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Dental Management of Sleep Disorders

Bailey, Dennis R. / Attanasio, Ronald


2. Edition July 2022
288 Pages, Softcover
Practical Approach Book

ISBN: 978-1-118-63668-8
John Wiley & Sons

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A clinically focused, updated, and expanded edition of the leading resource on the dental management of sleep disorders

The newly revised Second Edition of Dental Management of Sleep Disorders delivers a focused and authoritative exploration of the dentist's role in managing patients with sleep problems, especially sleep-related breathing disorders and bruxism.

Full discussions of the use of appliances, overviews of current treatment modalities, and investigations of the relationship between sleep disorders and dental and orofacial features accompany detailed chapters on oral appliance therapy, pharmacological, and behavioral management of symptoms. The book includes a variety of revealing case studies that examine the treatment of different sleep disorders, as well as:
* Thorough introductions to the societal impact of sleep disorders and human sleep architecture and functional anatomy of the airway
* Comprehensive explorations of the pathophysiology and classification of sleep disorders and sleep disorders in the pediatric population
* Practical discussions of medical disorders related to obstructive sleep apnea and the dental and orofacial consequences of sleep-related breathing disorders
* In-depth examinations of the role and interaction of the dentist with the sleep physician and sleep study center

Offering practical advice for diagnosis and treatment, Dental Management of Sleep Disorders, Second Edition is a valuable resource for dental practitioners as well as students.

List of Contributors ix

Preface xi

Section 1 Overview of Sleep Medicine 1

1 Impact of Sleep Disorders on Society 3

2 Human Sleep 12

3 Pathophysiology of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders 26

4 The Classification of Sleep Disorders 35

5 The Relationship Between Sleep Disorders, Medical Conditions, and Your Health 43

6 Medications and Sleep 56

Section 2 Dentistry and Sleep Medicine 67

7 Dental and Orofacial Consequences of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders 69

8 Pediatrics and Adolescent Sleep and Sleep Disorders 84

9 Role of the Dentist in Sleep Medicine 100

10 Other Sleep Disorders of Importance 108

11 Practicing Dental Sleep Medicine 114

Section 3 Assessment for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders 119

12 Screening for Sleep Disorders 121

13 The Clinical Evaluation by the Dentist 130

14 Imaging for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders 146

15 The Polysomnogram 155

16 Ambulatory Sleep Testing 160

Section 4 Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders 165

17 Oral Appliance Therapy for the Management of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders 167

18 Fabrication and Delivery of the Oral Appliance 181

19 Follow-up Care and Titration in Oral Appliance Therapy 192

20 Adverse Effects and Their Management in Oral Appliance Therapy 199

Section 5 Other Management Strategies for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders 209

21 Positive Airway Pressure Therapy 211

22 Surgical Management for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders 226

23 Alternative and Adjunctive Options for the Management of Sleep Disorders 237

Appendix A Abbreviations in Sleep Medicine 249

Appendix B Glossary of Terms in Sleep Medicine 251

Appendix C Sample Patient Screening Questionnaires 255

Appendix D Sample Evaluation Format for SRBD and Airway Clinical Evaluation 259

Index 263
Dennis R. Bailey is the Co-Director of a comprehensive program in Dental Sleep Medicine at the UCLA School of Dentistry. He is a faculty member of the dental school at UCLA in Orofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine. He retired from private practice where he managed patients for sleep related breathing disorders, TMD, and orofacial pain.

Ronald Attanasio is Professor and Director of the Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain Clinic (now retired). His faculty practice focused on the management of patients suffering from TMD, orofacial pain, and sleep-related breathing disorders.

D. R. Bailey, Private Practice, Englewood, CO; R. Attanasio, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Lincoln, Nebraska