Services for authors

At Wiley-VCH, publishing is a team activity - coordinating and optimizing the talents not just of authors and editors, but also of marketers, salespeople, and those involved in production, manufacturing, distribution, and support services. Every link in the chain contributes to a published product's success in the marketplace.

The first steps
It begins with an idea. Experienced in-house editors discuss this idea with our authors, and together their work on a concept with the aim of developing a book that the readers like and which addresses their needs, be it in their education, training or professional environment.

At the core is the content, but equally important is clarity about the optimal position of the book in the clearly structured book program of Wiley-VCH, consensus about the intended target audience and the level of the book.

Sounds onerous? It’s worth the effort because this way we ensure a good start for our books and a success on the market!

Writing for Wiley-VCH
Wiley-VCH draws its strength from the collaborative efforts of its authors and staff - a diverse, creative, entrepreneurial group of people bound together by their talent, integrity, and commitment to quality. Wiley-VCH's collaborative tradition provides authors with every support possible throughout the publishing process, from the idea to publication and beyond. And should a problem arise: we will find a solution together.

Marketers make sure the right product is published at the right price for the right market. Wiley-VCH representatives maintain personal contact with authors throughout the life of a project.

The team at Wiley-VCH has an absolute commitment to quality and to keeping to schedule. In-house technological expertise ensures that the company is at the forefront of publishing developments and innovations.

Marketing, Sales, and Distribution
Wiley-VCH's marketing, publicity, and sales staff begin their work early in the publishing cycle – they are involved in every step of product development, from market identification to the selection, analysis, and development of product ideas to the sale of finished products. They employ the full range of marketing resources - trade and academic representation, direct mail, advertising, telemarketing, promotion, publicity - to reach customers effectively through multiple channels.

Wiley-VCH is a market leader in providing customer service. Marketing, sales, and customer service staff are highly trained and thoroughly familiar with their territories. The company's global information network provides fast and accurate information that enhances service from the company's distribution centers. As a result, Wiley-VCH ranks among the best worldwide in order processing and fulfillment.