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Psychodynamic Formulation

An Expanded Approach

The Psychodynamic Formulation Collective


1. Edition September 2022
352 Pages, Hardcover
Professional Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-79726-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Psychodynamic Formulation

A leading text for psychodynamic clinicians and practitioners

Psychodynamic Formulation: An Expanded Approach delivers an exceptional exploration of psychodynamic explanations and hypotheses that seek to explain how a person's conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings may have developed and may be causing or contributing to the challenges they face.

This latest edition of the leading reference includes a refreshed and reinvigorated emphasis on the impacts of culture and society, as well as the importance of diversity and inclusion, on psychodynamic formulation. It puts new focus on lived experience, including trauma, and on how clinical bias can contribute to the perpetuation of trauma.

In addition to newly included activities and exercises, readers will find:
* A practical, step-by-step guide to collaboratively creating psychodynamic formulations
* Comprehensive discussions about how what we're born with and environmental influences contribute to development
* Suggestions for using psychodynamic formulations in many clinical settings, including acute care and psychopharmacologic treatment
* An educator's guide to teaching psychodynamic formulation

Perfect for mental health practitioners with a professional or personal interest in psychodynamics/psychoanalysis, Psychodynamic Formulation: An Expanded Approach will earn a place in the libraries of trainees in all mental health fields.

Table of Contents


Part One: Introduction to the Psychodynamic Formulation
1. What is Psychodynamic Formulation?
2. How do we use Psychodynamic Formulations?
3. How do we create Psychodynamic Formulations?
4. Psychodynamic Formulations and Bias
5. Who we are affects our formulations

6. Self
7. Relationships
8. Adapting
9. Cognition
10. Values

Part Three: REVIEW
12. What we're born with
13. The Earliest Years
14. Middle Childhood
15. Later Childhood
16. Adolescence
17. Adulthood

Part Four: LINK
18. Trauma
19. Early Cognitive and Emotional Differences
20. The Effects of Culture and Society
21. Conflict and Defense
22. Relationships with Others
23. The Development of the Self
24. Attachment

Part Five: Psychodynamic Formulations in Clinical Practice
25. Psychodynamic Formulations in Acute Care Settings
26. Psychodynamic Formulations in Pharmacologic Treatment
27. Psychodynamic Formulations in Long Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
28. Sharing Formulations with our Patients

End Note
Appendix 1: An Educator's Guide to Psychodynamic Formulation: An Expanded Approach
Appendix 2: DESCRIBE, REVIEW, LINK- An outline
Recommended Reading
The Psychodynamic Formulation Collective is a group of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts who came together following George Floyd's murder and nationwide protests against police brutality to address the historical neglect of sociocultural context in psychodynamic formulation, in particular the effect of social oppression.