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The Guiness Book of Biotechnology

Biopharmaceuticals currently represents the fastest-growing segment in the international pharmaceuticals market. The interest in novel technologies for discovery, design and production of biopharmaceuticals is continuously growing and there is no other comprehensive book available that deals with all the important aspects.

In this comprehensive four volume book "Modern Biopharmaceuticals - Design, Development and Optimization", the focus will be on the different technologies and modern approaches to development of sophisticated and innovative biopharmaceuticals. Different techniques are introduced, which were only recently developed and come from expert scientific labs in industry and academia. Some of the content is so brand new and intriguing that it has just been submitted to (or already accepted by) peer-reviewed journals. These nearly 70 chapters, together with the insight into the global changes in health care systems and the respective impacts on the development of innovative drugs, will make this book so unique. Additionally, the case study on Recombinate provides a good overview of the entire drug development process for a blockbuster biopharmaceutical, including - alongside approval - planning of the launch and market supply.


The Guiness Book of Biotechnology

Due to the impressive accumulation of outstanding results, presented by brilliant, privileged and creative thinkers, the book reads like the Who is Who of biotechnology. Never before has such an impressive group of individuals contributed to one biotechnology book, including Nobel Prize laureates Robert Huber, Thomas R. Cech, and Manfred Eigen as well as authors from the world's most famous academic institutes and biotech companies.

The "Guinness Book of Biotechnology" describes e.g.:

THE FIRST cloned human embryo by human somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT)
THE FIRST myocardial regeneration with embryonic stem cells
THE FIRST artificial kidney generated from early precursors to fully functioning organ
THE FIRST biopharmaceutical from a transgenic animal (received market approval in Q IV 2006)
THE FIRST individualized medicine with 99% success rate after screening/diagnostic
THE FIRST plasma-free Factor VIII, providing a new standard of pathogen safety
THE FIRST approved human cell line for production of biopharmaceuticals
THE FIRST oral insulin, etc.