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Urban Remote Sensing

Monitoring, Synthesis and Modeling in the Urban Environment

Yang, Xiaojun X. (Editor)


2. Edition October 2021
528 Pages, Hardcover
Professional Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-62584-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Urban Remote Sensing

The second edition of Urban Remote Sensing is a state-of-the-art review of the latest progress in the subject. The text examines how evolving innovations in remote sensing allow to deliver the critical information on cities in a timely and cost-effective way to support various urban management activities and the scientific research on urban morphology, socio-environmental dynamics, and sustainability.

Chapters are written by leading scholars from a variety of disciplines including remote sensing, GIS, geography, urban planning, environmental science, and sustainability science, with case studies predominately drawn from North America and Europe.
* A review of the essential and emerging research areas in urban remote sensing including sensors, techniques, and applications, especially some critical issues that are shifting the ­directions in urban remote sensing research.
* Illustrated in full color throughout, including numerous relevant case studies and extensive discussions of important concepts and cutting-edge technologies to enable clearer understanding for non-technical audiences.

Urban Remote Sensing, Second Edition will be of particular interest to upper-division undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and professionals working in the fields of remote sensing, geospatial information, and urban & environmental planning.


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1 Progress in urban remote sensing: An overview

Xiaojun Yang


2 Examining urban built-up volume: three-dimensional analyses with lidar and radar data

Adam J. Mathews and Son V. Nghiem

3 Opportunities and challenges of unmanned aircraft systems for urban applications

Feilin Lai, Austin Bush, Xiaojun Yang and David Merrick

4 Methods of social sensing for urban studies

Yu Liu, Song Gao, Yihong Yuan, Fan Zhang, Chaogui Kang, Yuhao Kang and Keli Wang

5 Urban remote sensing using ground-based street view images

Xiaojiang Li

6 Spatial distribution of city tweets and their densities

Bin Jiang, Ding Ma, Junjun Yin and Mats Sandberg

7 Integrating remote sensing and social sensing to examine socioeconomic dynamics: a case study of Twitter and nighttime light imagery

Guofeng Cao and Naizhuo Zhao


8 Deep learning for urban and landscape mapping from remotely sensed imagery

Feilin Lai, Atharva Sharma, Xiuwen Liu and Xiaojun Yang

9 Google Earth Engine advancing urban land change science

Le Wang, Dameng Yin, Jinyan Tian and Ying Lu

10 Use of image endmember libraries for multi-sensor, multi-scale and multi-site mapping of urban areas

Frank Canters, Sam Cooper, Jeroen Degerickx, Uta Heiden, Marianne Jilge, Akpona Okujeni, Frederik Priem, Ben Somers and Sebastian van der Linden

11 Satellite monitoring of urbanization and environmental impacts in Stockholm, Sweden through a multiscale approach

Dorothy Furberg and Yifang Ban


12 Global monitoring with the Atlas of Urban Expansion

Alejandro Blei and Shlomo Angel

13 Effect of image classification accuracy on dasymetric population estimation

Jacob McKee and Eric Weber

14 Mapping the morphology of urban deprivation: The role of remote sensing for developing a global slum repository

Monika Kuffer, Taïs Grippa, Claudio Persello, Hannes Taubenböck, Karin Pfeffer and Richard Sliuzas

15 The city is the medium and satellite imagery are a prism: conceptualizing urban conflict damage monitoring with multitemporal remote sensing

Jamon Van Den Hoek


16 US cities in the dark: mapping man-made carbon dioxide emissions over the contiguous US using NASA's Black Marble nighttime lights product

Tomohiro Oda, Miguel O. Román, Zhuosen Wang, Eleanor C. Stokes, Qingsong Sun, Ranjay M. Shrestha, Sha Feng, Thomas Lauvaux, Rostyslav Bun, Shamil Maksyutov, Srija Chakraborty, Ian Paynter and Virginia L. Kalb

17 Thermal infrared imaging of the urban landscape to understand urban microclimate

Jinxin Yang, Massimo Menenti, Man Sing Wong, Zhifeng Wu, Xiaoying Ouyang, Yong Xu and Sawaid Abbas

18 Monitoring air pollution in the urban environment by remote sensing

Alexandra A. Chudnovsky

19 Characterizing after-rain standing waters in urban built environments through a multi-level image analysis

Tzai-Hung Wen, Hao-Yu Liao, Kai-Ling Yang and Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen

20 Remote sensing and urban green infrastructure: a synthesis of current applications and new advances

Yanhua Chen, Giovanni Sanesi, Xun Li, Wendy Y. Chen and Raffaele Lafortezza

21 Remote sensing for urban sustainability research and sustainable development goals: green space, public recreation space, and urban climate

Arthur Lehner and Thomas Blaschke

About the Editor

Dr Xiaojun Yang is a tenured Full Professor of Geography in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University, USA.

X. X. Yang, Florida State University, USA