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Dental Implants for Hygienists and Therapists

Darbar, Ulpee R.


1. Edition May 2022
160 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-76382-6
John Wiley & Sons

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An essential handbook for dental hygienists and therapists seeking a comprehensive resource covering dental implants

Dental Implants for Hygienists and Therapists delivers an accessible and informative exploration of the fundamental principles of tooth replacement with dental implants, as well as the science and theory that underlies modern implants, and the factors impacting their success and survival. The book offers robust guidance on the assessment of peri-implant tissues in health and in disease, an evidence-based approach to their management, and instruction on when a referral should be made. It also covers function and anatomy in health and disease around dental implants and the supporting tissues as well as the factors that influence predictability and patient management. This book includes:
* Thorough introductions to the history of dental implants and osseointegration, including the difference between success and survival
* Comprehensive exploration of one-piece and two-piece implant systems, patient selection and indications for implant treatment
* Practical discussions of surgical (including augmentation) and prosthodontic protocols and peri-implant tissues
* In-depth examinations of maintenance care, including the management of peri-implant disease with non-surgical and surgical treatment, and the role of the hygienist

Dental Implants for Hygienists and Therapists is invaluable to dental hygienists and therapists seeking a one-stop resource on dental implantology.

Glossary xii

1 History of Dental Implants 1

2 Osseointegration 7

Concept 7

Factors affecting Osseointegration 8

- Implant Related 8

- Environment Related 19

Success vs Survival 22

New Concepts 24

3 Implant Systems 28

Components 28

Fixture 28

Transmucosal 32

Implant Types 33

Prosthetic 36

- Abutments 38

- Screws 39

- Torque Wrench 39

Laboratory 39

Implant systems 40

4 Patient Selection and Indications for Treatment 43

Patient Selection 44

- Generic Planning 45

- Site Specific Planning 48

Indications for implant Treatment 54

Follow up care 58

5 Surgical and Prosthodontic Protocols 60

Surgical Protocols 60

- Timing of Implant Fixture Placement 61

- Computer Guided placement 65

Augmentation Procedures 66

- Timing 67

- Techniques 70

- Materials 73

Prosthodontic Protocols 78

- Type of Prosthesis 79

- Complications 83

Loading Protocols 85

Constructing the Prosthesis 85

Fitting the Prosthesis 87

Post insertion Instructions 87

Outcomes 88

6 Peri-Implant Tissues 90

Anatomy 90

Health 93

Disease 94

- Factors to consider 94

- Periimplant Mucositis 95

- Peri-implantitis 96

Assessment 99

Treatment 99

7 Maintenance Care around Dental Implants 109

Definition 109

Principles 110

Components 112

Intervals 118

Treatment During Maintenance care 122

Criteria for Success and Failure Dental Implant Retained Restorations 127

8 Role of the Hygienists/Therapists 129

Role as a Clinician 131

Role as an Educator 134

Implant Systems 138

Implant Restoration Types 138

Surgical Procedures 138

Index 141
Ulpee Darbar is a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and Director of Dental Education at the Eastman Dental Hospital, London, UK.

U. R. Darbar, Eastman Dental Hospital, London, UK