeled and Top-Labeled Grid Question Formats
Jolene D. Smyth, Kristen Olson

11. The Effects of Task Difficulty and Conversational Cueing on Answer Formatting Problems in Surveys
Yfke Ongena, Sanne Unger

Improving Questionnaires on the Web and Mobile Devices

12. A Compendium of Web and Mobile Survey Pretesting Methods
Emily Geisen, Joe Murphy

13. Usability Testing Online Questionnaires: Experiences at the U.S. Census Bureau
Elizabeth Nichols, Erica Holmsted-Hawala, Temika Holland, Amy Anderson Riemer

14. How Mobile Device Screen Size Affects Data Collected in Web Surveys
Daniele Toninelli, Melanie Revilla

15. Optimizing Grid Questions for Smartphones: A Comparison of Optimized and Non-optimized Designs and Effects on Data Quality on Different Devices
Trine Dale, Heidi Walsoe

16. Learning from Mouse Movements: Improving Questionnaires and Respondents' User Experience through Passive Data Collection
Rachel Horwitz, Sarah Brockhaus, Felix Henninger, Pascal J. Kieslich, Malte Schierholz, Florian Keusch, Frauke Kreuter

17. Using Targeted Embedded Probes to Quantify Cognitive Interviewing Findings
Paul Scanlon

18. The Practice of Cognitive Interviewing through Web Probing
Stephanie Fowler, Gordon Willis

Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Questionnaire Design and Evaluation

19. Optimizing Questionnaire Design in Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Surveys
Tom W. Smith

20. A Model for Cross-National Questionnaire Design and Pretesting
Rory Fitzgerald, Diana Zavala-Rojas

21. Cross-National Web Probing: An Overview of its Methodology and its Use in Cross-National Studies
Dorothee Behr, Katharina Meitinger, Michael Braun, Lars Kaczmirek,

22. Measuring Disability Equality in Europe: Design and Development of the European Health and Social Integration Survey Questionnaire
Amanda Wilmot

Extensions and Applications

23. Regression-Based Response Probing for Assessing the Validity of Survey Questions
Patrick Sturgis, Ian Brunton-Smith, Jonathan Jackson

24. The Interplay Between Survey Research and Psychometrics, With a Focus on Validity Theory
Bruno Zumbo, Jose-Luis Padilla

25. Quality Driven Approaches for Managing Complex Cognitive Testing Projects
Martha Stapleton, Darby Steiger, Mary C. Davis

26. Using Iterative, Small-Scale Quantitative and Qualitative Studies: A Review of 15 Years of Research to Redesign a Major Federal Government Survey
Joanne Pascale

27. Contrasting Stylized Questions of Sleep with Diary Measures from the American Time User Survey
Robin Kaplan, Brandon Kopp, Polly Phipps

28. Questionnaire Design Issues in Mail Surveys of All Adults in a Household
Douglas Williams, J. Michael Brick, W. Sherman Edwards, Pamela Giambo

29. Planning your Multi-Method Questionnaire Testing Bento Box: Examples from the 2017 Census of Agriculture Testing
Jaki McCarthy

30. Flexible Pretesting on a Tight Budget: Using Multiple Dependent Methods to Maximize Effort-Return Trade-offs
Matt Jans, Jody L. Herman, Joe Viana, David Grant, Royce Park, Bianca D.M. Wilson, Jane Kil, Nicole Lordi, Sue Holtby
PAUL C. BEATTY is Chief of the Center for Behavioral Science Methods at the U.S. Census Bureau.

DEBBIE COLLINS is a Senior Research Director at the National Centre for Social Research, UK.

LYN KAYE is a consultant in Survey Research Methods, and previously Statistics New Zealand's Senior Researcher.

JOSE???LUIS PADILLA is Professor of Methodology of Behavioral Sciences at University of Granada, Spain.

GORDON B. WILLIS is Cognitive Psychologist at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA.

AMANDA WILMOT is a Senior Study Director at Westat, USA.