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Sustainable Fishery Systems

Charles, Anthony


2. Edition July 2023
672 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-51179-3
John Wiley & Sons

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An up-to-date and interdisciplinary guide to sustainable fisheries

Fisheries, whether small-scale or large-scale, are filled with complexity and uncertainty. Making the right decisions to successfully manage fisheries for sustainability and resilience requires a systems approach -- including both natural and human elements, and their many interactions. To understand fisheries, and how they change over time, a diverse range of fishery knowledge must be brought together.

Sustainable Fishery Systems, 2nd edition meets these needs. The new edition provides essential information that can be readily applied within government, community, industrial, academic and research settings.

Sustainable Fishery Systems, 2nd edition retains the first edition's emphasis on themes such as sustainability, resilience, uncertainty, complexity, and conflict, and expands its treatment of topics that have, since the first edition's publication, become crucial to consider in the field of fisheries. As a result, readers will find:
* Updated and expanded coverage of topics including coastal conservation, ecosystem-based management, co-management, community-based management, and more
* New chapters covering connections between fisheries and marine protected areas, biodiversity conservation, climate and fisheries, and multi-sectoral management
* A more detailed introduction to the "systems" perspective of fisheries, reflecting the substantial growth in that subject's importance, and covering in detail the natural, human and governance aspects of fisheries.

Sustainable Fishery Systems, 2nd edition is an indispensable interdisciplinary resource for educators, researchers, government agencies, and fisheries managers.

Fishery Systems
Chapter 1. Introducing Fishery Systems
Chapter 2. The Natural System: The Fish
Chapter 3. The Natural System: Fishery Ecosystems
Chapter 4. The Human System: Fishers and Fishworkers
Chapter 5. The Human System: Post-Harvest Aspects and Fishing Communities

The Fishery Governance and Management System
Chapter 6. Fishery Governance
Chapter 7. Fishery Management
Chapter 8. Fishery Development
Chapter 9. Fishery Knowledge

Three Major Challenges in Fishery Systems
Chapter 10. Uncertainty in Fishery Systems
Chapter 11. Conflict in Fishery Systems
Chapter 12. Attitudes (The Story of a Fishery Collapse)

Modern Strategies for Fishery Systems
Chapter 13. Sustainability and Resilience
Chapter 14. Adaptive, Robust and Precautionary Management
Chapter 15. The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries
Chapter 16. Rights-Based Approaches to Fisheries Management
Chapter 17. Co-management and Community-Based Management

Fisheries and the Bigger Picture
Chapter 18. Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas
Chapter 19. Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation
Chapter 20. Fisheries and Multi-Sectoral Management
Chapter 21. Fisheries and Climate Change

Chapter 22. Sustaining Fisheries into the Future
Anthony Charles, PhD, is Director of the School of the Environment and Professor in the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada.

A. Charles, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada