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Compendium of Biomedical Instrumentation, 3 Volume Set

Khandpur, Raghbir Singh


1. Edition December 2019
1800 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-28812-1
John Wiley & Sons

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An essential reference filled with 400 of today's current biomedical instruments and devices

Designed mainly for the active bio-medical equipment technologists involved in hands-on functions like managing these technologies by way of their usage, operation & maintenance and those engaged in advancing measurement techniques through research and development, this book covers almost the entire range of instruments and devices used for diagnosis, imaging, analysis, and therapy in the medical field. Compiling 400 instruments in alphabetical order, it provides comprehensive information on each instrument in a lucid style.

Each description in Compendium of Biomedical Instrumentation covers four aspects: purpose of the instrument; principle of operation, which covers physics, engineering, electronics, and data processing; brief specifications; and major applications. Devices listed range from the accelerometer, ballistocardiograph, microscopes, lasers, and electrocardiograph to gamma counter, hyperthermia system, microtome, positron emission tomography, uroflowmeter, and many more.
* Covers almost the entire range of medical instruments and devices which are generally available in hospitals, medical institutes at tertiary, secondary, and peripheral level facilities
* Presents broad areas of applications of medical instruments/technology, including specialized equipment for various medical specialties, fully illustrated with figures & photographs
* Contains exhaustive description on state of the art instruments and also includes some generation old legacy instruments which are still in use in some medical facilities.

Compendium of Biomedical Instrumentation is a must-have resource for professionals and undergraduate and graduate students in biomedical engineering, as well as for clinical engineers and bio-medical equipment technicians.

RAGHBIR SINGH KHANDPUR, PHD, is Former Director General of Centre for Electronics Design and Technology of India, (Ministry of Information & Communication Technology), Govt. of India. He is also Founder/Director of Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C·DAC), Mohali (Chandigarh) and former Head of Medical Instruments Division CSIR-CSI0 (Central Scientific Instruments Organization), Chandigarh. Dr. Khandpur is a member of the IEEE, and Fellow of the IETE (Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers). He has authored 10 books and is the holder of 7 patents for his innovative designs.