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Aflatoxin Control

Safeguarding Animal Feed with Calcium Smectite

Dixon, Joe B. / Barrientos Velazquez, Ana L.



1. Edition April 2020
80 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd
Deng, Youjun (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-89118-341-9
John Wiley & Sons

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"Aflatoxin contamination represents a serious threat to a healthy food supply. Resulting from mold on corn, peanuts, and other grains and grain products, aflatoxins are extremly toxic. Understanding the nature of fungi infection and the factors that favor aflatoxin formation is important to grain producers, dealers, and other professionals who control grain from the field to the site of consumption to prevent serious loss of large quantities of grain or grain products. Producers of poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, and even pet food need to be aware of the threat of aflatoxin. Participants in the grain industry who grow, store, or process corn and other grains subject to potential infection by aflatoxin should be aware of the risks of fungal infection and aflatoxin contamination, and proper management strategies. The authors focus on the binding of aflatoxin in animal feeds by employing calcium smectite. Readers will be especially glad to know that aflatoxin can often be controlled with a natural mineral material to bind aflatoxin in animal feeds at a modest cost."

Introduction iv
Joe B. Dixon, Ana L. Barrientos Velázquez, and Youjun Deng

Aflatoxins: An Overview 1
Santos García and Norma L. Heredia

Bentonite Properties, Formation, and Distribution as Adsorbents of Aflatoxin in Grain--The Texas Case Study 11
Roberta Russell, Charles Smith, and Joe B. Dixon

Methods of Analysis Used in Selecting Smectite Adsorbents 17
Ana L. Barrientos Velázquez, Youjun Deng, and Joe B. Dixon

Interactions of Aflatoxin B1 with Smectites: Interlayer Accessibility, Bonding Mechanisms, and Size Matching 27
Youjun Deng, Lian Liu, Ana L. Barrientos Velázquez, Marek Szczerba, and Joe B. Dixon

Aflatoxicosis in Poultry: Remediation with Bentonite Clays 44
Justin Fowler and Christopher A. Bailey

Impacts of Aflatoxins on Swine Nutrition and Possible Measures of Amelioration 54
Reza Rezaei, Darrell A. Knabe, and Guoyao W
Joe B. Dixon is an emeritus professor of soil science at Texas A&M University, specializing in soil clay mineralogy.

Ana L. Barrientos Velázquez is a post-doctoral researcher at Texas A&M.

Youjun Deng is an associate professor of soil science at Texas A&M University.

J. B. Dixon, Texas A&M University; A. L. Barrientos Velazquez, Texas A&M University