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The RCEM Lecture Notes

Emergency Medicine

Williams, Catherine / Nickson, Amy (Editor)

Lecture Notes


5. Edition February 2024
496 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-32581-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine
5th Edition

Comprehensive introduction to the core specialty area of emergency medicine

Presented in a user-friendly format, combining flowcharts and high-quality illustrations together for an easy-to-read experience, this fifth edition of The RCEM Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine has been thoroughly revised to reflect recent advances in the field of emergency medicine and to give readers a comprehensive and highly accessible overview of the field.

The RCEM Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine, Fifth Edition presents important 'need to know' information for all those involved in treating patients in an emergency setting. The text serves as an excellent starting point to support initial teaching on the subject and reference or revision at the end of a module, rotation, or final exams.

Contributions made by a variety of healthcare professionals with significant firsthand experience in the field, The RCEM Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine contains information on:
* Major trauma and injuries.
* Burns, contamination, irradiation, and poisoning.
* Acute medical, surgical and obstetric conditions relevant to emergency medicine.
* Paediatric emergency medicine.
* Mental health and medicolegal aspects of emergency medicine.

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List of Contributors vi

Preface to the Fifth Edition vii

Preface to the Fourth Edition viii

Preface to the Second Edition ix

Preface to the First Edition x

About the Companion Website xi

1 What every Emergency Physician needs to know 1
Catherine Williams

2 Major trauma and multiple injuries 19
Lt Col Alan G A Weir RAMC

3 Head injuries 34
Kate Clayton

4 The neck and the back 48
Fiqry Fadillah and Catherine Williams

5 Facial injuries 64
James Conroy and Abu Hassan

6 Injuries to the trunk 73
Fiqry Fadillah

7 The lower limb 88
Abu Hassan

8 The upper limb 113
Katie Fulcher and Abu Hassan

9 The hand 132
Shah Rahman and Sophie Jefferys

10 Burns contamination and irradiation 141
Jodie Wilkinson

11 Cardiac arrest and cardiac dysrhythmias 157
Rob Summerhayes

12 Chest pain 184
Vivek Chhabra and Amy Nickson

13 Respiratory distress 205
Amy Nickson

14 Collapse and sudden illness 233
Amy Nickson

15 Poisoning 277
Jodie Wilkinson

16 Abdominal pain and GI problems 310
Catherine Williams

17 Obstetric gynaecological and genitourinary problems 326
Amy Nickson

18 Children's problems in the emergency department 341
Catherine Williams

19 The disturbed patient 373
Antonia Hazlerigg and Laura Cottey

20 Medicolegal aspects of emergency medicine 392
Amy Nickson

21 Small wounds and localised infections 410
Catherine Williams

22 Ophthalmic ENT and facial conditions 428
Amy Nickson

23 Global health 443
A.D. Redmond

Index 458
Catherine Williams, FRCEM, Consultant in Emergency Medicine with dual accreditation in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Royal Bolton Hospital. Training programme director for Intermediate Emergency Medicine training, Health Education North West.

Amy Nickson, FRCEM DTM&H DLM DRCOG, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Royal Bolton Hospital. Sexual Offences Examiner, Lancashire SAFE Centre.

This 5th Edition is edited by Catherine Williams and Amy Nickson, has been revised and updated by contributors, and is based on the 4th edition of Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine which was authored by Chris Moulton and David Yates.

C. Williams, Royal Bolton Hospital, UK; A. Nickson, Royal Bolton Hospital, UK