Advanced Therapeutics provides a unique multidisciplinary forum for the best research in the next generation of therapeutics, such as targeted drug delivery, cellular and genetic therapies, personalized medicines and theranostics, as well as pharmacology, toxicology and drug discovery.

  • Nanomedicine, including basic, translational and clinical research
  • Medicinal chemistry, including discovery and design of (macro)molecular therapeutics
  • Personalized and precision medicine, including pharmacogenetics and genomics
  • Immunotherapy, including non-specific immunotherapy (interferons and interleukins), monoclonal antibodies, t-cell therapy, oncolytic virus therapy and cancer vaccines
  • Therapeutic targeting, including identification and study of key biological macromolecules that influence disease processes, or change in response to pathological conditions
  • Cellular mechanisms, including transduction, cellular communication and molecular diagnostics
  • Combination therapy, co-administration of multiple drugs through a single system
Online ISSN: 2366-3987