The new journal Separation Science plus (SSC plus) fills the gap typical of many chromatographic journals. It focuses on a variety of advanced approaches to sample preparation prior to the separation, and a wide range of novel applications utilizing pressure-driven and electro-driven chromatographic separations, as well as electrophoretic methods, and gas chromatography. These processes include method development, validation, and applications for real-life samples.

SSC plus - A forum that offers first-hand knowledge of the newest developments in sample preparation and application methods.

SSC plus is a peer reviewed online-only journal available on Wiley Online Library. Issues are published monthly and comprise around 200 articles annually.

SSC plus extends the contents to Application Notes, a format that is largely neglected by the other journals in the field.

SSC plus complements the highly successful Journal of Separation Science (

Online ISSN: 2573-1815