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Invertebrate Histology

LaDouceur, Elise E. B. (Editor)


1. Edition April 2021
352 Pages, Hardcover
Professional Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-50765-9
John Wiley & Sons

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The first comprehensive reference to invertebrate histology

Invertebrate Histology is a groundbreaking text that offers a comprehensive review of histology in invertebrates. Designed for use by anyone studying, diagnosing, or researching invertebrates, the book covers all major taxonomic groups with details of the histologic features, with color photographs and drawings that clearly demonstrate gross anatomy and histology. The authors, who are each experts in the histology of their respective taxa, bring together the most recent information on the topic into a single, complete volume.

An accessible resource, each chapter focuses on a single taxonomic group with salient gross and histologic features that are clearly described in the text and augmented with color photographs and greyscale line drawings. The histologic images are from mostly hematoxylin and eosin stained microscopic slides showing various organ systems at high and low magnification. In addition, each chapter provides helpful tips for invertebrate dissection and information on how to process invertebrates for histology. This important book:
* Presents detailed information on histology of all major groups of invertebrates
* Offers a user-friendly text that is organized by taxonomic group for easy reference
* Features high-quality color photographs and drawings, with slides showing histology and gross photographs to demonstrate anatomy
* Provides details on invertebrate dissection and processing invertebrates for histology

Written for veterinary pathologists, biologists, zoologists, students, and other scientists studying these species, Invertebrate Histology offers the most updated information on the topic written by over 20 experts in the field.

Foreword 000

Gregory A. Lewbart

1 Echinodermata 000

Alisa L. Newton and Michelle Dennis

13.1 Introduction 000

13.2 Gross Anatomy 000

13.3 Histology 000

2 Porifera 000

Alexander Ereskovsky and Andrey Lavrov

2.1 Introduction 000

2.2 Gross Anatomy 000

2.3 Histology 000

3 Cnidaria 000

Ilze K. Berzins, Roy P. E. Yanong, Elise E. B. LaDouceur, and Esther C. Peters

3.1 Introduction 000

3.2 Gross Anatomy 000

3.3 Histology 000

4 Mollusca: Gastropoda 000

Michelle Dennis, Kinga Molnár, György Kriska, and Péter LQw

4.1 Introduction 000

4.2 Gross Anatomy 000

4.3 Histology 000

5 Mollusca: Cephalopoda 000

Jennifer A. Dill-Okubo, Ilze K. Berzins, Elise E. B. LaDouceur, Alvin C. Camus

5.1 Introduction 000

5.2 Gross Anatomy 000

5.3 Histology 000

6 Mollusca: Bivalvia 000

Roxanna Smolowitz

6.1 Introduction 000

6.2 Gross Anatomy 000

6.3 Histology 000

7 Annelida 000

Péter LQw, György Kriska, and Kinga Molnár

7.1 Introduction 000

7.2 Gross Anatomy 000

7.3 Histology 000

8 Arthropoda: Chelicerate Arthropoda: Arachnida 000

Benjamin Kennedy, Steven Trim, Damien Laudier, Elise E. B. LaDouceur, and John E. Cooper

8.1 Introduction 000

8.2 Gross Anatomy 000

8.3 Histology 000

9 Arthropoda: Chelicerate Arthropoda: Merostomata 000

Elise E. B. LaDouceur, Michael M. Garner, Katie J. Roorda (Bergdale), and Alisa L. Newton

9.1 Introduction 000

9.2 Gross Anatomy 000

9.3 Histology 000

10 Arthropoda: Myriapoda 000

Alisa L. Newton and Elise LaDouceur

10.1 Introduction 000

10.2 Gross Anatomy 000

10.3 Histology 000

11 Arthropoda: Decapoda 000

Roxanna Smolowitz

11.1 Introduction 000

11.2 Gross Anatomy 000

11.3 Histology 000

12 Arthropoda: Insecta 000

Elise E. B. LaDouceur, Sarah C. Wood, Damien Laudier, and Elemir Simko

12.1 Introduction 000

12.2 Gross Anatomy 000

12.3 Histology 000

Index 000
The editor

ELISE E.B. LaDOUCEUR, DVM, DACVP, is Chief of Extramural Projects and Research at the Joint Pathology Center in Silver Spring, MD, USA.

E. E. B. LaDouceur, Department of Defense, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA