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Encyclopedia of Water

Science, Technology, and Society. 5 Volume Set

Maurice, Patricia (Editor)


1. Edition April 2020
2976 Pages, Hardcover
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-30075-5
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A peer reviewed, comprehensive encyclopedia that reflects the current state of water science and engineering from multidisciplinary global viewpoints

Water quantity and quality are becoming increasingly urgent environmental issues. To meet the growing water demands of our expanding global population, professionals are turning to nontraditional sources and technologies. This expansive, multidisciplinary reference work contains hundreds of articles that reflect the many substantial changes that have occurred in the field of water science. Topics include the hydrologic cycle, nanomaterials and colloids, ecology and microbiology, oceans and coastal processes, ice and glaciers, climate change and sustainability, societal considerations, water and health, and more. This comprehensive work features standalone, authoritative, verifiable, carefully edited, well organized, and accessible content.

Written and peer-reviewed by experts from around the world, The Encyclopedia of Water: Science, Technology, and Society comes in five volumes that cover: Fundamentals of Water, Chemistry, Particles, and Ecology; Hydrology, Groundwater, and Surface Water; Atmosphere and Precipitation, Ice and Glaciers, Oceans and Costs, Soils and Mineral-Water Interface; Water Technology; and Human Dimension. The Encyclopedia:
* Offers a multidisciplinary reference work covering water-related topics at the fundamental and applied levels
* Contains 229 articles on a wide range of subjects, including: Basic Concepts, The Hydrologic Cycle, Water Technology, and Societal Considerations and Special Topics
* Provides carefully edited articles presenting verifiable information and references
* Written and reviewed by a team of global experts

Encyclopedia of Water is a must-have reference for all hydrologists, environmental chemists and geochemists, environmental engineers, soil scientists, agriculturists, biologists, health scientists, and ecologists, as well as senior undergraduate and postgraduate students and educators in these areas. It is an important resource for all libraries in universities and colleges, industry, research organizations, and government departments.

List of Contributors xxiii

Part I Fundamentals of Water, Chemistry, Particles, and Ecology 1

Overview 1

1. Water: The Environmental, Technological, and Societal Complexity of a Simple Substance 3

Janet G. Hering

2. Structure and Properties of Water in its Various States 13

Martin F. Chaplin

3. Water, Life, and the Critical Zone 33

Patricia A. Maurice

4. Earth's Surface Energy Balance 37

Atsumu Ohmura

5. Hydrosphere 59

Yoseph Araya

6. Community Science and CUAHSI 67

Richard P. Hooper

7. Ecohydrology 75

Jun Yin, Amilcare Porporato, Paolo D'Odorico, and Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe

8. Water Security and Sustainability: Global Threats and Conflicts 97

Omid Bozorg-Haddad, Mahdi Bahrami, Mehdi Kazemi, Babak Abdi, Pouria Yari, Xuefeng Chu, and Hugo A. Loaiciga

9. Undergraduate Geoscience Education in Environmental and Water Sciences 103

Leilani A. Arthurs

Water Chemistry 113

10. Acid-Base Chemistry ofWater 115

David Kreller, James LoBue, and Rojrit Rojanathanes

11. Thermodynamics of Freshwater Chemistry 135

Patricia A. Maurice

12. Chemical Kinetics in Environmental Systems 145

Patricia A. Maurice

13. Geochemical Models 153

Mario A. Goncalves

14. Geochemical Modeling - Computer Codes 157

Mario A. Goncalves

15. Metal-Organic Interactions in Landfill Leachates and Associated Groundwaters 169

Mario A. Goncalves

16. Principles of Gas Solubility inWater: Henry's Law 175

Roger Viadero Jr

17. Hofmeister Effects 183

Drew F. Parsons, Mathias Bostrom, Werner Kunz, and Barry W. Ninham

18. The Geochemistry of Acid Mine Drainage 191

Roger Viadero Jr

19. Acid Mine Drainage: Extent and Character 199

ArthurW. Rose

20. The REEs in Hydrothermal Systems 203

Artaches (Artas)Migdisov, Hongwu Xu, Anthony E. Williams-Jones, and Joel Brugger

21. Mercury in Water 215

Baohua Gu, Xia Lu, Alexander Johs, and Eric M. Pierce

22. Measurement of Chromium Species in Water Samples 233

Vasile I. Furdui and Stefanie Madler

23. Analysis of Phosphorus Species in Water 251

Vlastimil Packa, Vadim Bostan, and Vasile I. Furdui

24. Geochemistry of Urban Water Systems 265

W. Berry Lyons and Christopher B. Gardner

25. Electrolytic Release of Metal Cations in Water 271

Courtney L. Hill and James A. Smith

26. Background Concentration of Pollutants 281

Mario A. Goncalves

27. Arsenic inWater: Speciation, Sources, Distribution, and Toxicology 287

Sritama Mukherjee, Tanvi Gupte, Shantha Kumar Jenifer, Tiju Thomas, and Thalappil Pradeep

28. Arsenic in Water: Fundamentals of Measurement and Remediation 305

Sritama Mukherjee, Tanvi Gupte, Shantha Kumar Jenifer, Tiju Thomas, and Thalappil Pradeep

29. Cleanup of Oil and Chemical Spills 317

David L. Russell, PE

30. Sonochemical Remediation of Pollutants in Soils and Sediments 325

William P. Fagan and Linda K.Weavers

31. Methane in Groundwater: Pathways 347

Anna Martini, Stephen Osborn, and Jennifer McIntosh

32. Organic Compounds Present at Minute Concentrations in the Hydrologic System 359

James A. Jacobs

33. Analysis of Rare Earth Elements in Water and Sediments 363

Zheng-Hua Li

Nanomaterials and Colloids 381

34. Colloids and Nanoparticles in Aquatic Systems 383

Peter H. Santschi

35. Light Transmission Spectroscopy 397

Carol E. Tanner and Steven T. Ruggiero

36. Colloid Transport in Environmental Granular Porous Media 409

William P. Johnson, Huilian Ma, Anna Rasmuson, Kurt VanNess, Ke Li, Cesar Ron, and Brock Erickson

37. Sample Preparation for the Analysis of Nanomaterials inWater 423

Stephan Wagner, Jana Navratilova, and Andreas Gondikas

38. Nanomaterials inWater: Detection and Characterization 433

Andreas Gondikas, StephanWagner, and Jana Navratilova

39. Microplastics: A GlobalWater Pollution Problem 447

John E.Weinstein, Hildehardo F. Viado Jr, Rachel R. Leads, Emma Deloughry, Louisa Schandera, Karlee Liddy, and Geoffrey I. Scott

Ecology and Microbiology 463

40. Microbial Ecology of Streams 465

Laura G. Leff

41. Microbial Exudates 479

Owen W. Duckworth

42. Microbial Biofilms 485

Patricia A. Maurice

43. Pseudomonas mendocina: Versatile Remediator from a Versatile Genus 491

Jennifer L. DuBois

44. Application of Shewanella to Water Treatment Issues 499

Nadia Szeinbaum, Yael J. Toporek, Hyun-Dong Shin, and Thomas J. DiChristina

45. Watershed Nitrogen Budgets 511

Thomas R. Fisher, Rebecca J. Fox, Karen L. Knee, and Thomas E. Jordan

46. Quantification of Anoxia and Hypoxia inWater Bodies 525

Gertrud K. Nurnberg

47. Freshwater Cyanobacterial Blooms 535

Barry H. Rosen

48. Water Quality Factors Affecting Fish Growth and Production 547

Roger Viadero Jr

49. Water Pollution from Fish Farms 557

Asbjorn Bergheim, Mark Schumann, and Alexander Brinker

50. The Plankton Food-Web Role in the Oceans 567

Domenico D'Alelio

51. European Marine Biodiversity Observatory Systems 583

Christiaan Hummel, Herman Hummel, Pim van Avesaath, and Paolo Magni

52. Eutrophication and Nutrient Fluxes in Mediterranean Coastal Lagoons 595

Bachisio M. Padedda, Silvia Pulina, Cecilia T. Satta, Antonella Luglie, and Paolo Magni

53. Canopy-Forming Ecosystem Engineers in Aquatic Ecosystems 611

Iris E. Hendriks, Luca A. van Duren, and Josef D. Ackerman

54. Chemical Signaling in Aquatic Ecosystems 625

Elias T. Lunsford, Karin Jenkins, and Ryan P. Ferrer

55. Settlement and Recruitment of Pelagic Larvae to Benthic Habitats 643

Michael T. Nishizaki and Josef D. Ackerman

Part II Hydrology, Groundwater, and Surface Water 659

Fundamentals of Hydrology 659

56. Fundamental Hydrologic Equations 661

Roger Beckie

57. Hydraulic Head 677

Todd C. Rasmussen

58. Porosity and Permeability 681

Patricia A. Maurice

59. Barometric Efficiency 683

Todd C. Rasmussen

60. Specific Gravity 687

Todd C. Rasmussen

61. Ghijben-Herzberg Equilibrium 691

Ekkehard Holzbecher

62. Potential Flow 697

Ekkehard Holzbecher

63. Retardation 707

Ekkehard Holzbecher

64. Fractals in Water and Water-Related Processes 715

Luca G. Lanza

65. Stable Isotopes of Water in Hydrogeology 725

S. Tweed, Marc Leblanc, I. Cartwright, A. Bass, Y. Travi, V. Marc, T. Nguyen Bach, N. DangDuc, S. Massuel, and U. Saravana Kumar

66. Fundamentals of Water Waves 735

Andrew Kennedy

67. Groundwater: Hydrology, Chemistry and Remediation 743

Groundwater Flow 745

Otto D.L. Strack

Groundwater Modeling 757

Ekkehard Holzbecher

68. Basic Principles of Flow and Transport in Porous Media 769

Marek Matyjasik and Marek Henryk Zaluski

69. Experimental Investigation of Solute Transport 781

Daniel P. McInnis

70. Effective Models for Transport in Complex Heterogeneous Hydrologic Systems 797

Nicole Sund, Tomas Aquino, and Diogo Bolster

71. Theory and Practice of Slug Tests for Aquifer Characterization 817

Bwalya Malama, Mikenna Montgomery, and Stephanie Aurelius

72. Horizontal Wells 833

David L. Russell, PE

73. Low-Flow Groundwater Purging and Sampling 841

David B. Vance and James A. Jacobs

74. Water-Jetting Drilling Technologies 845

James A. Jacobs

75. Water Well Drilling Methods 849

James A. Jacobs

76. Groundwater Impacts from Storm water Infiltration Practices 855

Michael D. Trojan, John S. Gulliver, and David J. Fairbairn

77. Cadmium in Groundwater: Chemical Behavior and Treatment 873

James A. Jacobs

78. Construction Sites: Storm water Impacts from Runoff Water 883

James A. Jacobs

79. Soil and Groundwater Sampling Methods 887

James A. Jacobs

80. MtBE: Environmental Impacts 893

James A. Jacobs

81. Xeniobiotic Chemicals: Emerging Contaminants and Recalcitrant Compounds in Groundwater 897

James A. Jacobs and Thomas K.G. Mohr

82. Remediation of Metals in Groundwater 903

James A. Jacobs and David B. Vance

83. Groundwater Remediation by Injection 909

David B. Vance and James A. Jacobs

84. Benzene in Groundwater: Chemical Behavior and Treatment 913

James A. Jacobs

85. In Situ Aeration and Volatilization of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater 917

David B. Vance and James A. Jacobs

86. Groundwater Remediation and Horizontal Wells 925

James A. Jacobs and David B. Vance

87. Arsenic in Groundwater: Chemical Behavior and Treatment 929

David B. Vance and James A. Jacobs

88. Life Cycle for Groundwater Remediation Projects 937

James A. Jacobs

89. Uranium in Groundwater: Chemical Behavior and Treatment 941

James A. Jacobs

90. Nitrate in Groundwater: Chemical Behavior and Treatment 945

James A. Jacobs

91. Vinyl Chloride in Groundwater: Chemical Behavior and Treatment 949

James A. Jacobs

92. Lead in Groundwater: Chemical Behavior and Treatment 957

James A. Jacobs

93. Mercury in Groundwater: Chemical Behavior and Treatment 963

James A. Jacobs

94. Microbes and Inorganic Colloids in Particulate Transport in Groundwater 969

David B. Vance and James A. Jacobs

95. Natural Attenuation and Enhanced Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Geochemical Factors in Groundwater Remediation 973

James A. Jacobs and David B. Vance

96. Cobalt in Groundwater: Chemical Behavior and Treatment 979

James A. Jacobs

97. Groundwater and Soil Remediation Using Fenton's Chemistry 985

James A. Jacobs

98. Phytoremediation Enhancement of Natural Attenuation Processes 989

David B. Vance and James A. Jacobs

99. In Situ Bioremediation of Groundwater: Process Limitations 993

David B. Vance and James A. Jacobs

100. Soil Vapor Data: Groundwater Applications 1001

Blayne Hartman and James A. Jacobs

101. In Situ Remediation of Heavy Metals in Groundwater 1011

James A. Jacobs

102. Groundwater Remediation: In Situ Passive Methods 1017

James A. Jacobs

Surface Water: Lakes, Streams, and Wetlands 1023

103. Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction 1025

Laura Toran

104. Hydrodynamics of Lakes 1037

Leon Boegman

105. Hydrology of Wetlands 1049

Hugh J. Brown and Jessi L. Haeft

106. Hydrologic Connectivity of Isolated Wetlands: Episodic Flows 1059

James B. Deemy, Todd C. Rasmussen, and Kimberly K. Takagi

107. Wetland Value and Protection Strategies 1063

Elizabeth Kramer

108. Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Based on Genetic Programming 1081

Vladan Babovic, Xin Li, and Jayashree Chadalawada

109. GIS for Watershed Characterization and Modeling 1097

Jeffrey D. Colby

110. The Rosgen Stream Classification System 1117

Dave Rosgen

111. Erosion and Sediment Transport by Water on Hillslopes 1133

Anthony J. Parsons

112. Natural Channel Design for River Restoration 1143

Dave Rosgen

113. Sediment Yields and Sediment Budgets 1157

Desmond E. Walling

114. Low Impact Development Technologies for Highway Storm water Runoff 1191

Derek Henderson, Gail Hayes, Charles Burgis, and James A. Smith

115. Geochemistry of Great Salt Lake 1209

William P. Johnson, Wayne A.Wurtsbaugh, Gary E. Belovsky, Bonnie K. Baxter, Frank Black, Cory Angeroth, Paul Jewell, and Shu


116. Lake Balaton: Water Quality of the Largest Shallow Lake in Central Europe 1225

Viktor Sebestyen, Jozsef Nemeth, Tatiana Juzsakova, Endre Domokos, and Akos Redey

Part III Atmosphere and Precipitation, Ice and Glaciers, Oceans and Coasts, Soils and Mineral-Water Interface 1241

Atmosphere and Precipitation 1241

117. Fundamentals of the Meteorology of Storm Systems 1243

Charles A. Doswell III

118. Models of Clouds, Precipitation, and Storms 1255

Andrea I. Flossmann and Wolfram Wobrock

119. Stable Isotopes in Precipitation 1271

Shelby Hurst and R.V. Krishnamurthy

120. Ecosystem Effects of Acidic Deposition 1283

Charles T. Driscoll and ZhangweiWang

121. Water Vapor and Pollutants, Aerosol-Cloud Interactions 1295

Thara V. Prabha and Alexander Khain

122. Interception: Its Importance, its Isotopic Impact, and How to Model and Measure it 1319

Hubert H.G. Savenije andMiriam Coenders-Gerrits

123. Evapotranspiration Monitoring 1327

Rodrigo Fuster, Italo Moletto-Lobos, Catherine Vargas, and Cristian Mattar

124. Air-Sea-Land Interactions During Tropical Cyclones 1345

Shih-Ang Hsu

Ice and Glaciers 1359

125. Formation of Ice on Surface Water 1361

Lovisa Lind

126. Ice Jams: Causes and Effects 1371

BogusBaw PawBowski

127. Low-Level Ice Clouds-Ice Fog 1381

Ismail Gultepe

128. Glaciers and Land-to-Ocean Flux of Carbon 1401

Maria L. Paulsen and Benjamin A. Robson

Oceans and Coastal Processes 1413

129. The Oceans: Ocean Circulation, Upwelling, and ENSO 1415

Patricia A. Maurice

130. Wind Generation of Waves 1419

Tihomir Hristov

131. Tidal Efficiency 1427

Todd C. Rasmussen

132. Coastal Oceanography: Physics and Biology 1431

Xiao Hua Wang, Yue Xin Gao, Qian Wang, Tianqi He, Weibing Guan, and Fei Chai

133. Nonlinear Wave Interactions over Coastal Muds 1443

Navid Tahvildari and Elham Sharifineyestani

134. Ship-Mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP): Characteristics and Field Applications to Measure Coastal Hydrodynamics 1459

Alberto Ribotti, Mireno Borghini, Andrea Satta, and Paolo Magni

135. Carbon Dioxide and Carbonate Chemistry of the Oceans 1471

Wei-Jun Cai

136. Deoxygenation of the Open Oceans and its Consequences 1489

David L. Kirchman

137. Manganese Cycling in the Oceans 1501

Bradley M. Tebo and George W. Luther III

138. Ecology of Polar Phytoplankton 1515

Maria Vernet

139. Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents 1531

Tara H. Luke

140. Arctic Shipping and Polar Seaways 1539

Julie Babin, Frederic Lasserre and Pauline Pic

Mineral-Water Interface, Soils, and Agriculture 1551

141. Fundamentals of Soil Chemistry 1553

Donald L. Sparks

142. Mineral Surface Charge in Aqueous Solution 1565

Patricia A. Maurice

143. Organic Compounds inWater and Organic Sorption toMinerals 1569

Patricia A. Maurice

144. Sorption and Transport in Porous Media: The Distribution Coefficient Kd Approach 1577

Patricia A. Maurice

145. Use of XAS for Studies of Aqueous and Surface Geochemistry 1581

Kalpani Werellapatha

146. Soil Water 1589

Todd C. Rasmussen

147. Metal-Clay Interaction: Spectroscopic Characterization 1593

Mario A. Goncalves

148. Sorption of Metal Ions on Soils, Batch Experiments 1601

Stanko Ru?iÇci´c

149. The Effects of Natural Mineral Coatings on Metal Transport in Contaminated Aquifers 1613

David M. Singer

150. Applications of SPM to Studies of Mineral-Water Interface Chemistry 1625

Steven R. Higgins and Angela L. Bertagni

151. Deep Soil Water Movement 1637

Todd C. Rasmussen

152. Graphene Coatings for Microbial Corrosion Applications 1641

Govinda Chilkoor, Namita Shrestha, Sushma Priyanka Karanam, Venkata K.K. Upadhyayula, and Venkataramana Gadhamshetty

153. Dew Deserts 1667

Giora J. Kidron

154. Desert Biocrusts 1675

Giora J. Kidron

155. Crop Water Requirements and Irrigation Scheduling 1687

Mladen Todorovi´c

156. Crop Evapotranspiration 1697

Mladen Todorovi´c

157. Lead in Water and Soil: Speciation, Toxicity, and Treatment Technologies 1713

Maciej Manecki

158. Acid Mine Drainage: Sources and Treatment in the United States 1727

Jeffrey G. Skousen, Paul F. Ziemkiewicz, and Louis M. McDonald

Part IV Water Technology 1737

Water Treatment and Supply 1737

159. Drinking Water Infrastructure 1739

Juneseok Lee, Gamze Gungor-Demirci, and Jonathan Keck

160. Water Distribution System 1759

Sana Saleem, Haroon R.Mian, and Guangji Hu

161. Pipeline Failure and Deterioration Models 1771

Golam Kabir, Solomon Tesfamariam, and Rehan Sadiq

162. Advanced Water Main Deterioration Model Using Bayesian Geoadditive Quantile Regression 1785

Ngandu Balekelayi and Solomon Tesfamariam

163. Pipe Failure Prediction with Consideration of Climate Change 1799

Gizachew Demissie, Solomon Tesfamariam, Yonas Dibike, and Rehan Sadiq

164. Water Distribution Systems: Hydraulics and Quality Modeling 1815

Haroon R.Mian, Sana Saleem, Guangji Hu, and Rehan Sadiq

165. Water Infrastructure and Asset Management 1827

Golam Kabir, Solomon Tesfamariam, and Rehan Sadiq

166. Disinfection and Antimicrobial Processes 1839

Ernest R. Blatchley III

167. Advanced Reduction and Oxidation-Reduction Processes forWater Treatment 1859

Bill Batchelor

N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) Formation Mechanisms in DrinkingWater Systems 1873

Huong T. Pham, David G.Wahman,Wen Zhang, and Julian L. Fairey

168. Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membranes for Water Treatment 1887

Reyhan Sengur-Tasdemir, Turker Turken, Gulsum Melike Urper-Bayram, Esra Ates-Genceli, Volodymyr V. Tarabara, and Ismail Koyuncu

169. Quorum Quenching for Biofouling Control in Membrane Bioreactors 1899

Bahar Yavuzturk Gul, Borte Kose Mutlu, Pyung-Kyu Park, Chung-Hak Lee, and Ismail Koyuncu

170. Rapid Rate Biological Filtration in DrinkingWater Treatment 1913

Meaghan MacGillivray, Amina K. Stoddart, and Graham A. Gagnon

171. Advanced Oxidation Processes 1925

Marin Kovacic, Hrvoje Kusic, Ana Loncaric Bozic, and Dionysios D. Dionysiou

172. Hybrid Ion Exchange Nanotechnology (HIX-Nanotech) 1941

Michael German and Arup K. SenGupta

173. Polymer-Nanocomposite Membranes for Water Separations 1965

Charles-Francois de Lannoy

174. Unregulated Disinfection By-Products: Spatiotemporal Variation in Water Distribution Networks 1985

Gyan Chhipi-Shrestha, Sarin R. Pokhrel, Manjot Kaur, Francois Proulx, and Manuel J. Rodriguez

175. Drinking Water Treatment Unit Processes: Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling 1999

David A. Ladner, Zuo Zhou, and Peng Xie

176. Water Desalination: Electrostatic and Electrochemical Separation Processes 2009

Sneha Shanbhag, Leila Karimi, Jay F.Whitacre, and Meagan S. Mauter

177. Water Supply Systems: Performance Indicators 2035

Husnain Haider and Rehan Sadiq

178. Overview of Drinking Water Distribution System Microbiome and Water Quality 2051

Christa K. Gomez and Srijan Aggarwal

179. Water Quality Failure Pathways 2069

Guangji Hu, Haroon R.Mian, James Hager, and Rehan Sadiq

180. Optimization for Booster Chlorination 2081

Nilufar Islam and Manuel J. Rodriguez

181. Biofilm Formation in Water Supply Pipes 2089

Yeyuan Xiao and Hira Waheed

Wastewater Treatment 2105

182. Sensor Networks for Dynamic Control of Combined Sewer Systems 2107

Luis Montestruque

183. Hydrogen Production from Wastewater by Biochemical Methods 2119

Balasubramani Ramprakash and Muthukumar Karuppan

184. Sustainable Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment 2137

Jeonghwan Kim

185. Removal of Contaminants of Emerging Concern from Wastewater 2145

Carlos G. Dosoretz

186. Utilization of Treated Waste water for Irrigation of Agricultural Crops 2159

Yona Chen and Jorge Tarchitzky

187. Application of Nanocomposite Membranes for Non-Pressure-Driven Separation Processes 2179

Jonathan A. Brant and Seyed M.S. Shahabadi

188. Oil and Gas Produced Water, High-Salinity Brines, and Associated Cost Modeling 2197

Enid J. Sullivan Graham

189. Wastewater Treatment: Mathematical Modeling 2219

Jeremy Dudley

190. Microbial Interactions in Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment 2231

Yongfeng Wang and Qiang He

191. Co-Digestion of FoodWaste atWastewater Treatment Plants 2239

Mary Martis, Harold Leverenz, Tim Raibley, Brian Thomas, and Amanda Roa

192. Kinetics of Halogenated Disinfection By-Products Formation in Chlorinated Seawater 2249

Khaled Elsaid, Bill Batchelor, and Ahmed Abdel-Wahab

193. Bacteriophages in Engineered Bioreactors 2263

Md Imdadul Islam and Ramesh Goel

Part V Human Dimensions 2275

Climate Change and Sustainability 2275

194. Climate Change and Extreme Events 2277

Climent Ramis, Maria F. Cardell, Arnau Amengual, Romualdo Romero, Victor Homar, Sergio Alonso, and Agusti Jansa

195. Ground water, Climate Variability and Change 2295

Jason J. Gurdak, Cassandra Wolf, Zoe Gross, Tales Carvalho Resende, and Marc Leblanc

196. Extreme Events and Their Impacts -Managing Environmental Risk 2305

David L. Russell, PE

197. Applications of Stable Isotopes to Studies of Paleohydrology and Paleoclimatology 2313

Zhengyu Xia and Zicheng Yu

198. Hydropower in Climate Change 2331

Babak Zolghadr-Asli, Omid Bozorg-Haddad, and Xuefeng Chu

199. Hydrological Modeling of Climate Change Impacts 2337

Kirsti Hakala, Nans Addor, Claudia Teutschbein, Marc Vis, Hamouda Dakhlaoui, and Jan Seibert

200. Sustainable Wells: Problem Causes, Prevention, and Asset Management for Wells and Well Fields 2357

Stuart A. Smith MS, CGWP

201. Bio-Based Chemicals and Sustainability 2373

James Philp

202. Biofuels, Water Footprints, and Green Perspectives 2391

Lucas Reijnders

203. Nuclear Wastes in the United States 2401

Judy Y. King and James M. Hylko

204. Hydrology and Climate Change in Pacific and Similar Regions: Insights from Hawaii 2407

Olkeba Tolessa Leta and Aly I. El-Kadi

205. Reorienting Watershed Management as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2419

V. Ratna Reddy and T. Chiranjeevi

206. Water Conservation for Sustainable Agriculture 2433

Yanjun Shen and Hongwei Pei

207. Hot Hand Fallacy: A Contagious Misinterpretation in Water Resources Sectors 2445

Babak Zolghadr-Asli, Omid Bozorg-Haddad, and Xuefeng Chu

208. Energy Use in Water Distribution Systems: A Life Cycle Perspective 2451

Hirushie Karunathilake, Tharindu Prabatha, Shahnawaz Khan, and Kasun Hewage

209. Climate Change and Agriculture 2463

Mladen Todorovi´c and Nebojsa Jovanovi´c

210. Phosphorus and the Baltic Sea: Sustainable Management 2479

Maximilian Berthold, Gunther Nausch, Mario von Weber, Stefan Koch, Petra Kahle, Bernd Lennartz, Jens Tranckner, Uwe Buczko, Claudia Tonn, Felix Ekardt, and Ulrich Bathmann

211. Hazardous Metallic Ions Removal fromWater Using Activated Carbons 2499

Pedro G. Gonzalez

Water and Health 2511

212. Malaria: Water, Hydrology, and Climate Change 2513

Gregory R. Madey and Patricia A. Maurice

213. Drinking Water and Human Health Challenges in the Twenty-First Century 2519

Konstantinos C. Makris

214. Vibrio Bacteria in Aquatic Ecosystems: Effects of Climate Change on Antibiotic Resistance 2535

Cecile Hart Scott, Cassie Horton, Catherine Brett, Emily Palmer, Shannon Pipes, Dan Tufford, Paul A. Sandifer,

215. Marie DeLorenzo, Paul L. Pennington, Dwayne E. Porter, Christina Ek, Sean Norman, and Geoffrey I. Scott

Water, Society, and Law 2557

216. The Food-Water-Energy Nexus in Chile: Agriculture, Water Companies, and Mining 2559

G. Arce, J. Gironas, M. Molinos-Senante, F. Suarez, P. Pasten, F. Meza, G. Donoso, S. Vicuna, and I. Vargas

217. Water and Global Development Goals: The Role of Engineering and Social Science in Meeting International Policy Outcomes 2579

Saleem Ali and Domenico Grasso

218. Water Policy and Management in Chile 2589

Manuel Prieto, Maria Christina Fragkou, and Matias Calderon

219. Lake Erie: Past, Present, and Future 2601

Jeffrey M. Reutter

220. Water Discharge Permitting in the United States and the European Union 2617

David L. Russell, PE

221. Using Citizen Science to Raise Public Awareness and Engagement with Water Issues 2629

Yoseph Araya

222. Water and Gender Relations 2635

Jill S. Schneiderman

223. Remediation and Case Closure Policy for Petroleum Hydrocarbons 2639

David B. Vance and James A. Jacobs

224. Groundwater Governance 2643

Francois Molle and Alvar Closas

225. Environmental and Public Health Issues: Community Engagement in Environmental Justice Populations 2653

Matthew J. Neet, Jamelle H. Ellis, Zachary H. Hart, Geoffrey I. Scott, Daniela B. Friedman, Rense Heath Kelsey, and Dwayne E. Porter

226. Mine Waste Effects on Water and Soil in Native American Land in Western USA 2671

Jose M. Cerrato, Cherie L. DeVore, and Carmen A. Velasco

227. The 2010 Marshall, Michigan Tar Sands Oil Spill 2679

Jeffrey Insko

228. Management of the Marine Environment: Transdisciplinary and Systemic Approach 2685

Patrick Prouzet, Andre Monaco, and Lea Sebastien

Index 2711
PATRICIA A. MAURICE, PHD, is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. She is an associate editor of Environmental Engineering Science and has served on the Board of Directors for the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrological Sciences, Inc (CUAHSI).