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Wetland Carbon and Environmental Management

Krauss, Ken W. / Zhu, Zhiliang / Stagg, Camille L. (Editor)

Geophysical Monograph Series


1. Edition October 2021
480 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-63928-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Wetland Carbon and Environmental Management

Wetlands are vital natural assets, including their ability to take-up atmospheric carbon and restrict subsequent carbon loss to facilitate long-term storage. They can be deliberately managed to provide a natural solution to mitigate climate change, as well as to help offset direct losses of wetlands from various land-use changes and natural drivers.

Wetland Carbon and Environmental Management presents a collection of wetland research studies from around the world to demonstrate how environmental management can improve carbon sequestration while enhancing wetland health and function.

Volume highlights include:
* Overview of carbon storage in the landscape
* Introduction to wetland management practices
* Comparisons of natural, managed, and converted wetlands
* Impact of wetland management on carbon storage or loss
* Techniques for scientific assessment of wetland carbon processes
* Case studies covering tropical, coastal, inland, and northern wetlands
* Primer for carbon offset trading programs and how wetlands might contribute

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Ken W Krauss, Zhiliang Zhu, and Camille L Stagg


Scott Covington and Debra A Willard

Part I - Introduction to Carbon Management in Wetlands

1 A Review of Global Wetland Carbon Stocks and Management Challenges

Benjamin Poulter, Etienne Fluet-Chouinard, Gustaf Hugelius, Charlie Koven, Lola Fatoyinbo, Susan E Page, Judith A Rosentreter, Lindsey S Smart, Paul J Taillie, Nathan Thomas, Zhen Zhang, and Lahiru S Wijedasa

2 Wetland Carbon in the United States: Conditions and Changes

Bergit Uhran, Zhiliang Zhu, Lisamarie Windham-Myers, Benjamin Sleeter, Nancy Cavallaro, Kevin D Kroeger, and Gyami Shrestha

3 Biogeochemistry of Wetland Carbon Preservation and Flux

Scott C Neubauer and J Patrick Megonigal

4 An Overview of the History and Breadth of Wetland Management Practices

John Andrew Nyman

Part II - Tidal Wetlands: Carbon Stocks, Fluxes and Management

5 Carbon Flux, Storage, and Wildlife Co-Benefits in a Restoring Estuary: Case Study at the Nisqually River Delta, Washington, USA

Isa Woo, Melanie J Davis, Susan EW De La Cruz, Lisamarie Windham-Myers, Judith Z Drexler, Kristin B Byrd, Ellen J Stuart-Haëntjens, Frank E Anderson, Brian A Bergamaschi, Glynnis Nakai, Christopher S Ellings, and Sayre Hodgson

6 Enhancing Carbon Storage in Mangrove Ecosystems of China Through Sustainable Restoration and Aquaculture Actions

Luzhen Chen, Hangqing Fan, Zhinan Su, Qiulian Lin, and Yancheng Tao

7 Potential for Carbon and Nitrogen Sequestration by Restoring Tidal Connectivity and Enhancing Soil Surface Elevations in Denuded and Degraded South Florida Mangrove Ecosystems

Nicole Cormier, Ken W Krauss, Amanda WJ Demopoulos, Brita J Jessen, Jennifer P McClain-Counts, Andrew S From, and Laura L Flynn

8 Optimizing Carbon Stocks and Sedimentation in Indonesian Mangroves Under Different Management Regimes

Daniel Murdiyarso, Virni B Arifanti, Frida Sidik, Meriadec Sillanpää, and Sigit D Sasmito

9 Hydrological Rehabilitation and Sediment Elevation as Strategies to Restore Mangroves in Terrigenous and Calcareous Environments in Mexico

Jorge López-Portillo, Arturo Zaldivar-Jiménez, Ana Laura Lara-Domínguez, Rosela Pérez-Ceballos, Mariana Bravo-Mendoza, Nereida Álvarez Núñez, and Laura Aguirre-Franco

10 Controlling Factors of Long-Term Carbon Sequestration in the Coastal Wetland Sediments of the Modern Yellow River Delta Area, China: Links to Land Management

Lei He, Siyuan Ye, and Edward A Laws

11 The Impacts of Aquaculture Activities on Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in the Subtropical Estuarine Zones of China

Derrick YF Lai, Ping Yang, and Chuan Tong

12 Soil and Aboveground Carbon Stocks in a Planted Tropical Mangrove Forest (Can Gio, Vietnam)

Truong Van Vinh, Cyril Marchand, Tran Vu Khanh Linh, Adrien Jacotot, Nguyen Thanh Nho, and Michel Allenbach

Part III - Non-Tidal and Inland Wetlands: Carbon Stocks, Fluxes and Management

13 Carbon Flux Trajectories and Site Conditions from Restored Impounded Marshes in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Alex C Valach, Kuno Kasak, Kyle S Hemes, Daphne Szutu, Joe Verfaillie, and Dennis D Baldocchi

14 Land Management Strategies Influence Soil Organic Carbon Stocks of Prairie Potholes of North America

Sheel Bansal, Brian A Tangen, Robert A Gleason, Pascal Badiou, and Irena F Creed

15 Environmental and Human Drivers of Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Ebro Delta, Spain

María Belenguer-Manzanedo, Maite Martínez-Eixarch, Siobhan Fennessy, Antonio Camacho, Daniel Morant, Carlos Rochera, Antonio Picazo, Anna C Santamans, Javier Miralles-Lorenzo, Alba Camacho-Santamans, and Carles Ibáñez

16 Controls on Carbon Loss During Fire in Managed Herbaceous Peatlands of the Florida Everglades

Brian W Benscoter, James Johnson, and Lisa Reger

17 Winter Flooding to Conserve Agricultural Peat Soils in a Temperate Climate: Effect on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Global Warming Potential

Brian A Bergamaschi, Frank E Anderson, Ellen J Stuart-Haëntjens, and Brian A Pellerin

18 Carbon Storage in the Coastal Swamp Oak Forest Wetlands of Australia

Jeffrey J Kelleway, Maria Fernanda Adame, Connor Gorham, Jennifer Bratchell, Oscar Serrano, Paul S Lavery, Christopher J Owers, Kerrylee Rogers, Zachary Nagel-Tynan, and Neil Saintilan

19 Managing Water Regimes: Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fires in Indonesian Tropical Peat Swamp Forests

Daniel Murdiyarso, Iska Lestari, Bayu Budi Hanggara, Meli Saragi-Sasmito, Imam Basuki, and Muh Taufik

20 Carbon Fluxes and Potential Soil Accumulation within Greater Everglades Cypress and Pine Forested Wetlands

W Barclay Shoemaker, Frank E Anderson, Matt J Sirianni, and Andre Daniels

21 Modeling the Impacts of Hydrology and Management on Carbon Balance at the Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia and North Carolina, USA

Rachel Sleeter

Part IV - Syntheses and Perspectives

22 Ecosystem Services Provided Through Wetland Carbon Management

Emily J Pindilli

23 Status and Challenges of Wetlands in Carbon Markets

Sarah K Mack, Robert R Lane, Rori Cowan, and Jeffrey W Cole

24 The Importance of Wetland Carbon Dynamics to Society: Insight from the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Science Report

Randy Kolka, Carl Trettin, and Lisamarie Windham-Myers

25 Summary of Wetland Carbon and Environmental Management: Path Forward

Zhiliang Zhu, Ken W Krauss, Camille L Stagg, Eric J Ward, and Victoria L Woltz
Ken W. Krauss, United States Geological Survey, USA

Zhiliang Zhu, United States Geological Survey, USA

Camille L. Stagg, United States Geological Survey, USA

K. W. Krauss, U.S. Geological Survey; Z. Zhu, U.S. Geological Survey; C. L. Stagg, U.S. Geological Survey