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Water and Wastewater Engineering, Volume 1

Hydraulics, Hydrology and Management

Wang, Lawrence K. / Wang, Mu-Hao Sung / Shammas, Nazih K.


4. Edition May 2024
816 Pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-17910-7
John Wiley & Sons

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The classic guide to water and wastewater engineering returns

Water and wastewater engineering is a crucial branch of civil engineering, dealing with water resources and with the challenges posed by water and wastewater. Generations of engineers have developed techniques for purifying, desalinating, and transforming water and wastewater, techniques which have only grown more critical as climate change and global population growth create new challenges and opportunities. There has never been a more urgent need for a comprehensive guide to the management of water and its various engineering subdisciplines.

Water and Wastewater Engineering: Hydraulics, Hydrology and Management, 4th edition offers key fundamentals in a practical context to engineers and engineering students. Updated to address growing urbanization and industrialization, with corresponding stress on water and wastewater systems, this vital textbook has been fully revised to reflect the latest research and case studies. This volume focuses primarily with hydrology and hydraulics, along with chapters treating groundwater and surface water sources.

Readers of Hydraulics, Hydrology, and Management will also find:

* Coverage of water supply, water sources, water distribution, and more

* Detailed treatment of both sanitary sewer and urban stormwater drainage

* In-depth analysis of infrastructure issues with respect to water resources, pumping, and handling

This textbook is ideal for advanced students in civil, environmental, and chemical engineering departments, as well as for early career engineers, plant managers, and urban and regional planners.

1. Introduction to Water Systems 1

2. Water Sources: Surface Water 29

3. Water Sources: Groundwater 61

4. Quantities of Water and Wastewater Flows 118

5. Water Hydraulics, Transmission and Appurtenances 154

6. Water Distribution Systems: Components, Design, and Operation 194

7. Water Distribution Systems: Modeling and Computer Applications 230

8. Pumping, Storage, Dual Water Systems and Distribution System Management 265

9. Cross-Connection Control 297

10. Introduction to Wastewater Systems 333

11. Hydrology: Rainfall and Runoff 357

12. Urban Runoff and Combined Sewer Overflow Management 398

13. Hydraulics of Sewer Systems 457

14. Design of Sewer Systems 500

15. Sewerage Systems: Modeling and Computer Applications 555

16. Sewer Material, Appurtenances, and Maintenance 590

17. Trenchless Technology and Sewer System Rehabilitation 641

18. Alternative Wastewater Collection Systems 670

19. Engineering Projects Management 712

20. Prevention through Design and System Safety 731